July 23, 2011

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Two avocados, one cut in half with the seed inside.

Peeling an AvocadoThis is a page about peeling an avocado. You are holding a nice ripe avocado, with a seed too big for the fruit according to George Burns in the movie "Oh God", now to peel it. It can be hard to peel it without damaging the tender fruit.


A photo of frozen grapes.

Freezing GrapesThis is a page about freezing grapes. A great way to preserve grapes is to freeze them. They can be used as tasty ice cubes or make for a great frozen treat on their own.


People in an exercise class.

Saving Money on Fitness ClassesThis is a page for saving money on fitness classes. Fitness classes are a fun and diverse way to get your exercise. They can easily be added to your schedule and the companionship can keep you motivated. However, these classes can be quite expensive.


Dried figs in a wooden bowl.

Drying Figs?This is a page about drying figs. Figs are a delicious fruit to snack on. Why limit yourself to eating them only part of the year, when you can dry them and enjoy them more often.


Closeup of a woman playing keyboard

Saving Money on Music LessonsThis is a page on saving money on music lessons. Taking music lessons is a great way to learn how to play an instrument. Playing an instrument is fun and a great way to enrich your life. Sometimes music lessons can be expensive.


Figs preserved in a jar.

Canning FigsThis is a page about canning figs. If you have figs left over this season, canning them is one way to preserve them. Now you can cook with figs when they would normally be out of season.


A yellow reel mower cutting grass.

Adjusting the Cutting Height on a Reel Mower?This is a page to adjusting the cutting height on a reel mower. Here are tips to making sure your reel mower cuts your lawn at the perfect height.


Jar of baby food with a spoon and bananas in the background.

Saving Money on Baby FoodThis is guide about saving money on baby food. It's very important for babies to get proper nutrition as they grow. There are ways to spend less on baby food while still giving them everything they need.


Pile of baby diapers.

Saving Money on DiapersThis is a page about saving money on diapers. Whether you use cloth or disposable, diapers are a big expense. There are numerous ways to save with either option.


Cleaning mini blinds square

Cleaning Mini BlindsThis is a page about cleaning mini blinds. Mini blinds are dust magnets. Cleaning between each and every blind can be time consuming and difficult.


Saving Money on Baby Formula, Baby bottle laying on its side with formula in it.

Saving Money on Baby FormulaThis is a page about saving money on baby formula. Getting quality baby formula is important. You don't need to sacrifice quality to find a deal on formula.


An apricot cut in half.

Peeling ApricotsThis is a page about peeling apricots. Some of us prefer to remove the skin from fruit before we eat it. With it's thin skin, it can be hard to remove it without losing some of the fruit too.



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House Training a PuppyI had two 8 weeks old puppies to house train at the same time. I took them outside when they woke up, after they played, after they ate, and before they went to bed.


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Funnel CakeFunnel cakes are so easy to make and remind me of the days when I used to take my 4 children to the Fair. We all loved the funnel cakes.


Cat chasing a dollar.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Credit Card RewardsMost credit cards today offer a rewards program. If you use your credit cards routinely, you should check to find out if you have some rewards available. Log in to your credit card account or check your statement to see if you have rewards points.


Sunset Eagle Mountain Utah

Scenery: Sunset (Eagle Mountain, UT)We had a rainstorm last night. After it was over I went outside and saw this beautiful sky! I had to take some pictures; I love how the tree looks like its on fire! I also love how the colors can change in a matter of seconds.


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Splatter Screen to Clean Kiddie PoolIf you have a plastic kiddie pool and don't change the water everyday, you can use a splatter screen to screen out the leaves and debris. These screens can be purchased in the cooking utensil aisle at Dollar Tree.


Red Zinnia

Garden: Red ZinniaEvery year there are new joys even in the insects in my husband and I's vegetable garden, herb and flower garden.


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Tax Free School Shopping WeekendHere's a list of the states participating in Tax Free Weekend 2011. If you have a budget for Christmas, this is a good time to buy a few Christmas gifts. Here are my suggestions for not overspending during these tax saving week-ends from my experience


Butterfly at Hartwell Lake

Wildlife: Butterfly (Lake Hartwell, GA)We were vacationing at Lake Hartwell and saw a bush covered with these butterflies beside the lake.


Adorable white and brown Persian

Tate (Persian)Tate is a 19 month old purebred Persian. I have had him since he was 4 months old. He is my baby. He waits in the kitchen every morning for his breakfast treat. If I sleep in or am late, he will bounce on the bed and jump off.


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Grate Chocolate Bar Over CheesecakeI made one of the box cheese cakes with graham cracker crust and grated a Hershey's milk chocolate bar and sprinkled it on top. It was lovely! DH loved it.


finished blue and yellow bootie

Felt Baby BootiesHow about making a special pair of booties for that special baby? They are sure to become a keepsake.


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Choosing a CantaloupeI was taught by a 101 year old man to look for one without much green color left on the outside, then gently scrape the center of the top where the stem used to be. If you smell cantaloupe, it's a good one and ready to eat.



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Pole Beans Not Flowering?My pole beans are not flowering. They are growing well and are 7 feet tall, but have no flowers. Any thoughts?


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Determining the Value of a Pottery Bowl?I have gotten a bowl with a lid and a screw on handle. It's like pottery with a green leaf design and printed on the bottom of it is 702 BELL MFG U.S.A. The bowl has a leaf on the handles that flare out and has a gold knob that is screwed into the lid to pick it up.


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Columbia Riding Mower Won't Start?I have a Columbia riding mover with a 12hp with I/C (industrial/commercial) engine; there is no spark. Do you have any ideas what the problem could be?


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Freezing Squash?Can I freeze squash raw?


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Advice for First Time Home Buyers?My DH and I are considering buying our first home. We are looking at an "as is" home and are wondering what all we need to consider before calling the agent, including questions to ask about the house and loans, etc.


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Duplicating Lost Pot Roast Recipe?Many years ago I had one of those recipe file card collections. I want to say it was from McCormick, or McCalls (but don't quote me on it). There was one recipe that was so good, but I have been unable to find it or duplicate it. When it was done the sauce on the carrots made them the best tasting carrots I have ever had. Please help me find the recipe.


View of plant from a slight distance, showing height of plant.

What is This Plant?This plant belongs to a friend of mine and she is having trouble finding out what it is. It is thriving very well, but she just doesn't know what it is called.


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Crunchy Pickle Recipes?I am looking for pickle recipes. I'm growing cucumbers in my garden for first time this year and am very excited about being able to make pickles! I have heard it is difficult to get a crunchy good tasting pickle, so if anyone has any recipes please send them my way!


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Value of a Small British Royal Arms Plate?What is the value of a plate I found that has one lion and a unicorn holding a sign that says: HONI-SOIT-QUI-MAL-Y-PEINGE. On the bottom it has a ribbon that says: DIEU ET MON DROIT.


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How Do I Keep Okra?I have so much okra. Do I freeze them so I can cook at a later date? Are there any other methods of preserving okra?


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Leaves on Runner Beans Turning White and Falling Off?My runner beans are in a grow bag; they have flowered, but now the lower leaves are going almost white and falling off at the bottom of the plant. Why would this happen when the top seems bushy and green?


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Removing Stickers from a Laptop?How do I remove a sticker mark on a laptop?


My Hair is Getting Darker in the Sun?I have golden blonde hair naturally, with brown highlights, that are also natural. A year ago I dyed my hair light brown, then medium brown. It took a year to go back to blonde, sort of.


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Removing Ink from Car Upholstery?How do I get ballpoint ink out of car upholstery?


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Determining the Value of a Choctaw Basket?What is the value of a double woven Choctaw basket? The base is square, but the basket is round, about 8 inches tall and 7 and a half inches round the bottom. The base is 5 and a half by 5 inches.


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Organizing a Small Bedroom?I am looking for ideas, suggestions, testimonies of DIY bedroom makeover for a boy, age 12. The room is on the small size. He is sleeping on a full size futon, but that is really taking up too much room. Storage/shelves are really needed, it is a very unorganized room.


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Alternative for Octagon Soap in Homemade Dish Soap?Is there another soap that can be used besides Octagon soap? The Octagon soap cost too much on the internet.


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Making Dill Pickles from Large Cucumbers?I am making dill pickles again, but my pickles this year are getting too fat, but not so long. Does anyone know if you can chunk the cukes, and use a standard dill pickle (or any other flavor) recipe? Anyone with a recipe for chunks of cucumber?


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Easy Extra Mild Salsa Recipe?I am looking for a salsa recipe with things you normally find at home and the ingredients, if ever, I need to buy them, are cheap and can easily be found here in the Philippines.


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Repairing a Leaky Kenmore Water Dispenser?My Kenmore refrigerator is dripping water from the water dispenser spout. What is making it do this and what do I need to fix it?


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Removing Odor from a Trash Compactor?I need help with trash compactor odor. Any ideas?


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Worms on Tomato Plants?I removed big green worms from my tomato plants. Should I cut off the parts he ate from or let it be? Please advise.


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Harvesting Collard and Mustard Greens?I planted collard greens and mustard in the early summer. Can I pick and cook them now?


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