August 4, 2011

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Jars of common spices in the kitchen.

Determining Whether Spices Are Still GoodThis is a page about determining whether spices are still good. Almost every cook gets a full rack of prefilled spice jars at some point, but few use them all up. Here are tips for making sure that the herbs and spices you cook with are not too old to properly season your food.


Golden with a rope toy in its mouth.

Saving Money On Dog ToysThis is a page about saving money on dog toys. Dogs, like children, love to play with toys. They can also be picky about which ones they like and brutal with a favorite. Buying your dog durable, safe, fun toys at the pet store can get quite expensive.


White Flowers on Corn Plant

Getting Houseplants to FlowerThis is a page about getting houseplants to flower. Many houseplants flower in their native habitat. With the right conditions you can get them to flower in your home as well.


Pile of Unorganized Photos

Organizing Your PhotosThis is a page to organizing your photos. There are a number of methods for organizing photos. No matter how you decide to setup your system of storing photos, the important part is that you can find the image you want when you want it.


Honeydew melon sliced in half, stem to blossom end.

Storing Honeydew MelonsThis a page about storing honeydew melons. Now that you have either grown your own or selected a delicious honeydew melon at the market, you probably need to store it. Depending on whether it is already ripe or needing a few days there are some options for storage.


Building a Fence, Six Foot Tall Cedar Fence with Blue Sky in the Background

Building a FenceThis is a page about building a fence. Whether you are replacing an older broken fence or adding fencing to your property, it is important to build a sturdy yet attractive fence. It is a big job but worth the time and effort to do it right.


Calico kitten leaning on beagle's ear.

Introducing a New Cat to Your DogThis is a page about introducing a new cat to your dog. You had to take the furry little guy home. Now you just have to introduce the new cat to your dog. How those first few days or weeks go can make all the difference between their being best friends or sworn enemies and everything in between.


Making a quilt square on a home sewing machine.

Machine Quilting on a Home Sewing MachineThis is a page about machine quilting on a home sewing machine. Quilting is a traditional way to attach two pieces of fabric into a beautiful whole but it can be very time consuming. A sewing machine can save a lot of time and make quilting possible for home sewers.


People playing on the beach at sunset.

Saving Money on Summer FunThis is a page to saving money on summer fun. Kids and adults alike need to amuse themselves during the long summer days. There are many local concerts, fairs and events, beaches, camping, vacations, and more.


Young child kneeling on floor reaching out to a dog lying nearby.

Introducing a New Dog to Your HomeThis is a page about introducing a new dog to your home. Bringing home a new pup is an exciting and sometimes complicated experience for both of you. Not only are the surroundings and schedule new but there may be other pets and children to meet and interact with.


Mango on white background with leaves.

Freezing MangoesThis is a page about freezing mangoes. When mangoes are in season, harvest or buy extra, and freeze them for use later in recipes or smoothies. These beautiful orange fruit not only taste good but they are good for you.


Cleaning the Toilet, Woman with Blue Gloves Scrubbing Her Toilet

Cleaning a ToiletCleaning a toilet isn't fun but it has to be done. Cleaning it on a regular basis makes makes it much easier to maintain. This is a page about cleaning a toilet.


A kitten with a ball of yarn.

Saving Money on Cat ToysThis is a page for saving money on cat toys. Cats and kittens love to play with toys, but the cost at the pet store can really add up. Often, it is unnecessary to spend a lot of money when your feline will be just as happy with something found or homemade.


Small kitchen appliances such as a juicer, food processor, blender, etc.

Storing Kitchen AppliancesThis is a page about storing kitchen appliances. Small appliances such as blenders, mixers, and toasters can be real time savers, but they can take up a lot of room on your kitchen counter.


Young beagle walking on a leash.

Walking Your DogThis is a page about establishing a routine, proper dog etiquette on the walk, dog safety, and other concerns. Dogs thrive with the correct amount of exercise. One good option is taking your dog for a walk. This can be an exciting time for her and either a relaxing or invigorating time for you.



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Spicy Roasted Red Pepper HummusServe with pita bread cut into wedges and some raw veggies, too.


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ABC Fruit SaladThis is a simple fruit salad with no extras - it doesn't need any extras!


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Date LoafA very old fashioned recipe that I have used for over 50 years. A great favourite with my family.


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Vegie PikletsThese are great for the children to make or a good way of getting them to eat vegetables without them knowing.


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Fresh Fruit EleganteLove fresh fruit salads!


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Chicken And RiceOne of my favorites!


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Sloppy JoesVery easy and different Sloppy Joe recipe.


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Hot Fudge SauceGreat on homemade ice cream!


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Chuck Roast BarbecueA barbecue recipe that uses ingredients I usually have around the house. This is so wonderful!


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Diane Gray's First Place BBQ SauceMix ketchup, brown sugar, vinegar, Worcestershire, celery seeds, chili powder and seasoned salt in mixing bowl with wire whisk.



Cleaning a KeyboardYou can purchase keyboards that will go through the dishwasher, or wash by hand. I don't have one, but you can also purchase a can of pressurized air with a long thin straw attachment to shoot a blast of air into the small spaces between the keys.


Black and brown cat scratching wood fence

Mama Katt (Black Cat)This is Mama Katt. She is a very sweet, lovable cat my bandmates and I adopted a few years ago. Over the years, she's become our recording studio's guard dog. Here she is, sharpening her claws, in pounce mode at the front gates.


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Raise Food and Water For Tall DogsBecause a Greyhound finds it difficult to reach to the ground for food, water, etc., place his water and feeding bowl on a bucket so he does not have to struggle. They appreciate this especially when they are reaching the 'winter of their years'.


Great Blue Heron with Blue Sky Background

Wildlife: Great Blue HeronThis is our friend, Hezekiah. He is a Great Blue Heron. When I fish from our dock, he flies over for a snack of the small fish I catch. He knows exactly where to stand while I fish.


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Use Frozen Bananas For SmoothiesFrozen bananas make the best smoothies. Blend together bananas, lemon juice, and honey or sugar. Add water, milk, soya milk, or yogurt.


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Garbage Can for Storing Pet FoodI use a new stainless garbage can. Since he has his own corner with elevated bowls, I keep the can right next to them with a scoop inside. It matches my kitchen and keeps his food fresh.


Water Droplets on Red Gladiolus

Red Gladiolus (Gillette, WY)This beautiful flower had just bloomed the day I took this photo. This was taken at night time after a nice rain. I thought the water drops on the petals looked amazing.


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Carpet Cleaning SolutionWhenever my carpet is looking a little dingy from dirt spots and/or those darkened paths that go from room to room, I use a solution of 1/2 cup household ammonia, 2 cups rubbing alcohol, and 1 teaspoon liquid Dawn.


A friendly zebra at a wildlife park.

Wildlife: ZebraWhile visiting a local wildlife farm, I stopped to take a picture of the zebras. As I stuck my camera lens through the fence, this guy started coming close to me. I wasn't sure if he wanted to say hello or eat my camera!


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Save Money and Time by Cooking ExtraI use propane to cook with. Like all fuels the price continues to rise. I started looking for ways to cut costs for cooking. I found a great one! Use a pressure cooker! It is so easy to use.


Man snoozing on garden bench

Garden BenchesBeautiful gardens are filled with colorful plants, meandering paths, and places where you can stop and linger to enjoy the fruits of your labor - that is, providing you have a place to sit down.


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Use 3 Ring Binder Hardware For Hanging StorageOld school or work 3 ring binders can be reused by removing the back plate and rings. Use pliers to remove the rivets and separate the back plate from the cover. Screw the plate and rings to a wall or the back of a closet or cabinet door.


Vintage FritoLay can.

Reuse Food Containers For Pet FoodI found this old Frito Lay tin at a garage sale, and since I collect tins I grabbed it up. When I got back home, I found that it was perfect to put my dog or cat food inside, where it stays fresh and the mice and insects cannot get into it.


Lola Laying on Patio

Lola (Dog)Lola is a mixed breed. We adopted Lola from an animal shelter in July 2004. The animal shelter and her vet gave us their best guess at her age back then, so we estimate she is somewhere between 9 and 12 years old.


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Barter For Music LessonsMy oldest son took clarinet lessons in grade school, to be part of the band. Years later, I had two more boys who wanted to play the guitar but we did not have the money for them. I asked if I could trade the clarinet in for two basic guitars.


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Saving Newspaper CuttingsTo save newspaper cuttings, try using acid free tissue paper. Layer items that you want to keep between sheets of the paper, then put into a clear plastic wallet and store in a folder.


A red wire heart basket for displaying earrings.

Organizing Your EarringsI often see questions on how to display or organize your earrings. When I have a chain, I often string it from one push pin to another and hang the hook kind from them.


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Texas Toast For CasserolesI use Texas toast with 5 cheese on it for my squash casseroles. Just put in food processor and mix, then put on top of the casserole to brown. This saves on buying cheese.


Box Guitar Strings

Cereal Box GuitarMake a guitar with your child from recycled materials you can find around the house.


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Buy Sale Clothes Year RoundWhen I come across a SUPER Clearance Sale, I purchase clothing for my son in larger sizes for the following year, usually for cents on the dollar. When summer/school season arrives, I inventory the clothes and then pick up items that he may require.


small son running to catch up with his dad on the beach

Scenery: Barnegat Light Beach (Long Beach...We live on the coast in New Jersey. In the winter months, we like to take family walks on the beach. On this particular outing, my husband was ahead of us looking for shells and rocks for our daughter's collection.


6 gulls lined up on beach fence

Wildlife: Seagull Line UpWe were visiting the beach and saw these seagulls all lined up.


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Iodine to Prevent Lyme and West NileIodine put onto a mosquito bite will kill all bacteria and viruses at the site of the bite within ten to thirty seconds, making it impossible for any virus or bacteria to multiply and get started - such as in West Nile Fever.


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Use Furniture Spray To Keep Shower CleanAfter years of trying every product advertised, I still couldn't find a way to keep the shower clean and mildew free. Nothing worked well except for me scrubbing every week.


PVC pipe encasing birdfeeder post.

Keeping Squirrels (and Raccoons) Out of Your...If you have a feeder that is on a pole, measure from the ground to the bird-feeder at the top of the pole. Use 6 inch PVC pipe the same length and slip the bird-feeder pole inside before you pound it into the ground.


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It Costs Nothing To SmileThis is not a tip to save money or time. It is one that does bring a warmth to your heart. The most simplest gift you can give to someone is a smile.


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Newspaper Bags For Dog Clean UpOur daily newspapers and pennysavers are delivered in long, narrow plastic bags. I tie a couple of these to my dog's leash handle, so I always have one when needed.


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Remembering Where You ParkI always park in the same general location no matter what store. To sneak in a little exercise, I park in very back of the parking lot to the right of the door I intend to go into.



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Removing Puffy Paint from Fabric?How do you get puffy paint out of a fabric that is non washable?


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Inexpensively Recovering a Recliner?I have a high-back recliner with the leg rest that extends outwards. It is a clean-side model (not Batwings). I'd love to update it with a cheap home-made covering. Has anyone used sheets to cover the arms, back, seat, and leg rest? I have a staple gun.


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Pole Beans Not Producing?My pole bean plants are huge, but have no beans why?


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Selling Walnut Trees?Can I sell my walnut trees in Knoxville, Tennessee? Does anyone know of a company that might buy them or other method for selling these trees?


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Looking for Grants for Heath Care Costs Not Paid By Medicare?My mom is 77 and is on small fixed income and she needs new dentures and hearing aids are there any grants out there for her?


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Keeping Frozen Potatoes from Turning Yellow?After freezing potatoes, they get yellow. What can I do to keep them white?


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Removing an Oil Stain on a Leather Purse?Spilled Junior Mints melted in my purse and the oils left a stain on the leather. How would you clean this?


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Removing Smoke Odor After a House Fire?How can I get the smoke smell out of our clothes and the smoke stains off after a small house fire?


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Reviews of New Quick Dri Towels?I noticed J.C. Penney has a new type of towel that is supposed to dry quicker. I suppose it is some kind of manmade fabric. I wondered if they are a better buy than a regular cotton towel. Has anyone tried these new quicker drying towels?


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Kitchen Color Scheme Ideas?I have Indian reddish tile floors and light gray counter tops. What color should I paint the cabinets and walls? They are currently off white and dark red. Thanks!


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Getting Rid of Silverfish?How do I get rid of silverfish?


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Reviews of Steam Mops?I am looking to purchase a steam mop or cleaner. I have tried one and was very unhappy with it. There are so many to pick from, I would like to hear from other buyers on what their experiences have been and if they have found one they are happy with. Thank you.


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Pattern for Easy Thrifty Baby Bibs?I would like to make baby bibs for Christmas gifts. Does anyone have a pattern that is easy and thrifty to make?Thanks!


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Reusing Ziploc Freezer Bags?I need to know why you can't reuse freezer bags after you used them to freeze meat. My wife will wash them out and reuse to freeze meat again. Help me with this answer. Thank you.


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Making Pulled Turkey BBQ?Has anyone ever tried slow cooking a turkey breast in BBQ sauce and then "pulling" the meat?


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Substitutes for Oil Based Paints for Metal and Wood?I bought old metal railing which has kind of a plastic coating, maybe. It really doesn't sand and our province doesn't sell oil paints. I am at a loss as to what type of paint to use for outdoors.


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Fertilizing Raspberry Plants?Can I use coffee grounds and egg shells around my raspberry plants?


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