June 11, 2019

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Broken Chain Earrings - add ear wire

Creating New Jewelry from OldRefashion broken, old jewelry into new pieces. A necklace chain can become attractive earrings.


Glue dripping on a piece of wood.

Choosing the Best Glue for a Craft ProjectDepending on what materials you are adhering together, will determine which glue is best for your craft.



Choco Jelly in glass

Choco JellyCoffee jelly is a unique dessert to serve, especially to those coffee lovers out there. Now I will try to change the concept of coffee jelly into choco for the kids and those who loves chocolate.


Garlic Parmesan Veggie Mash in bowl

Garlic Parmesan Veggie MashThis is an excellent way to use up veggies, including things like the stalks and stem bits of broccoli. Once they get mashed up and dressed up, no one will know they were in there; they'll all be focused on how yummy it is! Not to mention, this is packed full of nutrients.


Mushroom Pepper Beef Bolognese on plate

Mushroom Pepper Beef BologneseThis is a joint recipe from my mother-in-law and myself. When I visit her in England, I always prefer to eat her foods over going out. Thankfully, we make a great team in the kitchen! We made this bolognese after going hiking and it really hit the spot. Even though it's super meaty, it's got loads of veggies and herbs, so it's quite refreshing.



Making Mini Egg Carton Planters

Making Mini Egg Carton PlantersTry these quick and easy mini egg carton planters. You can make these mini planters to hang outside. The kids like to have their own planters in the backyard to water and be responsible for.


A painting of trees and birds.

I Love to PaintI recently started going to art therapy for PTSD. I've learned that I love to paint. I highly recommend painting for everyone!


A vista with fluffy clouds that resemble a man.

The Man in the CloudsOn a cold winter day many storms have passed us by. We never look up you see the man in the sky


Rosey (German Shepherd Mix) - Rosey with a scarf around her neck and a ball at her feet

Rosey (German Shepherd Mix)I found her on Craigs list in September 2018. She helps me water my plants. She likes playing at the bark park every Saturday, posing for pictures with me, and watching TV.


Coolest Pop Card - front of the finished card

Coolest Pop CardI made this card for my dad for Father's Day because he is an absolute Popsicle fiend and he's the coolest pop! This cute little play on words makes for a fun and sweet card, and a great all-ages craft.


A man and his dog sleeping together in a large dog house.

In the Dog HouseWe were cleaning the back yard when me and my dog Levi decided to take a break. We are at his place.



Information on a Cathay Collection Doll - baby doll in christening dress

Information on a Cathay Collection Doll?I am trying to find out this doll's year of manufacture and name. She's number one of 5000 out of the Cathay collection.


A collectible doll in a box.

Value of a Classic Treasures Porcelain Doll?I have a porcelain doll it has the certificate of authentication and I was wondering about how much it is worth? If anyone could give me a rough estimate it would be extremely helpful.


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Cause of Sudden Death of Puppy?My baby just died last night and I've been wondering what the causes were. She was a lovable playful 6 month old puppy, who was always excited and jumping and running around all the time. I didn't see anything wrong throughout the day. It was when it was around 9 pm that I took her outside with all my other dogs because my house was so warm and I wanted her to cool off and just play.


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Getting an Eye Exam and New Glasses Without Insurance?I need an eye exam and have no insurance. Where can I go?


Value of a Leonardo Collection Figurine - woman in long period dress curtseying

Value of a Leonardo Collection Figurine?I can't find any info on this could you help please? Also is it valuable?


What Kind of Bug Is This? - lots of small black bugs on a table lamp

What Kind of Bug Is This?It's attracted to light.


Information on Vintage Riding Lawn Mower - old riding mower

Information on Vintage Riding Lawn Mower?Can anyone give me some info on this rider? It has part of a name on it "yardsman"


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Alternative Uses for Finish Dishwasher Tablets?Is it safe to use Finish tablets for laundry? I bought them accidentally and realised after opening, but I don't have dishwasher. So any ideas how I can put them in use?


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Treating Scales on a Ficus and Other Houseplants?I have the issue of a sticky substance on my indoor ficus and other house plants (scales). I have tried some remedies which don't work. Can you recommend a product or oil to try? The local garden store was not much help.


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Fixing Squeaky Flip Flop Sandals?I bought a new pair of cheap, but cute, flip-flop type sandals at a grocery store. They are made of rubber and the problem is when I walk on certain types of floors the bottoms of them make a sound like a suction cup sticking to the floor. They are very loud and embarrassing. Anybody have a suggestion?


Identifying a Lump on Dog's Ear - oval lump on dog's ear

Identifying a Lump on Dog's Ear?So this raised lump showed up on my 15 week old English Staffy, at first it wasn't very noticeable as it was covered with hair. The vet said he may have been bitten by something. A week later it looks like this? We have had to put a cone on his head as he kept scratching it and making it bleed. This is it a few days after he has had the cone on?


Value of a Signed by C. Moore Fenton Glass Cat

Value of a Glass Cat Signed by C. Moore Fenton?Does anyone know the value of this Fenton Glass cat? I know it's no later than the 90s because everything else in the storage locker was 90s, but it might be even older.


Making a Gift for My 15 Year Old Boyfriend - framed photo collage

Making a Gift for My 15 Year Old Boyfriend?I made I picture collage of him and I can't decide what to do with it. I put it in a white picture frame and I was going to put inside jokes on the frame, but I don't know anymore. What should I do?


Does My Chihuahua Look Pure Bred? - dappled male Chihuahua with a long body

Does My Chihuahua Look Pure Bred?Kuban was given to me with all of his papers. I do sometimes question whether or not he is a pure bred because I've never seen a Chihuahua like him, but he is certified so why can't I find another Chihuahua that looks the same? I would like to mate him eventually. Is there anyone that knows more about the breed?


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Name Ideas for an After School Program?I am hoping to start an after school program to service elementary through high school students. I need a name that is welcoming and will not be too cute so that older students will feel comfortable and welcome.


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Craftsman Mower Stalls After Hitting a Tree Trunk?I have a Craftsman lt2000 mower. I jammed the deck up against a tree trunk. After backing up and engaging the mower it kills the engine.


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Taking a Dog to the Beach 10 Days After Spaying?My 6 month old Beagle got spayed last week and she's recovering nicely, the incision looks good, etc. We're having a family beach day this weekend which will be 10 days from the day she had surgery. I'm wondering if I should or should not take her with us. She loves the beach, but I don't want to risk her healing. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this?


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Live-in Boyfriend Not Paying His Share of Expenses?I've been living with my bf for 4yrs. I am a single mother with 2 kids. I bought a house before we met on my own and have a good stable job. He has struggled keeping a job, various trade jobs, but nothing steady with lots of space in between with no employment.


Replacement Certificate of Authenticity for Collectors Choice Doll - blond doll wearing a white dress trimmed with red ribbon

Replacement Certificate of Authenticity for Collectors Choice Doll?I have found a The Collectors Choice Doll and it is missing shoes and the certificate of authenticity. I was wondering is there a website I can go to for replacement of the certificate?


Value of Collector's Choice Porcelain Dolls - three dolls in partial boxes

Value of Collector's Choice Porcelain Dolls?I have 3 of these special edition Collector's Choice bisque porcelain dolls. I can't seem to find them online anywhere and even the manufacturer couldn't figure out which dolls I was talking about. I wanted to get an idea on their value, should I choose to sell them.


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Repairing a Broken Shell Earring?I have a beautiful pair of native earrings and the main piece is abalone. I dropped one and it broke. The pieces still fit together, but I don't know what I might be able to use to repair it without a big blob of glue showing in the repair spot.


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Financial Assistance for Homeowner Plumbing Repairs?I purchased a house last July. The house right next door is recently vacant. When the water department turned off their water it turned off ours. We had the water turned back on, but now we have to pay to have a separate water line put in on our property. Is there any type of financial assistance to help with this it's $2,000?


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Craftsman Riding Mower Won't Start?I have a Craftsman pyt9000 riding mower and I put in a new battery. I cut my grass, ran out of gas, put gas in and it cranked, but PTO won't start up.


Identifying a Figurine and Its Artist - man and a woman appearing to hold a baby

Identifying a Figurine and Its Artist?I would like to identify the artist on this figurine. It is signed, but is mounted on a wooden pedestal so I can't see the maker's mark. Also, I'm not sure of the signature spelling.


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