July 2, 2018

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A bottle of scrubbing bubbles inside a bathroom sink.

Scrubbing Bubbles to Clean Hairspray off SinkI'll admit it. I use hairspray every time I fix my hair. And of course the mist falls down and lands all over my bathroom sink. Fairly quickly, my sink develops a film of grime because of it. I've found that using Scrubbing Bubbles erases any evidence of hairspray and leaves my porcelain sparkling.


A ceiling fan that is not moving.

Turn Off Fans to Save on ElectricityAn energy tip. If you use fans, turn them off when you leave the room. Fans cool people, not air. This mistake I've been making all along is now corrected.


A stack of scraps of paper to be used for notes.

Save Scrap Paper for NotesClipping coupons can save money but, at the same time, it sometimes wastes paper. I only print out coupons that I will definitely use and sometimes that's just 1 coupon or 2 so, I'm left with a good amount of paper left!


Chenille Stem Firework and Star Decorations - one finished firework design hanging

Chenille Stem Firework and Star DecorationsI love chenille stems. They are so cheap and versatile. I made these up today.


Two filled jars of Splenda packets in the pantry.

Pre-fill Things You Use Every WeekI have these wonderful little jars from Oui' yogurt. I use the generic Splenda from the Dollar Tree. When I get a new box or two, I pre-fill all the jars I have so when I am done with one, I can just grab another.


Two hot dogs that have been cut in half and then broiled.

Cut Hot Dog in HalfSummertime means a lot of picnics and backyard parties especially classic hot dogs and burgers! When it comes to hot dogs - one hot dog is a bit too much meat for the bun in my opinion.



Value of a Thomas Kinkade Mountain Chapel Painting

Value of a Thomas Kinkade Mountain Chappel Painting?I'm attempting to get a ballpark idea on how much my painting is worth?


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Age of a Mersman End Table?I am searching for a possible production date on my Mersman end table. I don't see any distinguishing marking besides a stamp on the bottom that says "Mersman 7375". Could you help me with this?


Value of Thomas Kinkade Conquering the Storms - stormy seas and lighthouse

Value of Thomas Kinkade Conquering the Storms?How much is this painting worth?


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Shelf Life of Homemade Facial Mask?I'm looking to start selling facial masks and the ingredients include an egg white, honey, oatmeal, and yogurt. I wanted to know how long do you think it'll last? I'm guessing the product would have to be stored in the fridge; right?


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Getting Rid of Paint Odor in Room with No Windows?I recently painted shelves and a door in my laundry room. I'm trying to vent this room to get rid of a paint smell. This room is very small with no windows and it is attached to another room with no windows. So I'm trying to see how I can get rid of the smell of paint.


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Duck Not Sitting on Eggs?A couple of days ago I found a duck nesting with one little duckie. Later some of the eggs hatched and I fed the ducks everyday. So there is the mom, the big duckie and the little duckies, but there's still 5 eggs in the nest. I'm worried did she abandon her eggs?


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Key Cutting Kiosk Business Name Ideas?I have developed a automatic robot key cutting machine in a kiosk and need a name a little on the edge that people will recognise it by. I tried many, but most have been taken. I would be so happy to go a bit edgy or different. Ideas would be much appreciated.


Value of an Ashton Drake Doll

Value of an Ashton Drake Doll?I have a 1993 Ashton Drake/Dianna Ellmer number TD3460. I would like to know the approximate value.


Determining the Date on a Simons Thimble - inside of the thimble

Determining the Date on a Simons Thimble?Has anyone seen numbers on a Simons thimble before? Is this 1981 or 1891...lol. This one is Washington DC in sterling gold gilt.


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Buying a Used Typewriter?I have used a typewriter for many years. Last week my typewrite didn't work after moving to a new address. Now I do need to find a used one. I wish to know where I might find a used one.


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13th Birthday Party Ideas?I have one really good decent friend and I have other friends, but everyone else is pretty rude so I don't know what to do for my party? Like what can I do with just one decent friend?


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Polymer Clay Crumbly?What would cause homemade polymer clay that has air dried to crumble when putting a bracelet?


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Causes for a Swaying Table?I have a round marble kitchen table on metal legs. All of a sudden, it started to sway when pushed. No bolts are loose that I can see, nothing looks broken. So we moved it into the corner for safety, but when placed in different areas, it stopped swaying.


Value of Thomas Kinkade Print

Value of Thomas Kinkade Print?What is my Thomas Kinkade Sunday Outing worth?


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Receiving SSI?My grandson receives SSI. He turned 18 on June 17. What is the last check he will receive?


Repairing Dull Areas on Wood Dining Table Finish

Repairing Dull Areas on Wood Dining Table Finish?How do I repair dull areas on a wood dining room table?


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13th Birthday Party Ideas?It's my birthday on the 16th of July and I'm not sure what to do for my 13th birthday. I'm not allowed to have a sleepover and I don't want to invite loads of my friends because my other friends will then feel neglected. I am thinking about inviting one or two of my closest friends, but I don't know what to do.


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