August 9, 2019

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Cheesy Omelette Taco on plate

Cheesy Omelette TacoThis is a fun new way to have a low-carb breakfast. It's essentially an omelette made in a waffle maker, folded in half and filled to make a big taco. When you add cheese to the hot waffle maker before you add the eggs, it creates a fantastic crunch without the use of tortillas or any other type of grain.


Spaghetti Squash Fritters on plate

Spaghetti Squash FrittersI've been getting a bit tired of spaghetti squash in the usual form I prepare it; with spaghetti sauce or as a layered lasagna. I tried turning them into crisp fritters and they were delightful. You can add whatever bits you like in them, I went with onions, bacon and Parmesan cheese.


bowl of Brown Rice & gravy

Crock Pot Brown RiceI didn't enjoy cooking brown rice until I stared cooking it in the crock pot. I love it cooked this way and I don't have to watch it. I can put it on, go outside and mow grass if I need to.



Totoro Inari Sushi Edible Craft - sushi on a plate with a piece of broccoli and three tomatoes

Totoro Inari Sushi Edible CraftTotoro is a Japanese animation character that is a cross between a raccoon, a cat, and an owl. My mother and I decided to turn him into a sushi treat just for fun. This sushi in particular is called "inari sushi". It is sushi rice wrapped in a lovely, delicately sweet fried tofu skin.


Rosemary Is Not Just For Cooking - closeup of rosemary growing in a pot

Rosemary Is Not Just For CookingIt is the end of the season coming for many garden centers, with that in mind, here in the south, you can get great bargains for little or nothing. I came across some rosemary plants. The great value of rosemary is that it grows into a bush and can grow to 4 feet. It is a great fragrant bush that provides a great look for landscaping and these other great values, such as boosting immune health.


Stop Hot Glue from Slipping Off Table - glue gun attached to an extension cord wrapped around chair back

Stop Hot Glue from Slipping Off TableI use hot glue frequently for crafts. One of my biggest annoyances is that the hot glue always slips off the table because the cord is too short.



Identifying an Ashley Bell Doll - doll in display box, she has long ringlets and a salmon colored dress with matching hat

Identifying an Ashley Bell Doll?I have an Ashley Belle doll I received from my mom. How do I find out the name and/or model number? I would like to know the value of it.


Getting Rid of Insect Eggs

Getting Rid of Insect Eggs?I found these eggs on my screen window yesterday. I just need some way to kill them before they hatch. Do you know?


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Value of a Complete Set of Britannica Encyclopedia?What is the value of complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica published in 1960 in a wooden case with additional atlas and 2 book dictionary?


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Cat Scratching Its Neck?My cat is now 6 years old and had very healthy fur until 4 days ago. I brought home a cat box from my parents' house as they got new ones and offered theirs since they had a top on their litter boxes. My cat tends to get litter everywhere. The next morning, my cat had a bare spot on the back of her neck. The next day, she started scratching it raw.


Painting on Plastic Covered 3 Ring Binders - binder cover with paint coming off

Painting on Plastic Covered 3 Ring Binders?I recently painted about 20 plastic covered 3 ring school binders. I sprayed each one with sealer, then painted them with DecoArt patio paint. In some I used Mod Podge as a base also. When I finished with the painting, I sealed them again. Since then the paint literally peels right off or if it is against anything else it sticks to the other object.


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Parade Float Ideas?I have to use a theme 1989 for a float we are entering in a parade. I am looking for help.


Value of an Ashley Belle Collection Doll

Value of an Ashley Belle Collection Doll?I have an Ashley Belle Collection doll named Shelly #0032. I would like to know what it is worth.


Value of an Antique Dresser - four drawer dresser with top storage area with lid

Value of an Antique Dresser?This was my grandmother's who was born in the late 1800s. I believe she got this dresser in the early 1900s. It has only been in my family, and I have had it for well over 30 years.


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Some Keys on a Brother AX10 Typewriter Don't Work?I have had this Brother AX10 typewriter for a while, but set it away for a time since I had a small child that hates the noise. I took it out today though, and powered it up.


Why Does My Peace Lily Have Bent Leaves? - sort of droopy leaves

Why Does My Peace Lily Have Bent Leaves?My peace lily seems to have healthy leaves, no browning or wilting, but they are all bent. This plant was a gift and they have always been this way. The plant is in an east facing window with early morning bright light and then filtered light all day. What causes this and can I fix it?


Getting Rid of Tiny Black Bugs in the Garage

Getting Rid of Tiny Black Bugs in the Garage?I have tiny, shiny, black hard round bugs in the garage and finding a way into the house by the sliding glass door. I have sprayed, hosed more like it with roach and bug spray. We fogged the garage and didn't go in for 2 days (we went camping lol). When we got home I sprayed again for good measure. Yet an hour later I saw one crawling along. They don't fly, but crawl slowly. What are they?


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Using a Straight Talk Phone with Other Providers?I bought a Straight Talk phone from Walmart. Can I use the phone with other service providers besides Straight Talk?


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Riding Mower Idles But Won't Move?I have a Cub Cadet that is 12 years old. It was tuned up and normally runs beautifully. Today, as I turned a corner, it stopped moving forward. It starts up and idles, but will no go forward or backwards. The three belts are all there - none broken off.


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Cleaning Grease Off a Gas Dryer Drum?Anyone know how to clean grease from a gas dryer drum please?


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Name for a Bookstore/Wine Bar?I am opening a bookstore with a wine bar and cafe. I have come up with a lot of names, but they all are taken. Any suggestions for a catchy name?


Is My Puppy a Pit Bull? - brown puppy with white on feet lying under a table

Is My Puppy a Pit Bull?I was told he is a Pit Bull. Is he?


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Saving Unused Hair Developer?What, other then the original bottle, can I keep unused unmixed developer in to save it for another time?


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Removing Dust Stains from a Robe?I have a full length white terry cloth robe that is completely covered in dust stains. How do I clean it?


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Selling Guiseppe Armarni Figurines?Does anybody know where I can sell 3 limited edition Guiseppe Armani figurines in the UK?


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Huskee Riding Mower Won't Restart After Use?My Huskee mower is a gem that starts on the first try every time, but if I stop mowing then try to restart it, about 75% of the time it won't restart. I'm certain it's flooding out. Sometimes it takes overnight to restart. Today it did something different, I was mowing along and I tried to increase my speed, but accidentally over slid into choke mode and it killed and won't restart.


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Activities for a Developmentally Disabled Ex-smoker?Any suggestions for a 75-year-old developmentally disabled ex-smoker to keep her hands busy? She's on oxygen and says she needs something to do with her hands now that she can't smoke.


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Can a Dog with Colitis Eat Peanut Butter?Can dogs who have ulcerative colitis eat peanut butter in small amounts?


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Vacuum Sealed Dried Food Safety?I am vacuum sealingdried foods, ie. beans, sugar, dried soup, dried milk, etc. and storing them in my pantry. We close the house down in Canada for the winter and my dried foods undergo a freezing and thawing process before we return back in early spring. I need to know if this dried food that is vacuum sealed is safe to consume after repeated thaws.


Identifying Extremely Small Insects - tiny bugs on wood framework

Identifying Extremely Small Insects?I just noticed these extremely small insects around my front door. They look like ground pepper, move fairly quickly, and you can only smoosh them with your fingernail or something hard and flat. What are they and how do I get rid of them?


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Name for an After School Program?I need your help with coming up with a creative name for an after school program.


Identifying Small Black Bugs - small black bug on piece of white paper

Identifying Small Black Bugs?It is a very small dark brown to black beetle like bug. I've searched images and am not coming up with anything conclusive. The area that I wrote on is approximately 2 inches just to give an idea of how small this thing was.


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Getting Rid of Super Tiny Red Flying Bugs Inside?Last week I started seeing these little red dots on my kitchen counter. Now they're in the living room as well. They're not on any windows and don't seem to be on the lights anymore than anywhere else. I did find them in pasta and crackers and both were closed packages in a cabinet. They don't respond to ACV or sugar. I activated yeast to see if that's why they were in the boxes I found.


Identifying a Figurine - drunk man lying on belly atop a large jug

Identifying a Figurine?Can anyone identify this guy? I would really love to buy one.


Value of Show Stoppers Porcelain Dolls - doll wearing an elaborate pink dress and headpiece

Value of Show Stoppers Porcelain Dolls?We have inherited some dolls (picture of some of them), and we wonder about the value of these dolls. They are original and we got them from an uncle in the USA.


Identifying Tiny Black Biting Bugs - tiny black dot sized bug on skin

Identifying Tiny Black Biting Bugs?I have tiny little black biting bugs you can hardly see get on my legs and arms. I have a picture of it. I can't get rid of them with anything. Sometimes they are so hard to see. I got as close as I could to get this picture.


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