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cardboard tube Christmas wreath

Cardboard Tube Wreath
What a great idea. It looks lovely and very cost friendly. Well done.


Distressed Chandelier

Distressed Chandelier
Wonderful job very well executed. Congratulations.


gold glue basket bowl

Hot Glue Basket Bowl
Very clever idea. Thank you


watermelon fruit bowl baby carriage

Fruit Bowl Baby Carriage
What a clever idea. Looks fantastic.


Nightmare Before Christmas Yarn Wreath

Nightmare Before Christmas Yarn Wreath
Congratulations on your Wreath. It is fantastic. I, also, am a fan of Nightmare before Christmas. God bless your crafty hands. Thank you for posting.


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Drop Scones
Sorry for delay in answering question, Have only just seen it. The flour is 12ozs. dry weight. Deirdre


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Drop Scones
Sorry for delay in answering question. Have only just seen it. The flour is 12ozs. dry weight. Deirdre


Frozen Wildflower (Toronto, Ontario)

Frozen Wildflower (Toronto, Ontario)
Lovely photo. Nature never ceases to amaze me.


Susan smiling on the ferry.

Happy Founder's Day
I have been a fan of your site for a number of years. I did not know the story behind how the site was set up and having read the details I wish I had known the founder as she seems to have been a wonderful person. Im glad that the family is continuing the...


Finished bread slices on plate.

Carrot Pineapple Walnut Quick Bread
Looks delicious. Have not made this yet but it is on the to-do list. Thanks.


Amazing Egg-Free Cookie Cake

Amazing Egg-Free Cookie Cake
These sound delicious. Just checking, are the Chocolate Chips vegan friendly? My daughter is Vegan and I would like to bake these for her. Thank you, Deirdre



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Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits?
Easy scones: 4ozs. margarine 16ozs. Self-raising flour 2 level tsp. Baking Powder sieved together 2ozs. Caster Sugar 14 Tbsp. Sour milk. Method: Grease a baking sheet. Place all the ingredients together in a bowl and mix with a wooden spoon to form a soft dough...


Photos showing how to hang.

How To Hang A Jumper
Have tried this tip and it works. Thank you for advice Deirdre


Snowman paperweight.

Painted Stone Paper Weight
Love your paperweight. Have similar stones and I shall try this craft. Thank you for posting


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Simple Main Course Vegan Recipe?
I just want to thank the readers who supplied vegan recipies in answer to my request, They were very helpful and I am delighted to say since then. She has discovered many vegan recipies and enjoys trying them out. Again, many thanks Deirdre


cut meatloaf

Meatless "Meatloaf"
Comment on Marieannes reply. This recipe is fine for Vegetatians, my eldest daughter would love this but my youngest daughter, who is a Vegan would not. She would have to substitute the dairy products and then could eat it. Shall be trying this recipe myself...


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Dead Heading a Hydrangea?
I live in Ireland and I wait until the Spring when all frosts are gone. Then I cut out dead stems. I like to keep the bushes small with big heads so I cut above new growth lower down the bushes. So far I have had success doing this. Regards Deirdre


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Uses for Left-over Candle Wax?
I save the candle wax for my daughters open fire in the winter time. It helps to ignite the kindling.


Easter Bunny Cake, fully decorated with green coconut grass and jelly beans.

Easter Bunny Cake
Love your Easter Bunny. The instructions are very well laid out. Thank you.


Finished tile trivet project (square format).

Greeting Card Trivet
Lovely Christmas trivet.


Lit Spooky Tree Decoration

Spooky Tree
Congratulations on a great Spooky Tree. It took some time and effort to achieve and included your family members. Well done.


Wooden bee hive

Buy Honey Locally And Other Tips
Thank you for the information on Honey. I had no idea there was added glucose in it and I have been ignoring the use by date because I thought it lasted forever. It goes to show you learn something new everyday. Again many thanks


Santa with Rafita Beard

Santa Greeter
What a wonderful Santa. It must have taken you a long time to make but it was well worth it. Congratulations on a job well done.



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What is Cilantro?
tahloolabelle Many thanks for the information on cilantro. Great information and i can now go ahead and prepare the dish. Again, many thanks Deirdre


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Recipes for Scones?
Hi Joan, I live in Ireland and have used the following recipie for many years with great success. All-in-One Scones: 4oz. Margarine 16ozs. Self raising flour Sieved with 2 level tsp.baking powder 2 eggs and approx. 9 tbs. buttermilk or plain milk 2 ozs. Caster...


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Extra Quick Chocolate Coconut Pie
Living in Ireland I dont know what Mound bars are. Could I use Bounty or Mars bars instead? This sounds like a tasty pie and would make a lovely dessert. Thanking you Deirdre


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Homemade Cookies Taste Salty?
My suggestion to the salty taste is not to use salt at all. After my husbands triple by-pass surgery I never put salt in baking confectionary again and we still have tasty scones and cakes Deirdre


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Shopping for Cool Whip in Ireland?
Thank you Jilson for information on cool whip. I live in the south of Ireland and do not have an Asda store but I can purchase Birds Dream Topping. Again thank you, now I can try some of the recipes I have saved. Deirdre


witch on patio table

Garden Witch
During a search for something else, I came upon the Garden Witch. It is lovely. Our grandson, who usually does craft with me, is now living in the Middle East, so I am going to make this craft for myself. Thank you for posting it, again it is lovely Deirdre


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Keeping Meat that Defrosted?
The meat that has defrosted can be cooked and refrozen. It happened to me 3 years ago and this is what I did and am still here. Good Luck Deirdre


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Frosty Peach Supreme
Would love to try this recipe but I have never seen frozen whipped topping in this country. Can I use fresh cream instead. Thanking you mary of lourdes


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Rhubarb Bread
One of the few recipies my husband would enjoy. It has everything he likes in it. Shall try it this weekend. Thank you


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"Whipped Cream" Substitute Topping
Whipped cream substitute topping. Thank you Deeli for recipe, sounds healthy. I will give it a try Deirdre


Three medicine bottle carolers.

Medicine Bottle Carolers
I love this idea for using medicine bottles. Well done.


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Hot Mulled Cider
Robin, Can I use Cidona in this recipe, as my family are all teetotalers. It sounds like it would be a lovely Christmas Drink. Thanking you, Deirdre



painted clay pot

Painted Pots
Beautiful pots. You have a wonderful talent. God bless your hands. Thanking you for sharing


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Mincemeat Recipe with Meat?
1lb. mince meat, brown in pot. Strain off any juices. Add 1 onion (I leave mine whole because my husband does not like cooked onion), some chopped carrots, pepper, 1tbs. Dried Parsley 1tbs Dried Chives, 1 flat tsp. dried oregano, 2 Beef cubes, 2 Tbs. tomato...


Wine Bottle Glass Art

Wine Bottle Glass Art
Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us. The pictures are beautiful. God bless your hands Deirdre


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Cool Bananas
Our grandchild is not allowed sweets but loves bananas. I will try these treats. They sound delicious. Thank you for a lovely idea. deirdre


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How much margarine is a "stick"?
Many thanks for all the responses to my request re stick margarine. Can now start to try some of the recipies I have put into my cookery file Again many thanks Mary of Lourdes


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How Do I Freeze Apples?
I peel and cook the apples (very soft as my husband does not like lumpy apple). When cold I put them into boxes and freeze. Use as required. My thanks to everyone for all the helpful hints I have used.


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Keep A Laundry Stain Stick Near Where You Eat
Many thanks to everyone who replied to my help request about margarine stick. Now I can get on with all the recipies I want to try. Again thank you, Mary of Lourdes


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Pillowcase: A Very Easy to Sew Gift Idea
Thank you for giving clear instructions on making pillowcases. I find that the bought ones are too small and with your help I am going to have a go at making my own.


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