June 25, 2018

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Walker chip bags.

Pattern for Making Chip Bag Boxing Gloves?This is a page about making chip bag boxing gloves. Colorful chip bags are a great material for making boxing gloves for a costume. Here are some helpful tips for finding boxing glove patterns.


Hand holding phone with a Black Friday Ad on it.

Using Store Apps for DiscountsThis is a page about using store apps for discounts. Many stores have a mobile app for their customers to use. They offer exclusive coupons and deals that don't need to be printed out. The apps can also help you keep track of your store rewards.


The serial number and manufacturer's tag on a Wurlitzer juke box.

Finding the Value of a Wurlitzer Juke Box?This is a page about finding the value of a Wurlitzer juke box. If you own an old Wurlitzer juke box, you may be interested in knowing its value. Here are some tips to help you get started in determining what its worth.


Black scribble on white kitchen cabinets

Removing Sharpie from White Cabinets?Depending on the finish on your cabinets you can try any one or more of the several cleaning solutions mentioned in this page. This page contains information about removing Sharpie from white cabinets.


Photo of a kitchen window.

Frugal Kitchen Window Covering IdeasWindow coverings can be purchased or made for a range of costs. Choosing a frugal solution to this decorating and privacy task can be done less expensively if you think outside the box, using repurposed items. This is a page about frugal kitchen window covering ideas.


White mother cat feeding kittens.

Mama Cat Keeps Dividing Litter into Two Groups?Mama cats will sometimes separate their litter into smaller groups. This may help her to feed and care for them better. It is not cause for concern as long as she does feed all of the kittens. If she does not, you may have to help. This is a page about mama cat keeps dividing litter into two groups.


Liquid Paper brush and bottle

Uses for Liquid PaperThis page contains uses for Liquid Paper. Liquid Paper is a correction fluid, used to cover up mistakes on paper. One good alternative use for it is to touch up white paint. Do you have any good uses for it that others may not have thought of?


Hands holding a wooden box full of cherries.

Harvesting CherriesThis is a page about harvesting cherries. If you love cherries, why not try growing them. Here is a ton of information about everything from growing, pitting, and freezing cherries.


Brown rice and cheese appetizer

Brown Rice and Cheese Appetizer RecipesStart with cooked brown rice, cheese, meat or seafood, veggies, egg, and your choice of seasonings to create delicious balls or patties that can be fried and served as appetizers. This page contains brown rice and cheese appetizer recipes.


Glass and plastic bottles with change in front of them

Make Money Recycling Your Own Bottles and CansThis is a page about making money recycling your own bottles and cans. Depending on the state that you live in, you may be able to return your bottles and cans to receive the deposit back. You can also recycle them to receive their weight value. Here are some tips about recycling your cans and bottles.


Blender on a white background.

Keeping Blender Buttons CleanThe buttons on blenders and other small appliances can get very dirty over time. This page contains tips for keeping blender buttons clean.



Zip Tie Fireworks Decor - three fireworks bursting decorating hanging in a cluster

Zip Tie Fireworks DecorThese are cheap and cheerful decorative pieces just in time for 4th of July. I used a colourful assortment pack of zip ties I got at the Dollar store, along with some pipe cleaners, to make these fun dimensional bursts of colour. This is an excellent all-ages craft!


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Corn Kernel For Rooting CuttingsI've posted so many pictures of plants I've rooted, I don't think one will be necessary here. I haven't tried this tip as I have no trouble rooting cuttings. For those of you who try my methods and still aren't successful, you might want to give this tip a try.


Hummingbird Silhouette - hummer at hanging feeder

Hummingbird SilhouetteI make my own hummingbird food and every year they come back. We love to sit and watch them feed. They fly right over our heads to get to the feeder. I am amazed how aggressive they can be with each other. They are amazing little birds.



Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a long white dress

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I bought this doll recently. She came from an old lady's collection. She is about 26" tall. Her clothes are very beautiful and elegant. She has a cloth body, with porcelain head, arms, and legs, a few feathers in her hat and hoops and pantaloons under her dress. I can't find any markings anywhere.


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Kitchen Curtain Color Advice?I just got all white cabinetry. My floor is white. The backsplash has some beige in it. My walls are light gray. I want to add color with curtains. My dining area has a brown table with beige going through it.


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Cleaning Business Name Ideas?I am starting my own residential house cleaning service. It will just be myself. I am looking for a good name.


Caring for a Dog with Parvo - red and tan dog under a blanket

Caring for a Dog with Parvo?My pup has parvo. He was at vet for 5 days then came home and started vomiting and having diarrhea. Should I be concerned that his diarrhea is what he has eaten. Like the raw egg comes out just like he ate it. I'm so very worried.


What Breed Is My Cat? - medium coated tri-color cat

What Breed Is My Cat?Our cat's name is Skylar and she was a stray kitten that we took in. She's now 7-8 years old. We live in south Texas. I included various pictures, we would really like to know the closest breed she relates to.


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Value of an Antique Murphy Rocking Chair?I'm just wondering if I could just find out the value of my rocking chair. It is a Murphy 677 from the 1800s.


Tied Out Dog Breaks Collar

Tied Out Dog Breaks Collar?I have a 2.5 yr old 90 pound Lab Pit mix. He's neutered and gets along with everyone. Our issue is our yard isn't fenced and if another dog comes in the yard he pulls so hard he snaps his collar. I am terrified he's going to choke himself or get out and get hit. What type of collar or harness can I use?


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Fixing a Poor Hair Dye Experience?My hair has been ombré for about a year. I went to the hairdresser's a few weeks ago to have it done a bit lighter. I was unhappy with the results as they had put highlights up to my roots. Then I bought a natural brown box dye and dyed it all. This then turned my hair brown with khaki tones and a slightly ginger root.


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Unseen Biting Bugs?For the last few weeks, we have been bitten off and on. We notice the bites the most in the morning. And at night is when the bites are the most itchy. I haven't had bites this itchy before in my life. (They cause me to lose sleep.)


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Cleaning Smoke Damage and Odor on a Concertina?What can be used for cleaning smoke damage to a musical instrument, a concertina (similar to accordian)?


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Ducks Laid Eggs Near House Foundation?I found out that 2 female ducks have laid eggs against my house. One on the north side of my house and the other on the south side of the house. Why did they choose my house?


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Getting Rid of Fleas in Human Hair?So my head was itchy and my mom looked at it and said that I have fleas. What should I do because I am allergic to dish soap and that is all I know about. So do you know any other ways to get rid of fleas.


Value of a Collectible Memories Catherine Porcelain Doll  - doll in box

Value of a Collectible Memories Catherine Porcelain Doll?I have a Collectible Memories porcelain doll still in the box. I have been told it has never been opened. It does have a rip in the bottom of the box as you can see in the picture. I'm wondering how much this will cost if I were to sell it.


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Using Rit Dye Fixative on Tie Dyed Shirts?Will using a dye fixative work on tie dyed shirts that have already been rinsed, or is it too late? Either way, how exactly is it done?


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Silver Reed ex 30 Typewriter Won't Turn On?I can't get the typewriter to come on or make any noise at all. Yes I've plugged it in and turned on the power button. What could cause this?


What Is This Bug? - long tan and black buh

What Is This Bug?Anyone know what this bug is?


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Growing Facial Hair Back After Shaving Sideburns?So at the age of 23 I became a tad depressed; thought I looked horrible everyday. I started to see my peach fuzz, did a little google and saw something which in my state pretty much said shave it off.


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