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▲︎ Mature Skin Tips

Skin Care

Mature Skin Tips

As we age we develop a whole new set of skin care concerns. This page contains tips and solutions for keeping your mature skin clean and soft.

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Caring for Aging Skin
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Keep Skin Moist After Showering

Not drying off with a towel after your shower or bath can save your skin from aging, drying out and help to absorb the lotion better. I have old terry cloth robes that I put on when getting out of a shower.

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Removing Brown Spots on Face

Is there a product or formula out there that really removes dark spots on your face? One side of my face is bad due to the sun while driving.

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Keep Facial Lines At Bay

Use a commercial paper-like medical tape that comes in its own dispenser. Then just tear off enough to cover certain areas; i.e. frown lines, crows feet and the parenthesis on each side of your mouth.

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Remedy for Dry, Flaky, Mature Skin

I really need a good "works every time" home remedy for dry, flaky, "elderly" skin. Help!

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Skin Care Tips for Women Over 40

Can someone suggest some tips for having glowing skin in the 40+ age bracket?

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Improving Skin Clarity on Legs

I am a 50 year old woman with not so clear legs, not the vein problem. What procedure is there out there to make my legs appear much clearer? I know age has a lot to do with this. Though there are older ladies then me that have much clearer skin appearance than I do.

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Alternative to Mary Kay Timewise Targeted Action Line Reducer

I have been using Mary Kay Timewise line reducer and it's OK. Is there another product that works better? I really dislike trying things based on the advertisement and then have to return it, buy something else, etc., etc. Thanks.

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Will Melagard 50+ Lotion Help with Wrinkles and White Spots?

I will Melagard50+ lotion. Will this help to improve my skin? My skin has wrinkles and white spots. Will this product help with these concerns?

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Using Aloe for Puffy Eyes and Wrinkles

I have had a problem with wrinkles for the last few years. It continues to get worse year by year. I have been trying a variety of products, but none seem to help. Will aloe be helpful?

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Choosing Foundation and Moisturizer for Mature Skin

I'm almost 54 and I was wanting to know what type of foundation and moisturizer is good for aging women like me? I just don't know what to buy as there is so many on the market these days. I would like a little advice.

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What is the Best Firming Lotion?

What is the best firming lotion?

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Do Derma Fillers for Wrinkles Work?

I was reading an article about derma fillers for wrinkles. Does anyone know if these work and which is the best one to buy? Many thanks.

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Using Fresh Grape Juice for Line and Wrinkles

I was reading that if you cut some grapes in half and gently crush onto your face where lines or wrinkles are its very good for them. Could anyone tell me what's in the grapes that would be good for mature skin? Apparently if used for a period of time it is supposed to help reduce them.

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Mix Sunflower Oil With Oil Of Olay

For years I have used Oil of Olay moisturizer for my face and loved the results. Now I am trying to be more frugal, but don't want to lose my smooth skin. Here is what I have learned from a dermatologist.

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Using Neroli Oil for Mature Skin

I have read that neroli essential oil is good for mature skin. I know you can't use it directly on skin. Does anyone know what it is mixed with and also how many drops to add? Many thanks.

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Throat Cream for "Necklace" Lines

I would like to know if anyone knows a good throat cream or serum to get reduce age lines on the neck? Thanks.

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Spritz Face With Hair Shine

Wrinkles are only part of how you are received as aging. Facial skin that is dry and blotchy makes you emphasizes wrinkles and makes you appear older. A little trick I came up with is to very lightly spritz your face with a hair shining product.

Homemade Face and Body Firming Masks

I am looking for homemade recipes for firming face and body masks.

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Use Preparation H For Wrinkle Cream

If you read magazines or watch TV you have seen the ads about making fine lines or wrinkles appear less noticeable. The best thing I have found to work sounds silly but makes sense once you think about it.

Use Vaseline for Young Looking Skin

I have a friend who uses Vaseline on her face every night and has for many years, and she has very young looking skin. I'm trying that Moisture Therapy Intensive hand cream on my face and it seems to work.

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Eliminating Age Spots

I am looking for cheap ways to get rid of sunspots on my face or at least lighten them. Does scar cream product work for this?

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A&D Ointment As Night Cream

A wonderful night moisturizing cream, possibly in your medicine cabinet! I stumbled across a wonderful, cheap nightcream. A & D Ointment.

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Stretch Expensive Lotions

There's a lot of buzz about anti-aging products - and I see that most of them are $20 a jar. I had some alpha hydroxy lotion I had picked up that actually was too strong for my sensitive skin.

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