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container garden

Frugality, Foraging and Farming
I appreciate the comments of theft vs foraging, however; I forage on land that is open, not family owned, not a farmstead etc. I guess wild apples and pears needed further clarification vs cultivated. Im sorry your families have impacted by theft. Thank-you...


container garden

Frugality, Foraging and Farming
O.k. Folks...this post WAS NOT for the purpose of indicating: GUIDELINES to FORAGING. This is MY personal joy in utilizing what is available to ANYONE, ANYWHERE, should they take the time to look, learn about what can be eaten which is wild etc., get out and...


container garden

Frugality, Foraging and Farming
4truelady8, Thank-you very much for your apology. I realize fences and posted signs mean nothing to many people. I personally cant tolerate such lack of respect for anothers lands, home etc. But my post was simply to encourage those who feel with little or...


frozen veggies.

Adjusting to a New Life
Lifestyle changes are not easy. The financial delima of cooking for one is a toughy. I buy large chicken, pork etc when its on sale...cutting into dinner size portions and tossing into freezer baggies with whatever spices -Tai, Mexican etc. I promised myself...


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Difficulty Sewing UnderArmour Fabric?
Buy a teflon needle. Anytime, any item can be utilized by another to extend its purpose, is perfection. Why add to the trash heaps?


Stretching My Meager Dollars

Stretching My Meager Dollars
Your ideas are great ones for sure, and some indicate you may be living in the USA vs me here in Ont. Canada. I am adamant about the recycling and am always angered by the amount of trash on the side of the street. When I walk my dogs I carry a plastic bag...


Car Scent Canister for Bedroom

Car Scent Canister for Bedroom
Buy some bulk Lavender, or other lovely, scented natural herbs and create sachets (mini bags) from fabric scraps, or use recycled cans and glass jars with holes punched through the lids as canisters. Cover the cans and jars with pretty wrapping paper, cartoons...


tap shoes

The Last Day at Grandma's House
I have a better idea...As a woman who is getting older and looking at what I thoughts are on the Now and How to clean up! We all accumulate stuff that no-one else should have to clean and tidy after we are gone. Start getting rid of your clutter...


Phone fitted with clock work.

Clock Telephone
Ingenious! Love this idea.


Sewing Machine Not Making Stitches?
First things...change needles frequently and check the bobbin. Are there any threads etc that are caught. Clean it out underneath and get rid of the dust etc. There are excellent U-TUBE videos about adjusting the timing, or on-line with Singer...may give details...


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Machine Washable Beading Thread?
Any non-disolving thread is washable. Best to use NEW thread that is less likely to be brittle, fray or break and match thread to type of fabric. A cotton thread in a stretchable polyester will fabric break etc. There are also good quality glues for beads, jewels...


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Handmade Braided Round Rug Won't Lay Flat?
Undo your work and add more. Youve been tightening the tension inadvertently as you went around...the heavier it got, the harder you tugged sort of thing. It may take a bit more effort, but youll be happier with the result. Best of luck.



Singer hand held sewing machine.

Reviews of Singer Stitch Sew Quick?
Had one of these years ago...wouldnt waste the money. Your not going to get the tensions nor the quality - if it works at all, to create a good stitch line. If your looking for an emergency fix; a stapler, double sided tape or use and iron with the stitch witch...


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5th Grade Christmas Ideas?
How about using plasticine? Use a small ball, pressing the votive into it, down into the bottom of the cup. You could also stick something into the plasticine that extends up out of the cup like a decorative pick...taking care that it isnt something that may...


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Making an Adult Bib?
You could buy some good quality bath towels at the 2nd hand shops and cut them down to create great linings for assorted fabrics that would look blouse like. Use various pretty cotton prints from your stash, seasonal fabrics etc, add a few flat buttons down...


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Selling Decorated Vintage Windows?
Why not load a photo of each with a freebie listing in Craigs List or Kjiji? Find out what your buying attraction is before paying to sell.


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Sewing Pants Using Stretch Fabric?
Always when sewing pants or any clothing from a stretch fabric... the stretch should always: wrap around you. Otherwise you will end up with legs stretching long, messy and differently, bags and wrinkles of all strange sorts at the crotch and backside. None...


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Creating Wall Murals and Furniture Designs With a Sharpie?
I recently saw a post in a blog (somewhere), whereby the Blogger had created Birch trees in her hallway simply using black Sharpies. It took her a total of 6 Sharpies in thick and fine point. It was all free-hand. The blog I saw, had done a copy of another...


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Church Dining Hall Table Decoration Ideas?
Im not sure I know what sort of look your going for, but at this time of year anything Spring like and natural is lovely. Blooming twigs in vases of water: pussy-willows. Use tea-lights sitting in bowls of pretty coloured buttons, along the length of the table...


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My Frugal Life: The Best Things in Life Are Free - or Nearly
Well said! One thing is true...caring for our things. We are such a Disposable Society, people forget how to do simple tasks to lengthen the life of articles such as polishing ones shoes, even to wipe off the leaves of plants to remove the dust...a great way...


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Use Coffee Filters To Dry Seeds
Wouldnt you be able to just separate out the seed varieties yet still use the coffee filter you dried the seeds on originally. It is dry now? I believe you can use these to start seedlings in as well and place the filter with soil and seedling right into the...


The finished Fall leaf card.

Fall Birthday Card
Wow! Absolutely gorgeous. At first I thought this was done with fabric. What a wonderful method to make a cool card. Thanks so much for the tutorial. Brenda in Oshawa, Ontario


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Cut a Tube to Get All the Cream Out
A VALUABLE TIP which will benefit folks if they took a few seconds to slow down and pay-attention to what they have in their hands. Many containers are specifically designed to withhold product in the tubes, pump-bottles etc., Gets us buying the item again...


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Colorful Hoop Artwork
Sorry about the loss of job, sounds like you were in your element. I really had to read this through to get some idea of what you were describing, (not easy writing tutorials for sure), but once I did understand, I can see where this would have been a great...



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Making Curtains from a Duvet Cover?
Hi there, 1. Give it a good wash before you start doing anything else. ** If the duvet is the same on both sides, then take it apart for sure. Should there be one side that is a lighter fabric, or a fabric that is acceptable to be seen from the street....than...


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How Do I Make a Gazing Ball From a Bowling Ball?
How about buying a can of metallic spray paint from one of the bigger hardware type stores. Not too expensive and the selections now are outstanding!


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Reupholstering Dining Room Chairs?
You may find it easier to take one of the seats off the chair and take that current seat cover with you to a fabric store. The drapery fabrics are quite wide, sturdy and very often on sale. So, you can place your fabric on top of whats there, flip it over the...


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Handmade Christmas Gift for Boyfriend?
Hi cutie! Go to the thrift store and buy old wool sweaters in the colours of his favorite sports team. (i.e. football, hockey, whatever.) Wash in hot water, and dry in a hot dryer. Then, you can cut the sweater to the lengths needed to create a one-of-a-kind...


Knit and Natter

My Frugal Life: Knit and Natter
What an entirely lovely amount of knitting youve created, with heart-felt work. Ive heard of many people buying at the vintage shops and taking sweaters apart. Great idea. I am not a knitter, but the sweater purchases at thrift work for sewers as well. Once...


A girl holding two paper dolls.

Christmas In a Box
Super Grandma! Do you know, when I first became a single-Mom and had only a few bucks to spare and too many friends with wee ones at Christmas, I did the same thing. I wrapped a shoe-boxes and lids separately, so they could be opened without ripping the papers...


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What Can I Use for Candle Molds?
You can get going real quick and save a lot of money by asking friends and relatives, neighbors, etc. etc. to save the stubs, bits and pieces from all the candles they are ready to toss out. [ save them in a small box for me please!]. When you have enough: - cut...


"Flower" Twig Vase

Flower Twig Vase
I actually find this very cool! Well done. I can see where this would be a great foraging and creating project with a wide varied age-group of kids, get them appreciating making new from what is provided, and oh yeah! The imagination they have lost while watching...


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Dollhouse Furniture and Decoration?
Im not sure if this helps, but I remember using toothpaste tops for either small lamp shades or for planters. Any lid like mouthwash etc have cool tops that could be used if larger is needed. Then use part of a pencil or dowel for the post of the lamp and medicine...


A kitschy half apron.

Kitchy Apron
Sweet! Perfect Christmas and Hostess gift.


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Crafts Using Round Salt Boxes?
Why not make a cake or Christmas cake, baked right in the container.? Wrap the outside in strong foil before you get started, for it to bake in. Take the foil off once the cake is baked, then cover it with a pretty fabric or wrapping paper etc. Cover them with...




Bookmarks From Recycled Cards
What a super idea, I can see using these as a gift tag and indicating on the back to use as a bookmark once the gift is opened. What is it, maybe a book!


Watkin's Pound Cake
Thank-you for sharing this wonderful story and recipe. I was brought-up listening to all sorts of war, and post-war events, of every range. My Grandfather [a Brit] had served and was injured in WW1. I do believe that families with less did seem to have in many...


Rug made from white bedspread.

Recycled Bedspread Rug
You did mahhhbvalous dahlink. Great looking rug and a great way to make on the cheap. Good to make with flannel sheets etc for beside a kids bed. Would you really be able to do this as a single crochet as suggested above or might you end up with an awkward...


Crafts that Reuse Tissue Paper
Why are you buying paper, decorative bags [defeats your purpose]? Just wrap the gifts in a large cloth napkin, towel etc. or better yet. use the fabrics from old sheets, napkins etc. and sew either by hand or machine a simple envelope bag to put the gift into...


fabric grocery bag with contrasting straps

Fabric Grocery Bag
Now these are smart! Great idea. I just love when folks use common-sense to come up with a great idea for most everyone to use. Everyone needs to use reusable grocery bags and the coupons are smart anyway. Having them in front of you while you shop ensures...


Reversible Denim Baby Bib

Reversible Denim Baby Bib
These are just adorable ... asides from being a great Green project. I think babies look absolutely sweet wearing anything denim. Such a great looking bib youve put together. Congrats! I have to say though...there are those that must be told; *Do not reverse...


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Use Knife Block as Clapper
I hate to seem stupid, but Ive been sewing over 40 years and never heard this term or what this is describing? I dont watch the sewing shows (there is only one on t.v. here in Ontario) and really dont bother much with U-Tube unless looking for a specific item...


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Steel Wool Left Stains on Wood Table?
Not sure how you used the steel wool, but usually it is a plain steel-wool, used in varying sizes going from the heaviest to the lightest as a sanding tool. By sanding with steel-wool, you can get a very smooth finish to the wood and the true grain looks awesome...


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What's the best way to get drains unclogged?
If you dont have a Snake long wire with end attachment that pushes through blockage; than you could use an opened-out wire coat hanger to push down into the drain. Another excellent method and one I use every couple of days. Take a full kettle of boiling water...


Make a summer play tent from old sheets.

Summer Play Tent
A super idea. I imagine you could also staple the fabric onto the boards as well and or lay a large sheet right over the top too, without the cutting or a sewing machine. Kids love having their own hangout. Love this one!


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Making Curtains from Comforter?
One good idea is to measure the windows first and decide on the fullness, i.e.: 1+1/2 the width or 2x the width for fullness in the drape. Then, if your a bit nervous here is a super simple method that looks great! Purchase decorative hooks from a fabric store...


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Repairing Elastic Smocking on a Dress?
It should be easy enough to simply sew the elastic back in where needed. You use that thin sewing elastic in the bobbin; sew along where the elastic has loosened off, and just back-stitch to hold it. Im pretty sure that would be the quickest method and would...


Painted Bread Box

Painted Bread Box
This is wonderful! I looked at it and was thrilled, and then thought, wow! This would also make a wonderful organizer for papers, small boxes of items etc inside. It could also be used as a Secretary desk with the bills [yuck], stamps, paper etc inside. I love...


Craft Project: Curling Iron Traveling Bag

Curling Iron Traveling Bag
I love what youve done! Looks great. Ive seen the various items with the Teflon fab in them as well. Im not sure what the point is though, do any of you? If your not going to be handling it after you put it in the holder; why waste money on the expensive Teflon...


Fabric bird.

Fringed Fabric Bird
These are quite lovely. Good for you! Ive saved a lot of my dryer sheets for projects such as these and quilting. New product Ive bought just goes in the wash and into the dryer. Done! They are a thicker sheet and great for applique and such craft/sewing projects...


Completed envelope.

Quilted Microwave Potato Envelope
These have become quite trendy. Fabrics with potatoes on etc. to make them with and cotton quilt lining identified as used for this craft. You shouldnt need to wash after use as there isnt supposed to be anything happening except the moisture of the potato...


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Empty Shoe Box for Stocking Stuffers
Mel, You are a very smart woman! We dont get an extra paycheck at Christmas time and your idea just makes good common sense. Happy Holidays.


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T-Shirt to Storage Bag
Hey! What a smart idea! Hope your done with those pantyhose though? hahah. they can stuff a pillow or a kids toy etc. I do like this idea. Ive been cutting up old t-shirts to use for rags etc to clean. Now I can have something to store them in instead of a...


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Cell Phone Cover Made from Neck Ties?
2 easy methods: 1: Slip your phone into the middle at the widest end of the tie, and stitch up the sides to the correct length/height to form a pocket. 2. You will likely need to sew up that middle seam in the wide end front a bit, to close it up. 3. Flip the...


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Buying Fabric on the Internet?
Marshalls, Joanns, Sweet Peas and Angels, Renees on Ebay, Sew Sisters Quilt Shop, Minkees,, Honeybuns, Mikes Fabrics and Trimmings, Fabric Depot, Lucys Fashion and Trimmings, Fabric Buffet, Endless really. I actually buy most of my fabric on-line...


Finished Granny Purse

Child's Granny Square Purse
Some young girl is going to be tickled pink with your lovely purse. Great job and p.s. - there is not prize for speed!


Owl Painted Gourd

Owl Painted Gourd
This looks gorgeous. Great work. Hope your selling to share your talent!


Crocheted Christmas Card Ornaments

Crocheted Recycled Christmas Cards
Very smart and lovely, super for gift tags. I re-use the cards for that purpose but hadnt gone as far as this, mostly cause I never thought of it! Lovely. Cheers, and Merry Christmas


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KwikSew Sewing Patterns Review
I sell some on my Etsy site - and have a few others still to be listed. Check me out and maybe send me a note there to ask about any your looking for. Brenda J.Moore- Moonbeams in a Jar Hope I can help


Record Sleeve Purse

Record Sleeve Purse
Very cool tote and superb choice of colours! I think this bag is just awesome.


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Another Use of Barbecue Tongs
As I started reading I thought, What the h....? Then when I read your answer I had a good giggle and thought, Dang!! Im going to get over to the Dollar store and buy one. What a super idea! Send it into the sewing magazines and earn yourself a prize. I think...


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Two Sewing Tips
Love the idea of the light. I am going to do that too. I have my floor Ott lite, behind me, but I still find that behind the needle while Im a the machine still needs more light. I have two shelves that I put in above my machine and I found an old 45rpm wire...


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Baking Soda for Burnt Pots
There shouldnt be any concerns for chemical transfer to dishes, pots & pans etc., that are intact, without chips in them etc. Other than that - why worry about bleach or fabric softeners etc... your washing off the dishes anyhow arent you? Its no different...


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