August 21, 2019

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baked Zucchini Bread on rack

Easy Zucchini BreadZucchini is exploding in gardens and supermarkets. Take advantage of this and make this delicious bread. I reduced the sugar by half and substituted Splenda, and left out the nuts due to allergies in the family.


Baked Zucchini on plate

Baked ZucchiniHere's another way to use the abundance of zucchini. I baked this in the toaster oven to keep the kitchen cool and not waste energy. The topping really makes this dish special, and it is easy to make.


Baked Rockfish

Baked RockfishDo you need a quick and easy meal? You can bake this delicious rockfish. This fish pairs well with rice or a side salad. Feel free to adjust seasoning to your liking.



Value of American of Martinsville Bedroom Furniture - dresser with two mirrors and 3 drawer sets

Value of American of Martinsville Bedroom Furniture?I am curious to see if anyone knows the value of several pieces of furniture. I'm also interested in the style and time of this furniture. The brand is American of Martinsville. I have had no luck looking them up.


Drain Cleaner Damaged zFinish on Kitchen Sink - stains or bleached areas on sink

Drain Cleaner Damaged Finish on Kitchen Sink?I used Kleen-Out drain opener on my black matte kitchen sink and it etched it. Is there any way to fix this?


Identifying Insect Eggs - bugs and eggs on the back of a leaf

Identifying Insect Eggs?Can anyone identify these hatching insect eggs?


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Grass Wallpaper Won't Stay Stuck to the Walls?We had a Thibaut grass wallpaper professionally put up in a bedroom 4 years ago using Pro 880 adhesive. It looked great and suddenly it started coming away from the wall. The installer (who was highly recommended) came back and used Pro 838 and the next week some of the paper was lying on the ground. When I went to the company they recommended using a vinyl adhesive.


Repairing a Smith Corona Typewriter - black manual typewriter

Repairing a Smith Corona Typewriter?I have a Smith Corona Sterling cartridge electric typewriter and the only keys that work are tab and half-space. I'm wondering how to fix it, as I haven't gotten to use it in a couple of years.


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Adding Sea Shells to Picture Frames?I am trying to make a picture frame and add shells. I want to fill in the back to give me more surface area to glue them down. What could I use?


Removing a Stain on a Laminate Countertop - orange stains on laminate countertop

Removing a Stain on a Laminate Countertop?How can I take this stain out? Lemon, WD40, and baking soda do not work.


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Value of a Webster's 1864 Dictionary?I have a Webster's 1864 dictionary and was just wondering what it is worth?


Making Sure Athletic Shoes Are Not Knockoffs

Making Sure Athletic Shoes Are Not Knockoffs?So I want to buy these Balenciaga Arenas. Can you guys help me confirm if these are authentic or not?


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Daycare Business Slogan Ideas?I need a slogan for my daycare. It is named Absolute Child Care.


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Microwave Won't Start?I need help. I have problem with my microwave and it won't start. I can still press the top menu and press stop and clear, but the number and the start button won't work. The light inside is not off when is the door is closed. I don't know what to do. Is there anyone that knows how I can fix this?


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New Craftsman Riding Mower Won't Start?I have a brand new Craftsman R110 riding lawnmower that was delivered and will not start. It does not click or make any sound. I've checked the battery voltage and it appears to have a full charge. Any other things I can check? It has new oil and new fuel.


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Hair Breaking After Home Perm?I am over 70 with very thin hair and have given myself perms for decades. Usually with 2-3 years in between. After some research, it was recommended I use an 'acid' based perm solution. I also experimented with Velcro curlers instead of perm rods. Big mistake. At least 1/3 of my hair broke off and more is still dropping. Was the problem a combination of Velcro rollers and acid perm?


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Value of The World Book Encyclopedia?I have a set of The World Book - ten volumes with book stand, 1917-1918-1919.


Is My Pit Bull Full Blooded? - pretty brown dog

Is My Pit Bull Full Blooded?This is my beautiful rescue pup Alice (Ali). She is almost 10 months old and weighed in at #52 lbs 2 wks ago. I know full well she has Pittie in her, but am wondering if maybe she could be mixed with Weimaraner or even Viszla? I am not sure, maybe she is full blooded, but she is going to be a big girl. Either way, I am just curious on thoughts of others.


Identifying an Old Stuffed Animal - worn stuffy perhaps a leopard

Identifying an Old Stuffed Animal?I have this very old stuffed animal. I think my grandma bought it at Toys R Us. I have had it since i was a child and slept with it since I was a child, but he is very old and well loved and starting to fall apart. I have had to repair him a lot so I was wondering if anyone could help me find a new one so I can use it instead and put my current one away as a keepsake so nothing happens to him.


Value of a Mersman 8112 Side Table  - tiered table with a drawer

Value of a Mersman 8112 Side Table?I have a Mersman 8112 side table. Any idea of where/how to find year of manufacture or value?


Repairing Wall Paint Damaged by Mr. Clean Eraser

Repairing Wall Paint Damaged by Mr. Clean Eraser?Today I saw I got hair dye on the bathroom wall. I trying using a cleaner, but it didn't help. So I ended up using a Mr. Clean Eraser and it made the whole spot orange and the paint peel off. How can I fix this quick and easily?


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Riding Mower Won't Start?New basic stuff. It mowed great. All of a sudden it shut off and won't start. I noticed on the left side near the engine a slim silver cable with a bend in it is poking out. When I move the throttle it moves. It looks as if it was once attached to something (perhaps curled around and/or wrapped on the end). The throttle cable appears to be fine. This is the only abnormality I can see.


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John Deere Tractor Won't Move After Hitting a Stump?I have a LA 105 John Deere tractor. I hit a stump and now the tractor will not move. The tractor engine starts up and runs fine. The mower deck runs fine. It just will not move when in gear.


Identifying a Dark Red Flying Biting Bug - bug on white background fabric

Identifying a Dark Red Flying Biting Bug?This bug is dark red in colour. It can fly over a short distance. It also has this unique scent which is transferred to our fingers if we hold it. The largest of these bugs that I have seen at my place is around 4 mm. They bite at night it seems as, I get these itches and marks over my body after I wake up. And this has been just before I saw these bugs first.


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Using Henna After Removing Hair Color?I removed hair color. Can I now use black henna?


Identifying Small Brown Oval Bugs - bug on a white tile

Identifying Small Brown Oval Bugs?Does anyone know what kind of bug this is? I tried getting a closer picture, but my camera wouldn't focus. It is a small dark brown oval-shaped bug. I find them randomly throughout the house.


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What Are the Yellow Spots on a Ligularia?What are the yellow spots on my ligularia plant?


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Cleaning Laminate Kitchen Counters?I am trying to clean my kitchen counters which are the laminate or whatever is in a lot of kitchens - inexpensive stuff. Can you please guide me to the right hint?


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