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This page contains information and tips about owning a pet finch.



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Baby Zebra Finch in someones hands.

Caring for Baby Zebra FinchesRaising baby finches is rewarding, but it can also be a time-consuming task as they need regular care until they are grown. This is a page about caring for baby zebra finches.


Caring for Zebra Finches

Caring for Zebra FinchesThis is a page about caring for a zebra finch. These beautiful little birds can be an excellent pet option for a small home or apartment, but they do require special care.


Two zebra finches in a cage.

My Zebra Finch Has Laid EggsIf your zebra finch has laid eggs, this page can help give you advice about what to do. Most importantly, do not move or touch the fertile eggs or the mother may reject them.


Two finches sitting on a rod in their cage.

Finches Sitting on Infertile Eggs?Finches will lay eggs even if there is no male in the cage. If you are sure they are both females, discard the eggs. Otherwise, give them time as finch eggs can take 12 - 14 days to hatch. If they don't again discard.


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Feeding Baby Zebra Finches?Our pair of zebra finch successfully hatched 4 chicks around 3 weeks ago and all has been going really well. The babies have almost got their feathers and are chirping away. Unfortunately today, their mum escaped during a water change and we haven't been able to find her.


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My Finch Laid an Egg?I have two pairs of finches in my cage and they are doing good. One day I met with a surprise and there's an egg in one of my finches' nest. The next day there was only one egg and the next day an egg was there. But today there's no egg. I need to know whether this is the last egg or there's still a chance of getting more eggs.


A gouldian finch on a branch.

Caring for Gouldian Finches?Gouldian finches are beautiful song birds. They are a good choice for keeping in a home or apartment. As with all pet birds you will need to provide a safe environment that is not subject to temperature fluctuations and drafts. Cage covering encourages them to sleep at night.


Two finches in a cage.

Breeding FinchesFinches prefer to live with a companion and that will often lead to babies. If your pair has not started nesting yet, it could be that you don't have a mixed sex pair. This page contains tips and advice for breeding finches.


A canary in a bird cage.

Breeding Canaries and Finches in the Same Aviary?Birds such as finches and canaries can be successfully kept in the same aviary, given that it is of an appropriate size. Watch for aggressive individuals.




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Zebra Finch Newborns Left Alone?I just added two pair of Zebra Finches to my Quail aviary about three months ago. Provided nests, nesting material and food conducive to breeding. One pair started building a nest within a week. About three weeks in, I noticed one finch was ALWAYS in the nest so I assumed they are sitting on eggs. Based on the date, I figured the babies should hatch about the 20th of November. There was always one or the other finch in the nest at all times. I noticed on the 20th, both were out and every time I came out for the next two days they were always out of the nest. I finally decided to look inside but it was a straw nest with very small opening (not a wood nest box with lifting lid) so I couldn't see anything. On the 23rd, I decided to put my finger in and I felt flesh with no movement or sounds. I assumed the babies hatched and then died as a result of being abandoned. I brought the nest into the house and snipped the top half open to see what I could see. There were at least three maybe four babies that appeared dead. When i went to pick one up it moved slightly and made a small sound. I immediately closed the nest back up, tied it closed and put it back in the aviary in hopes that the parents would go back to the nest. Is it possible or did the parent abandon them and it is just taking a while for them to die?


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Female Finches Laying Eggs?We may have two female society finches laying eggs that we are not sure will hatch. Do they need a male to hatch?


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Canary Finch Laid an Egg?I have a female canary bird and she laid an egg. Does it hatch without a male bird? Thank you for helping.


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Zebra Finch Chicks?Hi. This is my first time breeding finches. My pair of zebra finches have successfully hatched 3 chicks which are 4 weeks old today. I've noticed the parents breeding again and this morning the hen has laid an egg. Will they continue to look after the chicks if they have more eggs. I was told the chicks needed to stay with the parents until they are at least 6 weeks old.


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Finch Sitting On Eggs?Gouldian sits on eggs only during the day but not at night?


Two zebra finches in a cage.

Zebra Finch Laying Eggs?My zebra finches have laid eggs for the second time . First one didn't hatch except one, which I found dead on the bottom of cage. I removed the nest and old eggs and cleaned everything. My husband's clothes are in the same room as the cage but we don't bother them, just food & water. How can I keep the next ones if they hatch alive?


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