February 9, 2021

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Value of a Western Auto Wizard Push Mower?What is value of my 1959 Western Auto Wizard push mower with Clinton engine? It is an 18" cut and pull rope start, in excellent original condition.


A bowl of brown sugar.

Brown Sugar as First AidBrown sugar can actually cures wounds and bruises. If you have been lately in an accident, like falling from a bicycles or falling from trees, and you get bruises and wounds, you can immediately apply brown sugar.


Rose water in a small spray bottle.

Many Uses For Rose WaterRose water costs very little and I have found a few useful ways to use it. Mainly I was using it as a natural air freshener. I bought some empty spray bottles in the Pound Shop and filled a bottle with pure Rose Water. Because I dislike to spray chemicals around myself and my cat.


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Removing Grain Dust Residue on Car?I work at a feed mill and almost every day I come out I have grain dust on my car. Now it seems like it is embedded into the glass and paint. When I wash my car either by hand or by machine it looks clean unless you look at it side ways then you can still see the film. Any suggestions on a car wash?


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Repairing the Corners on a Clear Plastic Purse?I must have a clear purse to carry my diabetic supplies at work. The problem? After a while, the corners develop holes which are small enough to not really matter, but they scratch my skin and hurt. Is there anyone out there that knows how I can fix that myself?


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Kitten Got Soap in Its Eye?My son got dish soap in our kitten's eye. It is now swollen and half closed. I can't afford a vet bill. Does any body have any suggestions?


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Extending the Shelf Life of Fudge?Does anyone know how to cook fudge that lasts 1 to 3 months? I have been making fresh fudge for years and it lasts about 2-3 weeks. I would like to supply a local farm shop but it would need to last at least a month. Quite a few local fresh fudge shops achieve a 3 to 6 month shelf life and say they don't use preservatives?


Cake pops in a jar of candy corn.

Cake PopsCute and easy, kids of all ages love these.


Value of Electrohome Black and White TV - vintage console TV

Value of Electrohome Black and White TV?I am looking for the value of this Electrohome cabinet - black and white TV. It is in working order.



Ingredients for applesauce crazy cake.

Applesauce Crazy CakeA crazy or wacky cake is missing a traditional ingredient. This one has no eggs, so it is good for those times when eggs are expensive, you ran out of eggs, need to watch your cholesterol or there is an allergy.


A side dish of carrots in a shallow bowl.

Cracker Barrel CarrotsWhen we eat out at Cracker Barrel, I get carrots. They are so good and I wanted to know how to prepare them. I found a recipe and tried it. It calls for 2 pounds of baby carrots but I cut the recipe in half and only prepare 1 pound when I cook them. This is not Cracker Barrel's recipe but it sure does taste pretty close and it's good.



A grey cat with blue eyes.

Sapphire (Balinese Mix)We had seen her lingering around our house before, but this time was different. She was skin and bones, lying in a ditch near the end of our driveway, pitifully wailing. My sister cried and begged to feed her, so we put some food in a bowl, which she proceeded to devour. Over the course of a few months, she began to fatten up.


A mini banjo made from recycled materials.

Mini Love BanjoHere is a way to make a mini love bonjo using popsicle sticks and a jar lid.


Birdseed inside a bin, keeping it out of the snow.

Keeping Snowfall Off Bird SeedI was tired of the birdseed getting buried under the snow. I put a green recycle bin on its side (our city no longer uses these bins). I put in the bowl of birdseed and then put an unused shovel over the birdseed like an "umbrella" by putting the shovel handle through the railing. It has worked great, it has snowed several days and the seed never got buried.


A Valentine's decoration made from recycled materials.

Upcycled Valentine DecorationsIf you ever buy these seasonal Valentine Candy canes, save the packaging. Upcycle them into a backdrop decoration (like I did) or you can use for decoration at your front door.


A card showing when to change your HVAC filter.

Changing HVAC FiltersEver wonder when the last time you changed your HVAC filters was? Using a bright colored index card, I write the years, with corresponding months, leaving room for my date I changed the filters for the next three years. I make one for each filter location. I attach it to the wall with two hook and latch dots. I also attach a pen this way, so its always at the ready!


Ducks swimming in the water.

Delightful DucksIt was a beautiful cloudy day. A pair of ducks were swimming together. One of them kept diving into the stream. Its feathered bottom looked so cute sticking out !



A chocolate lab looking at the camera.

My Young Dog Died Suddenly?My 2.5 year old chocolate Lab died suddenly and unexpectedly 3 weeks ago. My family is totally heartbroken and have no answers. I just don't get it and we couldn't bring ourselves to do an autopsy as the situation was traumatizing enough. He was playing and having a good time in the snow with my daughter the day before, all was good. The next morning was unbearable.


A small white line on a thumb.

Weird White Line On My Thumb?I need help identifying this white lump on my thumb. What should I do about it and should I be concerned? I don't know how long it's been there since I just randomly found it. I cant say much about it asides from it is a small white line


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Old Weight Watchers Plan?Does anyone know what exchange to use for 1 cup of almond milk on the OLD weight watchers plan?


Dark brown spots on a white surface.

Is This a Bug?We recently purchased a mobile home and are in the process of cleaning it. There are brown rust-like spots on the walls and even in one of the cupboards. It is a darkish brown color. We think it might be some kind of bug or maybe mold? Any ideas? Does anyone know how to get rid of this?


A chest of drawers with the top drawer painted partly white.

Style and Value of Chest of Drawers?I am debating whether to try and get the thin layer of paint off before selling this, but am not sure if that's possible without a lot of trouble. I was listing this for $125, but had a few people wanting it that I know are dealers so now I'm wondering if this is worth more than I think. There are some label/markings on the back in another language.


An old fashioned painting of flowers.

Information About Painting?Can somebody help me find who the artist of the painting is and more info on the painting (style ,worth ,etc ) . Thank you!


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