May 25, 2018

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Killing Tent Caterpillars  - tent with caterpillars inside

Killing Tent CaterpillarsWe had tent caterpillars on our fruit trees. If left alone they will strip all of the leaves off. I put in a small spray bottle 25% water and 75% vegetable oil. You will need to shake it often. I spray the tent and/or caterpillars as I see them.


Bird Suet Substitute - peanut butter on raisin bread in a suet holder

Bird Suet SubstituteI feed wild birds all year, especially with the hard winter they've had, but it's hard to keep enough (not to mention costly) to keep buying replacement suet cakes. I do make them sometimes, but decided to try just spreading some peanut butter on some stale raisin bread I had, then placing it into one of the suet cake holders.


Frugal Gift Basket

Frugal Gift BasketMy craft tip is to stock up on any seasonal items that look versatile especially if it's 90% off or more. A little modpodge and floral paper flower accents changes the feel of the basket into spring/summer.


Cat sitting in the sunlight on a wool rug.

Removing Cat Vomit on Wool CarpetKitties are notorious for vomiting up kibbles and hairballs. The first thing to do is remove the solids. Then you will want to use a cleaner that is safe for your wool carpet. This is a page about removing cat vomit on wool carpet.


Self-Watering Milk Carton - carton waterer in place

Self-Watering Milk CartonI love upcycling these milk cartons into self-watering systems for my plants. The slow drip is assisted by the tiny hole you punch in the carton, and works long enough for me to go away for a weekend or quick holiday. You only need a few items to make this, and it definitely pays off.


Save Soil if Planting Succulents - two planted pots

Save Soil if Planting SucculentsSucculents have shallow roots and do not require much soil. You can fill a giant pot with other items like cartons, planters, containers, etc. to save soil.


Naïve Spring Bird Greeting Card - finished card with the bird painting affixed to the card

Naïve Spring Bird Greeting CardFor the past few years I have been making my own cards for different occasions. Homemade cards are much more personal, and it shows some extra love towards the recipient.


Newspaper Pen Organizer - pens, pencils, glue, and marker in organizer

Newspaper Pen OrganizerI had nothing to do with an old newspaper insert so I decided to create a simple pen organizer out of it. It will take a little longer rolling the paper, but it's actually fun to do.



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Starting an Orange Star Flower from a Cutting?I just bought and planted orange star flower, I love it, but in a wind storm one of the stalks broke off. Can I re-sprout it by planting the broken stalk directly back into the dirt or placing in water?


A white terrier mix next to a brick wall.

What Breed Is My Dog?She is 6 months got her from the animal shelter and was wondering is she mixed with an American Pit Bull. She is a terrier mix.


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Keeping a Mobile Home Cool in Summer?How can I keep my trailer cool in summer time with only 2 box fans and no AC unit?


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Loquat Tree Leaves Turing Brown?I have a loquat tree and the leaves are brown and rusty. What am I doing wrong?


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Cleaning a Discolored Vintage Rubber Doll?What can I use on a rubber doll where the body has turned brown. How can I get the skin tone back? The doll is over 50 years old. I don't have a picture of it.


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Name Ideas for a Small Wreath and Craft Business?I am just starting out and would like to come up with a name for a wreaths/craft business. I don't know where to start.


What Type of Snake Is This?

What Type of Snake Is This?What type of snake is this? I live in Baton Rouge Louisiana.


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Using Image Lawn Weed Killer Around Pets?How long after I apply Image lawn weed killer is it safe to let my dog on my grass?


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Finding Someone to Clear Trees?I have some trees (mostly pine trees) I want to have cleared out of our yard. We live on almost an acre of land. Any suggestions?


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Using Accidentally Frozen Tomatoes?We froze tomatoes by accident in the refrigerator. Can I slice them for use on hamburgers?


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Removing Honeysuckle Vines from a Snowball Bush?Our snowball bush was invaded by honeysuckle vines. We spent 2 years pruning the vines and pulling them from the bush, but finally they simply consumed it. Last fall we cut the snowball bush down. This spring it came back beautifully and is about 12 inches tall and thick now, but those cursed vines are coming back also.


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Saving Social Security Survivor Benefits for College?I am the grandparent and guardian of the child. His parents are deceased. How much of the money from his Social Security benefits am I allowed to save for his college? The child will not graduate from high school until May, 2019.


Dating Ethan Allen Furniture - white shelf unit with drawers and door at the bottom

Dating Ethan Allen Furniture?Does anyone know how to tell when a piece by Ethan Allen was made? Is there anything with the numbers on the back or do you just have to know?


Value of Flour Bin Cabinet - Hoosier Style Cabinet

Value of Flour Bin Cabinet?I'm wanting to buy a flour bin cabinet from a friend and am not sure what to offer. It's got the flour bin and sugar canister all intact and bread draw it has been painted white, but I cannot find a label of brand or year any thoughts?


Identifying a Tiny Black Flying Bug - bug on wallpaper

Identifying a Tiny Black Flying Bug?I'm currently working on trying to figure out what exactly this bug is. I have been finding quite a few of them every once in a while in my basement apartment. I live in Warwick Rhode Island. It's a tiny black bug with what I think are white stripes on his/her wings.


Identifying a Garden Flower - clusters of pink flowers on low growing plant

Identifying a Garden Flower?Does anybody know what this flower is called? I borrowed (!) a tiny snip of it a few years ago from a park and grew it in a large pot. It flowers in April and lasts for most of the summer.


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Shaving Sideburns?I shaved off my sideburns because I was concious of them and now it's stubble. Do I leave them to grow out or keep shaving them to get rid of the stubble?


Information on Drexel Cabinet - small doored cabinet with pull out shelf

Information on Drexel Cabinet?I have purchased this piece of furniture and I would like to know if anyone knows anything about it. About the company, what this piece might be called, anything in general. I'm thinking of redoing for my home, but want info about it first because its gorgeous as is and I do not want to do an injustice.


What Is This Houseplant? - green foliage plant

What Is This Houseplant?I once knew what this was, but I have over 85 houseplants and cannot keep track sometimes. After many google searches and no luck recalling, I came across this site and decided to give its try.


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