May 1, 2006

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Breakfast Casserole RecipesCook and drain sausage. Cut bread into chunks. Beat eggs and milk together. Add all ingredients. Pour into 9x13 inch pan. Set in refrigerator overnight, covered with foil. Bake 45 minutes at 375 degrees.


Three Meat Pasta Sauce (Freezer Meal)Say goodbye to generic jarred pasta sauces and experience your own restaurant quality meaty pasta sauce any day of the week. Prepare large batches in advance, freeze and enjoy with every pasta meal.


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Ranch House Roast Beef SandwichesSlice rolls into halves. Evenly distribute roast beef on bottom half of rolls. Drizzle salad dressing over beef. . .


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Ranch Taco Chicken SaladCook chicken, oil and chili powder in nonstick skillet 8 minutes. Toss chicken mixture, greens, salsa, dressing and cheese in large bowl. Top with crushed chips before serving. Makes 6 servings. . .


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Crustless Quiche from LeftoversI often make a crustless quiche to use up leftovers or veggies that I over bought. . .


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Dip For Tostados or Taco ChipsSpread in thin layers in order on large glass plate. Dip up with chips. . .


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Thousand Island Tuna SaladMix all ingredients except greens. Refrigerate. Spoon tuna mixture over greens. Makes 4 servings. . .


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Cool No Bake Cake for MomMother's Day is coming up and this cake is the perfect treat for the kids to make for mom! It is so easy they can make it with almost no help.



Driftwood door handle

Driftwood Door HandleA simple thrifty project to add elegance and character to an entranceway (or even a shed door!)


Food, Prom and GiftsMy Mother was raised during the depression so being Frugal is a way of life for me. Mother would never go anywhere unless it was to work, she did all her shopping on the way. If a store was more than a block or two off her route she didn't shop there.


Growing: Hawthorn

Growing: HawthornHawthorns are trees native to Europe, North Africa, the Mediterranean and Western Asia. They now grow widely in parts of the United States as well. The tree has long been considered sacred in parts of the Middle East, probably from a tradition that suggests it furnished the Crown of Thorns worn by Jesus during the Crucifixion.


Growing: Lady's Mantle

Growing Lady's MantleLady's Mantle is one of the most popular ornamental plants grown by herb gardeners. Their small, fuzzy heads of star-shaped, yellow-green flowers and graceful pleated leaves make them appealing backdrops for arrangements and displays.


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Poll: Have you ever bought a new washer and dryer?Today's poll asks: Have you ever bought a new washer and dryer?


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To Eat Eggs or Not?To eat eggs or not? Also, a secret to storing them. Since the early 70's, people have been debating whether or not eggs are bad for you and believe it seems the jury is still out. According to a study funded by the National Institute of Health, 1 egg per day is unlikely to have a substantial impact on the cardiovascular health among healthy men and women. . .


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Use Dishwasher For Sealing JarsWith canning season coming up soon, this idea is for making jams and jellies. When you make jams or jellies, the last process is a hot water bath. I even got a Master Canner to agree with this method.


Tortoiseshell cat.

Cassie and Allie CatCassie and Allie Cat are are 6 and 7 and are tortoise shell and calico female cats.


Sadie (Beagle)

Sadie (Beagle)Sadie is a bouncing beautiful Beagle and is approximately 4 1/2 years old. . .


Growing: Horseradish

Growing HorseradishHorseradishes are perennial herbs with large, fleshy roots and course, rough-textured leaves. They are cultivated for their pungent, aromatic roots, which are used primarily as a food condiment.


Fine Art from Ordinary Objects, Cheese Grater

Fine Art from Ordinary ObjectsMake fine art from the most mundane objects! Here I photographed a common cheese grater, on a counter top in my kitchen. I can see this on a gallery wall.


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Changing a Hot Light BulbIf you don't want to wait a few minutes for the light bulb to cool down, just use an oven mitt to untwist the hot bulb.


Hops bush

Growing: HopsHops have stout roots and tough, fibrous vines covered with dark green, heart-shaped lobed leaves. The female plants produce the compact, cone-like catkins called strobiles, which are harvested for beer making.


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Uses for Cotton SwabsAh, the lowly cotton swab (or Q-tip to you) - good for so many things. I just used it to clean off the little nooks and crannies of a vintage instrument I was trying to recover from its years of dust and grime.


Growing: Hyssop

Growing: HyssopHyssop is a low-growing, evergreen shrub that has foliage and flowers similar to lavender in appearance. Hyssop grows to a height of about 24 inches, and its green leaves, spiked upright stems and delicate whorls of flowers (white, pink or lavender in color) give off a strong, slightly musky scent.


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Heating Water for PastaWhen boiling water for pasta, only put in the amount of water you really need and cover the pan until the water boils. The water will heat up faster.


Closeup of Goldenrod flower

Growing: GoldenrodGoldenrod is native to Great Britain. It reaches a height of about 2 1/2 feet and has a creeping, somewhat invasive growing habit. In appearance, goldenrods have bright green, pointed leaves at the base of their stems, and smaller, more oval-shaped leaves toward the tops of their stems.


Greyhound in Grass

Breed Information: GreyhoundGreyhounds are slim, graceful and aerodynamically built for speed. They have long, flat skulls, long sharp muzzles, deep chests and strong, powerful legs. These dogs are incredibly athletic in build, highly intelligent and independent in nature.


Shih Tau  - with a bow in its hair

Breed Information: Shih TzuShih Tzus have compact, sturdy bodies with long flowing double coats and long facial hair. Considered a sacred animal in its native China, the nimble Shih Tzu was once described as having a lively gait 'like a goldfish.'



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Improving Your FICO Score?Could you post some tips about how I can improve my FICO score?


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Dried Cement on a Tarmac Driveway?How do I get dried cement off my tarmac driveway?


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What's a good credit score?Does anyone know what a good credit score is? I am referring to the FICO score.


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Removing Fuzz Balls From Sheets?I would like to know how you get the little fuzz balls off of bed sheets?


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Making Solar Collectors for a Swimming Pool?Does anyone have any ideas on how to make solar collectors for a swimming pool? I am trying to figure out a way to heat my pool without using electricity or gas.



Changing the Names of Kittens?This is Midnight and Diamond. They were rescued from the shelter. Their names were given to them by their previous owners. Does it matter if I change their names?


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I'm Having a Hard Time Being Thrifty?I am just trying to learn any tips about getting on track financially. My taste is wine but our bank account says cheese, that's straight to the point I guess. I want to be more thrifty, it just seems hard to get use to it. How long did it take all of you?


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Tape on Aluminum Siding?I really need help. I am selling my house and a couple of years ago I put mailing tape on the peak of my house on some type of aluminum siding, to hold my icicle lights in place. Great, but now 8 years later the tape is still there. What do I do?


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Homemade Spaghetti Sauce Recipe?Does anyone have a really good homemade spaghetti sauce recipe that they would like to share. Could you also include the amounts used of everything (including spices or herbs), and how much sauce it makes?


Cat Wants to Sleep With Me At Night?I have just acquired a 7 week old kitten and she WILL NOT sleep in her own bed at night. I've had to resort to shutting her out of the bedrooms at night, which results in her walking around yowling for about an hour. Any tips or suggestions would be very helpful.


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Spray and Wash Alternative?Does anyone have an inexpensive alternative to Spray 'n Wash? If so, please share with me.


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