April 27, 2020

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Raspberry Marshmallow Chocolate Chip Pancakes stacked on plate

Raspberry Marshmallow Chocolate Chip PancakesA special breakfast can be a tower of pancakes with marshmallows that puffed up and toasted, tart raspberries and dark chocolate chips for a perfectly balanced sweetness.


A baked tart.

Tart RecipesSimilar to pies, tarts consist of a pastry base, a filling and are baked inside an oven. Although many people first think of fruit tarts, there are many different types of recipes from sweet and creamy to savory tarts that include meat or cheese.



Choco Butternut Munchkins in bowl

Choco Butternut MunchkinsDunkin' Donuts choco butternut doughnut and munchkin are our favorite. Unfortunately our place doesn't have the store, so I tried making some using chocolate cupcakes.


Curried Okra and Potatoes on plate

Curried Okra and PotatoesThis is a tasty meal that also has some great health benefits. I love okra for many reasons, and one of them being it's great for blood sugar levels. The turmeric in this dish is also fantastic for it, too. I hope you give this dish a try.



Garden Flowerpot Chair Planter - finished planter with yellow flowers and the bee garden sign

Garden Flowerpot Chair PlanterI grabbed this chair from a neighbor's loose trash and decided to "recycle" it to make a chair planter.


Plastic Egg Match-Up Game - finished game board with first match exposed

Plastic Egg Match-Up GameDid you put away your plastic Easter eggs? You might want to take them out again! Make this family fun match up game with the help of the plastic Easter eggs.


Spring Calving Season Cowboy/Cowgirl Wreath - finished wreath hanging from an over the door hook

Spring Calving Season Cowboy/Cowgirl WreathThis was a labor of love, but I love how it turned out. I did it in honor of spring calving season. I created faux barbed wire just for this, and hope it might inspire some of you to make something with a western/ranch theme.



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Repairing a Nakajima AE640 Electronic Typewriter?I own an electronic typewriter - Nakajima AE640 - which I bought in the UK. When I last used it it was working fine. I tried to use it again today and it comes out completely different from what I type.


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Best Glue for Attaching Seashells to Velvet?What is the best adhesive to use on seashells to make it adhere to velvet fabric? This will be framed and hang on a wall.


What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog?The first two pictures are of my boy at around 2 1/2 months, many people believe he's a Pit Bull mix from the looks of the first two pics. I thought so as well, but as he ages I'm starting to think maybe he's not. I think he's a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, but I want to know what y'all think. Let me know what y'all think my 7 1/2 month old boy is.


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Feed Dogs Stuck Down on Janome 415?My Janome 415 jammed and I dropped the feed dog and removed the bobbin and cleared the jam. The feed dog will not go back up. Is this something I can fix?


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Slogan Ideas for a Home Daycare Business?Good day, I'm opening up a home based day center. I will be naming it Diddles Daycare. I need help with a slogan please :)


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Meaning of HCLR on Inmate Documents?What does HCLR mean in court documents about an inmate?


Value of a Conant Ball Octagon Table - medium finish table with door

Value of a Conant Ball Octagon Table?I found a Conant Ball Furniture Makers small wooden table in my grandma's basement. I'm trying to empty her house out and was wondering what this piece would be worth. The emblem is very faded, but I made out the year and it does say 1852 within the logo. I am wondering if anyone can give me some insight?


Identifying Small Black Bugs - small bug on window sill

Identifying Small Black Bugs?I keep getting these tiny black bugs at my window.


How Many Cups in Jar of Marshmallow Creme? - jar of Kraft marshmallow creme

How Many Cups in Jar of Marshmallow Creme?How many cups are in a 13oz jar of marshmallow cream?


Identifying an Old Vanity - old vanity in poor shape as to finish

Identifying an Old Vanity?38 MAH is on the back of the piece. Whats this mean?


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Finding Tienshan Wallpaper Border?I am looking for a place to buy Tienshan Country Bear wallpaper border.


Identifying Tiny Household Bugs

Identifying Tiny Household Bugs?Can someone tell me what this bug is please? I am finding it daily when using electronic goods, eg. PC, mobile phone, and game console. I also noted them on their plugs. Its size is smaller than a sesame seed so I am trying my best to zoom in for the photos. I would appreciate it if someone can give me a cue of what this bug is as I am worried it could be ticks.


Discontinued York Wallpaper - stonewall motif wallpaper on stair wall

Discontinued York Wallpaper?I am in need of one roll of York Wallcoverings PA130903 to finish my wall. This pattern has been discontinued, but I am hoping that someone still has a roll.


Value of Vintage CorningWare - cornflower CorningWare covered baking dish

Value of Vintage CorningWare?I have been doing spring cleaning and had several people tell me that some of the old style cookware is valuable. So I'm just asking for myself.


Identifying Vintage Drinking Glasses - gold rim trimmed, stemmed glass with blue floral and leaf pattern around the top

Identifying Vintage Drinking Glasses?These glasses were my grandmother's. Any thoughts of a maker? I was thinking they may have been a market, movie, or soap giveaway.


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Birthday Party Ideas for a 14 Year Old?My birthday is in November right before Thanksgiving. I'm turning 14. I don't remember the last time I've had a party and I want it to be a fun one that everyone will remember. I'm not allowed to have a sleepover because my mom thinks we will be too loud. I have a budget of $200, but that's if I want gifts, but I'm not a fan of gifts so like $300 at most.


Information on Dixie Furniture

Information on Dixie Furniture?My family has had this Dixie dresser set since the 50s and I'm looking to find the name of it or anything that would have come in the original style. I am always interested in learning more about it!


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Finding a Sister Who Was Adopted at Birth?My mom died 5 years ago and before me she had another daughter that I was unaware of. She had her daughter at 16 and put her up for adoption at that time. I never knew that I had a sister until today when I asked my dad a question and he finally told me about her. I don't know where she is, who she is, or how to find her.


Tiny Black Bugs in the Kitchen - bug on painted white surface

Tiny Black Bugs in the Kitchen?We have these bugs in our kitchen. They are small black bugs that don't seem to fly and aren't found in any flours or mixes in our cupboards. They seem to like it around the sink most, but we have found them in the kitchen almost exclusively. They appear quickly, but in small numbers and crawl slowly.


Age and Value of an Antique Reel Mower - reel mower with wooden handle

Age and Value of an Antique Reel Mower?I have an old push reel mower. It is a Herschel no. 200. It still had some paint on the shaft. It also still has the wood roller. It is seized up, but does move a bit. I am looking to sell it and would appreciate an age and approximate value.


Identifying Tiny Bugs - small black or dark brown bug

Identifying Tiny Bugs?I have found many of these bugs in my room. They are very small and most of them are found at my window. Two of them were on my bed and I found another in the corner of my room. They don't look like they have wings, but they may be able to fly (one of them landed on my desk under my window very quickly and not by falling). What are they and how do I get rid of them?


Identifying an Old Piece of Mowing Machinery - looks like a chain driven reel mower of some sort that probably attached to something else

Identifying an Old Piece of Mowing Machinery?I'm trying to figure out what I have here. I am not so much worried about its value, but rather a possible mfg. or how in fact it was used and on what? Perhaps what and how the pulleys were attached and driven. Is it an attachment or the main component in a piece of machinery that's missing many parts?


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Shopping for a Bandana to Use as a Face Mask?I have been looking for a bandana to use for the face mask that they say everyone needs to wear for now in our area. Everytime I find them online and then go to the store they are out of them. I am not good at sewing so a lot of people around here are using a bandana. Where do I find them?


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Zig Zag Lever on New Home 613 Sewing Machine Stuck?I have New Home model 613 sewing machine. It is 42 years old and I cannot get the zig zag lever to move.


Value of a Brandt Drop Leaf Table - vintage drop leaf dining table

Value of a Brandt Drop Leaf Table?Can anyone tell me about this table? I bought it at an auction and was going to either refinish it or chalk paint until my sister told me not to and to find out what it's worth.


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Name for a Bath and Body Products Business?I am starting a business and will be starting with bath bombs and bath salts, but want a name that's not too specific so I can add more products along the way. I would like something catchy. I loved the thought of coco body as "coco" is my nickname from my nieces and "body" didn't make it too specific, however it has already been taken.


Value of a Vintage Bed Frame

Value of a Vintage Bed Frame?This oak bed frame was my grandmother's. I was hoping I could get some help with the value? This has been in my family as far as I can remember, but would hate to donate it if it's of some value. Any help?


Identifying Insect Eggs on Bottlebrush Tree Leaves - leaf with eggs on a Ziploc bag

Identifying Insect Eggs on Bottlebrush Tree Leaves?I found these eggs on my bottlebrush tree leaves. There are more and more leaves affected. Any ideas what it is?


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