January 16, 2018

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Chicken Strips and Dipping Sauce

Chicken Strip RecipesYou don't have to go out to eat to enjoy delicious, crisp chicken strips. Here are some recipe to make them at home. This page contains chicken strip recipes.


Wisteria Vines

Wisteria Vines Won't FlowerThis is a page about wisteria vines not flowering. Wisteria are known for their fragrant, clumps of flowers. If your vines are not producing flowers, here are some tips to increase their blooms.


Green Leaf Lettuce

Store Salad Greens With a Paper TowelThis is a page about storing salad greens with a paper towel. A buildup of moisture in the container will make lettuce wilt more quickly. Keep your lettuce crisp longer, by adding some paper towels to the storage container, to help absorb excessive moisture.



Multigrain Muffins cooling on rack

Multigrain MuffinsI adapted this recipe from the original, which was published in Tate's Bake Shop Cookbook. They're a good for you kind of hearty with a soft texture; full of molasses, raisins and oats. This recipe makes a dozen jumbo muffins, or about two dozen standard size muffins.


Indian Summer Cornbread on plate

Indian Summer CornbreadThis is the best corn bread recipe I've made. It comes from an old cookbook published by the Northern Cherokee Nation. I grew up eating it with a drizzle of honey, but it's equally good served warm with butter!



Empty bottles with skeins of yarn stored inside.

Storing Stuff in Other StuffI have posted about moving things in other things to keep them protected. This is as handy to have in that little place in the back of your mind you keep tips! I had jars, small balls of thread and just incorporated them!


A collection of medicine and other health care needs.

Give Gifts People NeedI am big on giving and living frugal. I truly find things of need a treasure when people give it to me. The other day, a friend mailed me 4 stamps. Another purchased me 3 packages of apples. I sent a picture to a friend and she saw I needed something in my kitchen to help with storage. It was sent by surprise.


A jar filled with chewing gum packets.

Storing Chewing GumI buy individual packs of gum (sealed) and found that when I store them in a container, the freshness is sealed tightly. Be sure to store in a cool area in your home.


Clay Pot Craft For Valentine's Day

Clay Pot Craft For Valentine's DayI made these clay pots for Christmas. You can change them up for Valentine's Day. Just change the colours and use Valentine candy. I used candy hearts. The girls loved them.


A meal in a crockpot.

Learning FrugalityHi there I am Sharon, I live in NY and it's very expensive here. I have done a few things over the past few months to save money. We have a new store called Dollar General. Some of you have had it a while now. Today I learned about a download. I did it and scanned some coupons. You know what I mean, right. I went to the store and asked about the program.


A shower rod in the bathtub used for hanging towels.

Shower Rod for Towel RackI purchased a shower tension rod from Wal-mart for $9.88 to hang over the back of the bathtub. It is out of the way and working great. I'm enjoying the extra space for hanging towels to dry.


Hearts Garland - garland on fuzzy white background

Hearts GarlandHere is a cute and festive hearts garland that is easy to make. It is perfect to make for your fireplace, room decor, for your bedroom door, or make multiple strands for a photo backdrop for a Valentine's Day party.


A plastic lid being held on with a hair band.

Fixing an Old Tupperware LidI know I can get a replacement lid for this old gem. But, I don't want to spend the money. I got this home and washed it, and found the lid didn't fit. So I just got one of my new (never used) hair bands and made it work.


Firewood and a jar of coconut oil.

Clean Sap From Hands with Coconut OilIf you get sap on your hands when moving firewood or stoking the wood stove, it can be easily removed with coconut oil.


A filled coffee filter with baking soda added.

Lowering the Acidity in Cheap CoffeeCheaper brands of coffee are often too acidic, which means that a couple cups can sometimes cause heartburn. To fix this, add a small pinch of baking soda to your coffee grounds, making sure to mix it in thoroughly. Then, brew the coffee as normal and you are good to go!


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Save Crumbs from CerealThe sweet cereal crumbs can be used as an ice cream or yogurt topping or added to batter for cake, muffins, and cookies. The plain ones can be added to meatloaves and breads. All can be toasted. They freeze well until needed.


Ingredients for homemade linen spray

Homemade Linen SprayWith 3 dogs and 5 kids, it's hard to keep stuff smelling nice. Febreeze is about $8-10 dollars a bottle, so I make my own.


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Use Your Freezer to Extend the Life of FoodsI always freeze certain foods. You will save money because these foods last so much longer if you freeze them rather than store them in a cabinet or even the refrigerator You won't have to throw out spoiled food and you won't have to buy new items as often.


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Vinegar to Clean FaucetsSoak two paper towels in vinegar lay them on the taps for about an hour. Then wipe off. It gets all the gunk off your taps.



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Weight Loss Food for Dog with Congestive Heart Failure?My dog has congestive heart failure. Is there a diet dog food I can use?


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Value of Colliers Encyclopedias?I have a full set volume 24, 1964 Colliers Encyclopedia and I was wondering how much is it worth?


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Re-dyeing Hair?I have colored my hair a deep red. My original hair color was black so the red color barely shows. I want to color it brown now. Can I color over the red color?


Value of Finch Furniture Dining Set - table and chairs

Value of Finch Furniture Dining Set?We have a dining room set: table, 6 chairs, and a china cabinet. All pieces are functional, but have a lot of wear. The company is Finch Furniture Company.


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Dog Was Around a Dog with Parvo?My dog has come into contact with another dog that has had the parvovirus. She has only been in the same room and laid beside the infected dog. Should I be worried that my dog has a high chance she could be infected too or is it only when the dog has come into contact with the infected dogs feces.


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Repairing a Smith Corona Typewriter?I have a Smith Corona Deville 650. Now all of a sudden while I am typing my letters all change. I can unplug the typewriter and plug it back in and it works for a few letters again. How can I fix this outside of buying a new typewriter?


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Recycling Old Greeting Cards?Is there a source for recycling used 1958/1959 wedding and shower cards?


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Online Home Decor Business Name Ideas?I am looking for a chic name for my online business. I lived on Bali island-Indonesia and started selling many home accessories products online, such as wood signs, statues, wall decor, baskets, lamps, lanterns, and many more items. It is mostly home decor items or handicrafts.


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Dog Peeing in Owner's Bed?My baby is 7 months old and I've had her since she was 5 weeks old. I haven't had any issues potty training her whatsoever. But here within the past 2-3 months I have woken up or noticed she pees my bed only when I am in it.


Smith Corona Electra 110 Won't Turn On - typewriter

Smith Corona Electra 110 Won't Turn On?When I plug it in and turn it on it does not make a sound nor does the lamp turn on. I know this typewriter worked before. Where do I even start? I know how to fix jams and broken wires, but I can not figure out what is wrong.


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Defrosting a Snowblower Windshield?The plastic shield on my snowblower frosts up and I can't see. What can I do to defrost it?


A vintage side table.

Identifying a Vintage Table?I found this unique table and cannot find one picture or information anywhere on the internet to give me a clue on year, name, style, anything! It's 27 high so I think too high for a coffee table, a bit too low for a desk. Can anyone give me a clue?


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Straightening Hair After a Bad Perm?I just got my hair permed and don't like it. I got it permed four days ago. Can I use a perm to straighten it or is it too early?


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1999 Dodge Dakota Heater and AC Not Working?My 1999 Dodge Dakota is not blowing hot or cold air in the cabin.


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Finches Not Incubating Their Eggs?I have a pair of Gourdian finches and the hen laid 7 eggs. One of which was broken while they were going in and out. All signs indicated that she was ready to incubate, but on day 7 she lost all interest in the nest. The male would go in and out for minutes and come out, but neither would lay in the nest.


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Substituting Marshmallow Cream for Fondant in Fudge?We have a candy store and make homemade fudge using fondant. The fondant has changed over the last year and our fudge is dryer than normal. We are thinking of converting to using marshmallow cream instead of the fondant.


Identifying an Antique Table

Identifying an Antique Table?Could you please tell me what this table would have been used for? It almost looks to me like it's some kind of a library table where you could stack books in there, but I just can't really imagine.


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