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Dog Potty Spot Made from Sod Squares - sod in a pool

Dog Potty Spot Made from Sod Squares
What a Great idea!!!!!!!!!! Dont have a dog, but this a smart idea!!!


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Rehabilitating a Former Bait Dog?
Why dont you check with Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer? He has a web-site and would be my best bet for help.


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New Dog Pooing and Peeing on the Concrete?
I would think you will have to teach this poor dog where he should go. He is only doing what he has learned. You are going to have a good attitude about this, not scold him or yell at him, but you just will have to take him where you want him to go and offer...


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New Dog Pooing and Peeing on the Concrete?
You might try to email Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, and ask him. He has a solution for all dog problems. He has books and videos too.


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Caring for an Abandoned Kitten with Fleas?
Are you a child or adult? If you can touch the cat, use Dawn dish soap and bathe the kitty, leave on for 5 minutes, then rinse well. Try to dry well with towels, and only do this when it is a warm day. I wish I could help you, fleas can kill a young kitty if...


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Band-Aid for Slipping Bra Straps
What a great idea! My straps have always slipped even when I tighten them -thanks so much!


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Food for Dog with Kidney Trouble?
Why dont you research Halo Pet Food, you can check the labels online. If you ever watch Ellen on TV, she is co-founder of this food. My cats love it, and there is dog food also. otherwise, I would really start looking at many different web sites for help. There...


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Remedies For Dry Skin
This product is online, brings up their website and it is the product you are talking about. Take a look at it.


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Remedies For Dry Skin
Type in Then go to skin care site, it is the first product on that page. I already got mine in the mail, one of lavender and one of honeysuckle. wonderful! She sent me a lip balm too. Great - very nice website.


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My Frugal Life: Good to the Last Drop
What great ideas ! Shows some real country sense my grandmother would just love it! Thanks so much for these wonderful ideas - Barbara W.


Tiny tabby cat.

Treating a Kitten for Fleas?
Please, please do NOT use a flea collar! Kittens have to be at least 2-3 months old before you can use Advantage. I feel it is the safest, but read the labels online before making a choice. You have to be so careful with a baby, do your homework online and...


Pit Bull Puppy

Training an Abused Dog?
You could try to contact The Dog Whisperer in Los Angeles, Cesar Millan. He is so great!


St. Bernard

Overly Protective Saint Bernard?
Please contact The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan, he will surely help you. He is in Los Angeles,CA and has a website. You must change the way you act with your dog and his actions.


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Treats and Exercise for a Pit Bull Puppy?
Carrots are great. Have you ever watched The Dog Whisperer? He is on all across the US and I would check your tv guide to see when in your area. You will learn a lot from this show. Patience, calmness and love. Good luck.


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Get Partial Fill On New Prescriptions
Thank you so much! I too, have spent much $ on things I couldnt take. Now I will do this at my pharmacy. What a great tip!


Two brindle coated puppies with dark muzzles.

What Breed are My Dogs?
I would say boxer-lab is a good guess. I dont see any pit in them at all. They are adorable pups, good luck with them.


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Abused Dog Afraid of Men?
Try going on this website of The Dog Whisperer, or watch his program. You can email him also, I think. His name is Cesar Millan. He is just wonderful with what he does for animals. I know he could help Good luck.


Niki the Persian Cat

In Memory Of Niki (Persian)
Thanks for sharing, I too, had a beautiful Persian just like her. I still love her and miss her, always. Bless you


Pretty Persian Cat in Sunlight

In Memory of Baby (Persian Cat)
Looking at her is like looking at my Pretty Girl. I had her for 11 years and not a day goes by that I dont still miss her. They are truly special cats. Thanks for the lovely pictures.


Charlotte the Dog with Dog Friend

Charlotte (Bernese Mountain Dog)
What beautiful dogs they are! Went to a dog show in Del Mar,CA. and saw my first dogs of this breed and fell in love with them. How lucky you are! Have a great life with your doggie pal. Barbara W. in Oceanside, CA.


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Cat is Losing Hair and Has Dandruff?
Hi--go online to and type in cat losing hair and dandruff and lots of things come up that should help you. Diet is likely the first clue, but make use of this website, really good for advice. I felt so sorry for your kitty when I read your post. He...


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Keep Kitty Litter Smelling Fresh
I checked with my Vet and he said use baking soda instead. Baby powder not good for cats to inhale or lick off their feet. I use baking soda and it works. I have 5 litter boxes.


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Use Chili Sauce as a Copper Cleanser
Tell your Mom that salt and lemon juice also does a great job on cleaning copper pans. Just sprinkle it on and wipe off then rinse. Works fine.



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