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Baby Zebra Finch in someones hands.

Caring for Baby Zebra FinchesRaising baby finches is rewarding, but it can also be a time-consuming task as they need regular care until they are grown. This is a page about caring for baby zebra finches.


duck nest

Ducks Not Sitting on Eggs?This is a page about ducks not sitting on eggs. Raising ducks requires a whole new category of knowledge. It can be confusing at the start to know if something is a problem or not.


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Is Peppermint Oil Harmful to Birds?I am thinking of using peppermint oil to rid an aviary of mice. Will it harm my birds?


Two zebra finches in a cage.

My Zebra Finch Has Laid EggsIf your zebra finch has laid eggs, this page can help give you advice about what to do. Most importantly, do not move or touch the fertile eggs or the mother may reject them.


An old bird cage.

Refinishing a Bird Cage?This is a page about refinishing a bird cage. Whether trying to refinish a bargain cage picked up at a sale or refurbishing your feathered friend's current digs, this is an easy DIY project.


My Finch Laid Eggs

My Finch Laid Eggs?If you have a female finch, they will likely lay eggs at some point. This page contains information about what to do when your finch lays eggs.


Pair of Zebra Finches on Perch

Breeding Zebra FinchesThis is a page about breeding Zebra finches. Zebra finches make excellent parents, you just need to follow a few steps to make breeding a rewarding experience for all.



Dealing with Noisy BudgiesBudgies are noisy birds by nature. There are some possible solutions to their sometimes constant vocalizations. This is a page about dealing with noisy budgies.


Yellow birds in a cage.

Keeping a Bird Cage CleanThis is a page about keeping a bird cage clean. Birds can be messy pets. Cleaning their cage on a regular basis helps prevent the mess from building up.


Finches Near Nest

Finches Not Incubating Their Eggs?Finches are a popular bird to be kept as a pet. They are also known for the ease with which they breed in captivity. Make sure you are completely familiar with the breeding habits of your birds and then watch carefully to determine if there is a real issue; birds typically lay all of their eggs prior to incubating. This is a page about finches not incubating their eggs.


Chicken Feeder

Making a Chicken FeederThis is a page about making a chicken feeder. Buying a feeder for your chickens can be expensive, however with a few inexpensive items you can make your own.


Caring for Zebra Finches

Caring for Zebra FinchesThis is a page about caring for a zebra finch. These beautiful little birds can be an excellent pet option for a small home or apartment, but they do require special care.



blue and white budgie

Budgie Keeps Laying Eggs?This is a page about what to do when a budgie keeps laying eggs. Bird owners are sometimes concerned when their pet is constantly laying eggs.


Zebra Finch Not Sitting on Eggs Looking Down at Nest

Zebra Finch Not Sitting on Eggs?Zebra finches are popular pet birds in part because they are avid breeders. If your pair is not sitting on the nest there are a couple of possibilities. This is a page about zebra finch not sitting on eggs.


Zebra Finch

Can Baby Zebra Finches Be Released into Nature?Bird species that have been bred as pets typically should not be released into the wild. This is a page about, "Can baby zebra finches be released into nature?".


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Yellow Finches Stopped Coming?I live in Charlotte, NC. I placed a feeder in my yard and attracted a lot of yellow finches. I replaced the food with a different brand and they stopped coming around. I then got the food they liked and I cleaned the feeder really well.


week 1 no 1

Chicks Week-by-Week (Weeks 1-6)This page documents the growth and development of backyard pet chickens over a six week period. This is a page about chicks week-by-week (weeks 1-6).


Flying Zebra Finch

Helping Zebra Finches Build a Nest?Make your zebra finches happy and comfortable by helping them build their nest. This is a page about helping zebra finches building a nest.


Finch Eggs

Does Egg Laying Cause Molting in Finches?When finches prepare to lay eggs they will pull feathers from their chest to line the nest. This may cause your bird to appear as though she is molting. This is a page about, "Does egg laying cause molting in finches?".


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Finches Eating Their Own Eggs?My finch birds keeps laying eggs and eating them. Why does this happen?


Eclectus Parrot with missing feathers on its chest.

Eclectus Parrot Pulling Its Feathers OutBirds can pull out their feathers due to stress or health concerns. This is a page with advice for an eclectus parrot pulling its feathers out.


A cat staring at a bird cage.

Bacteria From Cat Bites Can Be Deadly to BirdsThe bacteria in your cat's mouth can cause your pet bird to become deathly ill. A vet trip is highly recommended. This is a page about bacteria from cat bites can be deadly to birds.


Fledgling Beige Bengalese

Breeding Society Finches?This is a page about breeding Society finches. Society finches are rivaled only by Zebra finches in their willingness to breed in small cages.


Finches in cage with a nest.

Cleaning a Finch Cage While She is Sitting on Eggs?Go slow and don't disturb the finch's nest when tidying up a cage. This is a page about cleaning a finch cage while she is sitting on eggs.


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Can Birds Get Fleas?Can my bird get the fleas?


Holding a baby duck in hands.

Raising Ducks as PetsThis is a page about raising ducks as pets. Ducks make great outdoor pets. They are social, intelligent, and can be trained to play games and with toys. They also can be raised for their eggs.


A pet bird and its owner.

Pet Bird PhotosBirds are a favorite pet for many people who enjoy their songs, behavior, and beautiful colors. We have gathered some shared photos here.



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Male Bird Left the Cage?Today in the afternoon my male bird left the cage. They have 4 eggs and now the female is sitting on the eggs. The eggs are at their 8th day. Will they hatch? Will the female alone take care of the babies? Do I need to buy a male bird now? We are on the fourth floor. Is there any chance of male bird coming back?


Finches Covered Their Eggs with Cotton? - finch in cage with a wicker nest with a layer of cotton over the eggs

Finches Covered Their Eggs with Cotton?My finches have covered their eggs with the cotton. Should I remove the upper layer of the cotton or leave it on them. It's been a more than a week since they laid eggs.


Two lovebirds sitting on a branch together.

Understanding Pet Bird BehaviorBird owners will often observe behaviors that they would like to better understand. One such example is of birds facing each other with beaks together, while vocalizing. Unless feathers are flying this is typically a display of affection or play. More behaviors are reviewed below.


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My Finch Laid an Egg?I have two pairs of finches in my cage and they are doing good. One day I met with a surprise and there's an egg in one of my finches' nest. The next day there was only one egg and the next day an egg was there. But today there's no egg. I need to know whether this is the last egg or there's still a chance of getting more eggs.


A gouldian finch on a branch.

Caring for Gouldian Finches?Gouldian finches are beautiful song birds. They are a good choice for keeping in a home or apartment. As with all pet birds you will need to provide a safe environment that is not subject to temperature fluctuations and drafts. Cage covering encourages them to sleep at night.


A chicken sitting near her eggs.

Backyard Chicken EggsBackyard chickens can lay a variety of colored eggs depending on their breed. The colors are fun to see, but can also alert you to a health issue such as exposure to too much heat. Even before your hen has heat stroke she may begin to lay eggs of a different color.


Two finches sitting on a rod in their cage.

Finches Sitting on Infertile Eggs?Finches will lay eggs even if there is no male in the cage. If you are sure they are both females, discard the eggs. Otherwise, give them time as finch eggs can take 12 - 14 days to hatch. If they don't again discard.


Two finches in a cage.

Breeding FinchesFinches prefer to live with a companion and that will often lead to babies. If your pair has not started nesting yet, it could be that you don't have a mixed sex pair. This page contains tips and advice for breeding finches.


A canary in a bird cage.

Breeding Canaries and Finches in the Same Aviary?Birds such as finches and canaries can be successfully kept in the same aviary, given that it is of an appropriate size. Watch for aggressive individuals.


Two finches sitting on a branch.

Raising FinchesFinches are popular as pets in part because they breed well in captivity. These pretty little birds will provide you with many joyful hours. There are lots of questions that arise from bird keepers. This page offers answers and solutions to differing situations from food choices to care of baby birds.


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Finches Eating Their Eggs?My finches are eating their eggs. I have one feisty female who is always picking on the other one. Can you have too many nests in the cage? I have two males and two females with four nests.


Chicken Cooling Station

DIY Simple Chicken Cooling StationBackyard chickens often need a way to cool down during hot summer days. A DIY cooling station is simple to construct using supplies you probably already have. It will keep your chickens comfortable during hot weather.


chick on perch

How to Build a Brooder Box Perch for ChicksGiving your brooder chicks the opportunity to roost will give them a head start for life in the chicken coop. This is a page about how to build a brooder box perch for chicks.


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Gouldian Finch Laid an Egg?My Gouldian finch laid only one egg. She made her own nest. The male mated with her on the perch. He is not a good father or mate. Does she sit soon if only one egg is laid?



Zebra Finch nest in the rafters.

Moving a Zebra Finch Nest?When you have baby birds or a brooding couple be sure to wait to move them until the babies are out of the nest. This is a page about moving zebra finch nests.


Zebra Finch in nest.

Zebra Finch Not Laying Eggs?Putting your zebra finch pair in a separate cage may make them feel more comfortable and safe. This is a page about zebra finch not laying eggs.


Empty finch nest on a shrub.

Baby Finches DyingSometimes baby birds don't survive long and it can be hard to know what to do to prevent it from happening again. This is a page with advice about baby finches dying.


Red chicken isolated on a white background.

Gingernut Ranger Information and PhotosThese sex linked chickens are a popular backyard breed. These red hens are friendly and inquisitive. The adult hen weighs about 5 pounds and is a prolific layer of large brown eggs. This page contains gingernut ranger information and photos.


Finch Eggs in a nest.

Hatching Finch EggsThis is a page about hatching finch eggs. Finches are known to be prolific egg layers, but that of course does not guarantee that you will have viable eggs. Here is some advice if you are finding that none of the eggs are hatching.


Finch Not Sitting on Eggs

Finch Not Sitting on Eggs?My finch laid 2 eggs a month ago, but it did not incubate the eggs. Later, 15 days ago, it laid an egg daily for a total of 6 eggs and it started incubating them. But from 5 days back it did not incubate the eggs. Today is the 19th day since the eggs were laid. Will they hatch?


Dog stealing a chicken egg with a rooster in the background.

Catching an Chicken Egg Thief?Unfortunately, a henhouse full of eggs is of interest to more than just foxes and raccoons. This is a page about catching an chicken egg thief.


baby bird

How Old Is My Baby Finch?It can be difficult to determine the age of a finch hatchling. They will typically leave the nest between 11 and 19 days. This is a page about, "How old is my baby finch?".


Baby Wipes for Cleaning Up After Pet Birds - bird on window sill

Baby Wipes for Cleaning Up After Pet BirdsBaby wipes make for a quick clean up for bird owners who allow their birds to leave their cage. This is a page about using baby wipes for cleaning up after pet birds.


Finch Eggs

Moving a Finch Egg?Moving a finch egg that is outside of the nest should not be a problem. The birds will likely still care for it. This is a page about moving a finch egg.


Hands gently moving a birds nest with small eggs.

Moving Zebra Finch EggsYour birds are comfortable and at home when they start laying eggs, and should probable stay where they are until the eggs hatch. This is a page about moving zebra finch eggs.


A pair of zebra finches on a branch.

Zebra Finches Not Caring for Chick?Because zebra finches easily breed in captivity they provide pet owners many opportunities to observe and intervene, if necessary, in the raising of the chicks. This is a page about zebra finches not caring for a chick.


Silkie Bantam - 7 Weeks - chick next to girl's leg

Silkie Bantam Photos and InformationThe silkie bantam is the most popular of the ornamental chicken breeds. They are sometimes called the lap kitty of the chicken world because of their sweet temperament. This page contains silkie bantam breed information and photos.


A white and a gray silkie chicken.

Silkie Chicken PhotosThis popular ornamental breed chicken is known for its fluffy plumage. This page contains silkie chicken photos.


Araucana hen and chicks.

Araucana Chicken Breed PhotosThis domestic chicken native to Chile, is known for laying blue shelled eggs. This page contains Araucana chicken breed photos.


Rat Trying to Get in Aviary

Keeping Rats Out of an Outdoor Aviary?Rats can definitely be a danger to the birds in your outdoor aviary. This is a page about keeping rats out of an outdoor aviary.


Baby Finch

Caring for Baby Finches?Baby finches, like any baby bird, need much care and nurturing. This is a page about caring for baby finches.


chick feeder

Getting Ready to Raise ChicksPrior to bringing home your new chicks you will want to get all of your supplies and set out their brooder box. Then the fun begins. This is a page about getting ready to raise chicks.


Dominique Chicken

Dominique Chicken Breed PhotosDominique chickens are a breed that was developed in the United States during the colonial period. The hens tend to be calm and quite personable a desirable trait in a layer. This page contains Dominique chicken breed photos.


A chicken pen with a rooster inside.

Cleaning a Chicken Pen?Removing waste, old straw, nesting materials, and bedding are some of the things to attend to when cleaning your chicken coop or pen. Use caution if you choose to use cleaning or disinfecting products as they can harm the birds. This is a page about cleaning a chicken pen.


Easter Egger - 7 Weeks - closeup of chick's head

Easter Egger Photos and InformationEaster egger chickens are not a true breed, but belong to a group of chickens that lay colored eggs including blue, green, and even pinkish. The chickens vary in color and form and are quite friendly and hardy. This is a page about Easter egger photos and information.


A proud hen strutting outside.

Hen Not Laying Eggs?Hens do not lay eggs year around, there are breaks during the colder months. Older girls also eventually stop laying. If none of these apply, you may want to check with a vet to make sure your hen is not ill or egg bound. This is a page about hen not laying eggs.


Using Vaseline for Chicks with Pasty Butt - applying Vaseline to chick's bottom

Using Vaseline for Chicks with Pasty ButtBaby chicks can develop an accumulation of poop around their vent that can eventually prevent them from pooping if not carefully removed. This is a page about using Vaseline for chicks with pasty butt.


Bird in cage with bird toys.

Homemade Bird ToysThese toys can be expensive, but with a little imagination you can make interesting pet bird toys at home. This page is about making homemade bird toys.


britetap on water cooler

How to Make an Insulated Chicken WatererKeeping your chicken water insulated from the weather can help maintain a relative temperature for your chicken's water. This is a page about using a britetap chicken waterer.


waterers in coop

Homemade Sports Bottle Chicken WatererHere is an easy and inexpensive way to ensure your chickens have water when they need it. This is a page about sports bottle chicken waterer.


A broken eggshell on a white background.

Eggshells for BirdsThe calcium in crushed egg shells can be beneficial to your indoor pet birds and even the chickens themselves. This is a page about eggshells for birds.


A close up of a pet bird's foot and nails.

Trimming a Bird's Nails?The thought of trimming your bird's nails may be scary. There are some products that can help keep them short or you can seek a professional to groom them. This is a page about trimming a bird's nails.


nipples on bottom of bucket

DIY Bucket Chicken WatererKeep your chickens hydrated and happy with this easy to make project. With a sturdy recycled bucket and a few supplies you can make this DIY Chicken Waterer for your chicken coop.


A bird being fed with a syringe.

Giving Medicine to a Pet BirdThis is a page about giving medicine to a pet bird. Medicating pets is often a challenge; birds can be even more difficult without the proper methodology.


A zebra finch sitting in its nest.

Finch Threw Baby Out of Nest?This is a page about finch threw baby out of nest. Breeding birds exposes you to many bird behaviors. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the species you have chosen so that you are prepared.


Two male zebra finches.

Distinguishing Between Male and Female Zebra Finches?This is a page about distinguishing between male and female zebra finches. It is easier to distinguish between genders in some bird species than others.


Three zebra finches sitting on a branch in a cage.

Introducing a New Zebra Finch into the CageThis is a page about introducing a new zebra finch into the cage. New birds like other pets need to be introduced to resident birds to ease stress and hopefully establish a lasting companionship.


A parrot chewing on a chew toy.

Parrot Toy IdeasThis is a page about parrot toy ideas. Parrots are intelligent birds that enjoy stimulating play. Bird toys can be quite expensive, but there are alternatives.


Bird Eating Homemade Bird Food

Homemade Bird FoodThis is a page about homemade bird food. Making a warm homemade meal for your birds may be just what they need.


Two chickens in the backyard garden.

Salmonella Concerns with Backyard ChickensThis is a page about salmonella concerns with backyard chickens. Salmonella is not just an issue with commercially raised chickens.


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Finches Not Going Into Nest With Hatchlings?Four days ago my finches hatched 5 babies. They had a lot of nesting material built up blocking the entrance. A curious child removed the material 24 hours ago. The parents did cover the babies with a layer of material, but they have not gone back into the nest.


Golden Finch perched on a nesting basket in branches.

Keeping Birds Warm in an Outside Aviary?This is a page about keeping birds warm in an outside aviary. Pet birds are often not native to the area where they now live. Consequently, they may not be well adapted to outside conditions.


Two peach face love birds standing beak to beak. One is more green in color the other more yellow.

Determining the Gender of Lovebirds?This is a page about determining the gender of lovebirds. Love birds are a favorite pet choice for the bird lover. However, determining the gender of your birds can be a challenge.


Two budgies (parakeets).  One is blue and white; the other is green and yellow

Breeding Budgies?This is a page about breeding budgies. Pet budgies, also known as parakeets, can be bred by their owners.


Chickens in the snow.  Two white and grey chickens are centered and two more chickens are in front of a hen house

Winter Care for Your ChickensThis is a page about winter care for your chickens. Chickens can use some special care during the depths of winter.


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Breeding Birds?I have a female and a male and my female is fat. She is eating a lot. Is she going to lay an egg or die?


Chickens in a Garden

Benefits of Chickens for Your GardenThis is a page about benefits of chickens for your garden. The addition of chickens to your life can give you the freshest eggs, as well as fertilizer and some insect control in your garden.


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Breeding Zebra Finches?I have a new pair of zebra finches. They laid eggs in their food bowl, so I put a nest and nesting material in their cage and removed the old eggs. After two weeks, they have finally laid another egg, but in the food bowl again. How can I get her to lay in the nest?


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Raising Budgies?How much time will it take a budgie to hatch?



Lovebird Photos and InformationThis is a page about lovebird photos and information. There are nine species of these small parrots. Lovebirds are active, cheerful and enjoy being paired.


red, blue, and green macaw

Parrot Photos and InformationThis is a page about parrot photos and information. These beautiful birds can be lifetime companions, and they have the ability to mimic the human voice. There are hundreds of species of parrots.


Preventing Snakes From Stealing Eggs

Preventing Snakes From Stealing EggsThis is a page about preventing snakes from stealing eggs. Many types of wildlife will gladly help you eat up your farm fresh eggs.


Pet Bird Seed

Saving Money on Pet Bird SeedPet food can be expensive to buy. This is a page about saving money on pet bird seed.


two backyard hens

Treating a Chicken With HeatstrokeThis is a page about treating a chicken with heatstroke. Knowing how to recognize and treat heatstroke can save your chicken's life.


chickens in their pen

Keeping Chickens Safe in Hot WeatherThis is a page about keeping chickens safe in hot weather. Hot weather can be a tough time for your chickens. There are several precautions you can take to keep them safe and comfortable when temperatures soar.


red first aid bag

Stocking an Avian Emergency KitThis is a page about stocking an avian emergency kit. Birds like other pets may at times need emergency first aid, either to easily treat a manageable injury or illness or until you can get to the vet.


Bengalese Finches

Breeding Bengalese Finches?This is a page about breeding Bengalese finches. Making sure your birds are healthy, and have adequate room is important when considering breeding your finches.


broody hen in nesting box

Dealing With a Broody HenThis is a page about dealing with a broody hen. Hens can periodically become broody, meaning that they don't want to get off their eggs. Broodiness is often also characterized by a moodiness and grumpy attidute.


Chicken Coop

Using Curtains in Your Chicken CoopThis is a page about using curtains in your chicken coop. Adding curtains to your chicken coop is more than just prettying up the place for the girls. There are some very practical reasons for taking the time to make this addition.


Couple Caring for Their Chickens

Caring for ChickensThis is a page about caring for chickens. When growing poultry for meat or eggs in your own backyard, you want to make it an enjoyable experience for your birds and your family.


Chicken Waterer

Making Your Own Chicken WatererThis is a page about making your own chicken waterer. You can save money or create the waterer that meets your special needs by making your own.


Heated Chicken Coop

Heating a Chicken CoopThis is a page about heating a chicken coop. Keeping your birds warm and healthy through the winter, can require an additional heat source.


Chicken Feed On Grain Bag

Storing Chicken FeedThis is a page about storing chicken feed. Whether you use plastic buckets or other food storage systems, it is important to keep your bird food dry and pest free.


Chicken Nesting Box

Getting Chickens to Lay in Nesting BoxThis is a page about getting chickens to lay in nesting box. Getting your hens to lay eggs in their nesting box helps to ensure that you get the maximum number of fresh clean eggs.


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Salmonella Concerns with Backyard Chickens

Salmonella Concerns with Backyard ChickensMany people have started keeping chickens and other fowl at home. They are a great source of fresh eggs, don't take much special care, and can be quite funny and charming. However, you should be careful when you or your children are handling them. Most chickens naturally carry salmonella.


Blue and Brown Eggs, Oh My! - plate with 7 eggs, some blue, some dark brown and two light brown

Blue and Brown Eggs, Oh My!After losing all of our chickens last year, we hand raised 5 new girls last spring. They finally started laying eggs and by the time we realized it there was quite a collection hidden around the coop. After washing them up I had to take a moment to appreciate the wide range of colors and speckles on them. I saved many of these and plan to blow them out and save them.


Using Vaseline for Chicks with Pasty Butt - hand holding a chick

Using Vaseline for Chicks with Pasty ButtIt is not uncommon for chicks to end up with a case of pasty butt. The buildup of poop around their vent can completely block their ability to poop, which can be fatal.


Our New Girls - flock of young backyard hens

Our New GirlsLast year was a devastating year for our family. We lost all 6 of our chickens to raccoons over the course of a few months. Two of them were almost 6 years old and another was more like a pet dog than a chicken to us. After a lot of contemplation we decided to try again, after extensive fortification of our coop. These are our 5 new girls, exploring outside for the first time!


Baby Toys for Parrot Joy

Baby Toys for Parrot JoyParrot toys are very expensive, yet vitally important to the health and happiness of our beloved friends. Parrots are exceptionally intelligent and require a lot of mental stimulation to thrive. They need much more than a good diet, fresh water, clean surroundings, fresh air, and warm sunshine.


chickens munching dandelions

Weeds for ChickensIf you have chickens, when you get done pulling weeds, toss them in their chicken coop. Chickens are especially fond of dandelions.


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Finch Won't Sit on Her Eggs?My finch doesn't sit on the eggs. The male finch expired three days after the eggs were laid. The female finch would not sit on the eggs at all. What should I do?


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Caring for a Baby Zebra Finch?My baby zebra finch hatched on 8/5/2020. Both parents seemed to have neglected the baby and I believe they are picking at him/her. I see the back of the babies neck is a little irritated as though they are pulling his/her feathers. Is it too soon to separate from the parents to a different cage?


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Duck Not Sitting on Eggs Again?My duck started sitting on the 8 eggs she laid on the 19th of May 2020. Suddenly I found only 7 eggs. I don't know where the 8th one is and today is the first of June. I had noticed 3 days back that now my duck is not sitting on her eggs again. What may be the cause or are the eggs ready to hatch?


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Baby Finches Dying?I have five finches, 2 are in one cage 3 are in another cage. One pair have had 6 eggs for the last month, but the eggs are not hatching. On the other hand where there are 3 birds, they have 11 eggs and 7 hatched, but every time when I saw a little one inside, in the next few hours it was dead and lying down in the nest. All 7 died the same way.


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Finch Laid Eggs in Empty Food Bowl?My finches laid 2 eggs a week ago in their wood nest and then started laying eggs in an empty food dish. Now there are 5 eggs in it. It is pretty shallow though and I am worrying it won't be big enough if they hatch. The male is sitting on them almost all the time. Do I need to move them to larger nest?


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Zebra Finches Stopped Sitting on Eggs?I have had a pair of zebra finches for 2 months. They were in a much smaller cage. I shift them to a bigger cage and provided a breeding pot and nesting material. After a while she laid 2 eggs. Both the male and the female take turns sitting on them. 1 of the babies died while hatching and one of them survived. When the baby bird came out of the nest the female had already laid more eggs.


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