June 17, 2020

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Nature Stationary - adding more leaf colors

Making Nature StationaryKids can make pretty leaf rubbings that can then be used as stationary. See how below.


Upcycled Bubble Snake Maker - blow

Upcycled Bubble Snake MakerKids will love this simple to make bubble snake maker. All you will need is a plastic bottle, terry cloth or a sock, rubber band, and soap. The easy to follow instructions are found below.


Cleaning a leather sofa with a cloth.

Removing Paint From LeatherRemoving paint from leather surfaces may require some careful testing of useful products and methods. Knowing the type of paint is a good place to start.


An oriole on a branch.

Identifying SongbirdsEven if you are not an avid bird watcher it is fun to identify these garden visitors. Noting size & shape, color pattern, behavior, and habitat can help. There are books for your region and apps for your phone available to assist.


Modern Art Card Project for Kids - completed card with added glitter and stars

Modern Art Card Project for KidsWith some adult help younger kids can get creative and older ones can take this art project on by themselves. A squiggle pattern is drawn and then colored in to create the card face. Learn how using the materials list, instructions, and photos provided below.


A fearful dog on a white background.

Dog Is Afraid of Men?Rescued dogs come with their own history. Sometimes you may find that your new pet is fearful around men. One possible reason for this fear could be due to past abuse by a man. Read on for some additional thoughts on this topic.


A cutting of a plant that has grown roots.

Transferring Seedlings And RootingsIf you reuse the the cell packs from your nursery for starting seeds and rootings, here is a way to easily lift them from the cells before planting. Read on for a good description of this simple process.



A bowl of butter pecan ice cream.

Butter Pecan Ice CreamThis is lower sugar and very rich butter pecan ice cream using the traditional 'custard' method. I only used 1/2 the sugar called in the recipe (which I will indicate in my instructions) and use pure heavy cream (versus half and half as it is here).


A piece of Juicy Pear Cake with whipped cream on top.

Juicy Pear CakeThis delicious cake is laced with the flavours and textures of perfectly ripe pears. You make the batter a bit on the thick side so the juices from the pears will run through to give it a perfect consistency when it's done baking. It smells heavenly, too. I hope you try this cake!



Mi-T (Xoloitzcuintli) - dog on the beach

Mi-T (Xoloitzcuintli)He was given to me by a friend. "Mi-T" is a 4.5 lbs. Xolo who loves to go on 4-mile beach walks. He is a miniature "coated" Mexican hairless.


DIY Earbuds Holder - buds secured to card

DIY Earbuds HolderGetting earbuds tangled up is not only annoying, but terrible for their lifespan. You can make this cute and convenient holder for your earbuds in less than 10 minutes. This is a great way to upcycle or make use of gift cards that have some sentimental value in them. I use these for storage purposes. I also for on-the-go times, popping them securely in my purse.


Gum Container for Cat Treats - hand holding the container of treats with a black and white cat in the background

Gum Container for Cat TreatsI started putting the cat treats in an empty Eclipse gum container. It's much easier to get out a few when I want to give the cat some running exercise. The container keeps the treats fresh and it holds a 2.1 oz. package of Temptations treats for cats.



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Author of the Book To Love and HonorDoes anybody know the author's name for the book "To Love and Honor" with the Indian war bonnet pattern?


Identifying Tiny Jumping Biting Bugs

Identifying Tiny Jumping Biting BugsWhat kind of bug/insect is this and how can I get rid of it? This has been our problem in our house every summer. This bug jumps and the bites are so itchy. I really want to get rid of it please help.


Is My Puppy a Pit Bull? - white puppy with brown areas

Is My Puppy a Pit Bull?I got this puppy thinking it's a Pit Bull and now I'm not sure. I would like to make sure and am only going to the vet in middle July.


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Cooking Beans in the Little DipperInstead of using the crock pot to cook beans, can I use the "Little Dipper?"


Information and Value of Geppeddo Dolls? - 4 porcelain dolls

Information and Value of Geppeddo Dolls?I inherited a few porcelain dolls from my mom. I took a pic of 4 of them and was hoping someone could tell me what I don't know about them. The 2 on the left are Geppedo series dolls and are in perfect shape with every accessory still with them. But I've not been able to find the exact dolls. Like the one on far left is supposed to be a Geppedo doll, Cinderella. But I can't find one with her head tilted like this and this dress on. The second from left, I know is Geppedo from the maker's stamp, but don't know anything else.


Identifying a Vintage Toy Monkey

Identifying a Vintage Toy MonkeyThis felt (?) monkey is 15" tall and 4" wide and 6" deep (measured from his back to the tips of his feet/hands).


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Discontinued Lambs & Ivy Jamboree Bumper?I'm looking to buy a crib bumper from the Lambs & Ivy Signature Jamboree set. Anyone know where I can find it?


Is My Dog a Purebred Husky? - young tri-color Husky

Is My Dog a Purebred Husky?I would like to know if anyone could tell me if my 11 month old is a pure bred? I don't know as she was given to me by a friend of mine and I was told that she could be, but he wasn't 100% sure.


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Dog Stopped Eating After Vaccinations?My Shih Tzu is 1-2 years old. He got his yearly vaccination (rabies and distemper shots) 4 days back. He was fine, ate a little and was active for the following three days after the vaccination. But on the fourth day, he didn't eat at all. He ate grass and puked foamy vomit. What's wrong with my dog? Is this because of the vaccination?


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Using Frozen Cabbage?Can frozen cabbage be used to make chow chow?


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Buying Ocean Pine Cleaner?Where in California or any states near could I purchase Ocean pine?


Identifying an Antique Octagon Table? - medium finish octagon table with spindle legs

Identifying an Antique Octagon Table?I'm trying to figure out the maker mark, on my antique six legged octagon parlor table.


Identifying a Lexington Furniture Cabinet - cabinet with shelves, a drop front desk, and two bottom storage areas with shelves and doors

Identifying a Lexington Furniture Cabinet?I just bought this beauty, but don't know what it is. I'm hoping someone knows what piece this is and from what collection so I can research it more.


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