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Cleaning a Toilet

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Cleaning a toilet isn't fun but it has to be done. Cleaning it on a regular basis makes makes it much easier to maintain. This is a guide about cleaning a toilet.


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February 13, 2011

To really get your loo clean, use your toilet brush/swab to remove all the water from the bowl. This way your cleanser will come in direct contact with the surface and not get watered down.

To do this, simply take the toilet brush and insert it into the large drain hole at the bottom of the loo. Very quickly pump it up and down while aiming back toward the "throat" of the loo. The motion is similar to that of plunging. Pretty soon your bowl will be empty and ready for a super duper cleaning!

By The gal from RPV

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Dump a pail of water in the toilet and the water will go down and stay down until you flush. Do this when you go away to avoid the ring around the bowl.



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February 8, 2011

Here in Finland, bleach is a lot cheaper than other bathroom/toilet cleaners, especially those with the spray tops. My tip is to use an old cleaning fluid bottle, the type with the spray top that allows you to spray the fluid, for bleach.

Wash the empty spray bottle very well with cold water. Spray cold clean water through the spray top as well. Remove the "tube" from the spray top. If you are lucky, then the spray top will fit on to the bleach bottle. If not, pour some bleach into the empty bottle.

Caution: Remove any labels and clearly mark the bottle as BLEACH.

Then, when you need to clean under the toilet rim, just hold the bottle upside-down and spray the bleach. When finished, give a couple of squirts into the toilet bowl to clear the nozzle. As there is no tube in the bottle, nothing will come out if the bottle is upright.


It works out to be much more economical to use straight bleach, than buying other expensive cleaners with the spray nozzle - both in initial cost, and because the bleach is sprayed out, you use much less to cover a wider area.

By Rob from Finland

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September 14, 2015

Cleaning around your toilet seat hinge can be fiddly and time consuming. A cloth won't get into all the cracks and crevices. Antibacterial spray is good for getting in there and killing the germs but won't banish the stains.

I find that a mould and mildew spray, which mostly consists of bleach, is brilliant for getting rid of unsightly yellowing and it kills bacteria too

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June 6, 2011

I am aware the the chemicals in the detergent for dishwashers is similar to that used to remove stains in toilets, so I put the little dishwasher tablets into the toilet, and it works.

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July 7, 2016

I always keep Swiffer pads because they are so thick and easy to use and I also have a Swiffer mop. However, I buy the Swiffer pads for other uses.


I use them to clean around the outside of the toilet bowl.

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December 11, 2012

Cut a magic eraser into four pieces. Drop one piece into toilet. Leave for a few hours or overnight. Dream of clean, sparkley, toilets.

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March 12, 2010

Hate cleaning the toilet? Not sure which is worse; the inside or the under-side with all the groves and curves!

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October 8, 2013

One member of our family now needs to use a raised toilet seat. The one we have comes off easily, so I put it in the bathtub to clean it.


I let the shower run hot water on it for a few minutes while I clean other parts of the bathroom.

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Whatever kind of stains you may have in your porcelain toilet bowl, they can be difficult to remove. This guide is about removing toilet bowl stains.

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This guide is about cleaning with baking soda and vinegar. Household cleaning can be accomplished without harmful chemicals or expensive cleaners.

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Sometimes a toilet needs some extra work to get it clean. This is a guide about cleaning a very dirty toilet.

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The minerals in your home water supply may leave what are called, lime deposits, in your toilet, the beginning of the infamous ring. This is a guide about cleaning lime deposits off a toilet.

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This is a guide about cleaning calcium deposits in a toilet. The calcium in your water can leave a ring inside the toilet bowl that can be difficult to clean.

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Getting toilets clean can be a challenge. A ring around the bowl is unsightly and is sometimes tough to get rid of. This is a guide about cleaning and preventing toiletbowl rings.

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April 17, 2010

What is good for cleaning toilets and keeping them clean longer than a day?

By terri from Baton Rouge, LA


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Best Answer

If they get dirty in just one day, it's probably an issue with the type of water in your area. We've got really hard water, and even our toilets don't get dirty again that fast.


Soft water might be the way to go, to eliminate this problem for good. Because there's no household cleaner that can keep anything clean for a longer period of time. Something besides common household usage is making your toilets get dirty. If you're having to clean them every day, and there's nothing staining them (like a brick in the tank, etc.), then the water is your culprit.

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For cleaning the inside, put straight bleach in to a well marked squirt bottle & CAREFULLY squirt the bleach all around the inside of the toilet, then shut the toilet lid & wait for half an hour. Afterward, flush toilet & air out the bathroom. Like any strong cleaning products or using bleach in the wash, this is not good for a septic tank if done often, but once a week is usually okay. I hate cleaning my toilet, but doing this once a week kills the germs & keeps my toilet clean inside. Be careful, don't wear your best jeans or dark clothes when using bleach!

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April 20, 20100 found this helpful
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I so wish people would stop using bleach to clean :-( It's harmful for lungs of humans and pets and harmful for the environment as a whole including septic systems and city sewer water systems) :-( Even hospitals are beginning to steer away from the use of bleach for disinfecting!

All you need to do is get a toilet brush that has attached but separate additional hard bristles that face upwards (I found mine at Wal-Mart about three years ago). Those extra bristles clean off the mold from under the toilet bowel seat area. If you use the brush just once every day and then just pour some distilled vinegar once a week and let it stand in the toilet bowl for a few minutes to disinfect you'll be good to go (no pun intended) :-)

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April 28, 20050 found this helpful

I recently purchased a block of flats from some people who didn't clean, I'm having some trouble with the toilet in one of them. The outside of the toilet is covered in some sort of caked on build up, including all the piping and floor around it!

It's really unbelievable. I just cant force myself to scrub it by hand my husband had a go and it seems to be really stuck. I've tried spraying all sorts of cleaning products even hydrochloric acid on it hoping it will dissolve or eat it away.

It may have been building up for 7 years or more. Is there any hope? There has to be some sort of heavy duty scum eater!

Any help appreciated.

Bec from Australia


October 24, 20150 found this helpful
Best Answer

Both will work. White vinegar is preferred for cleaning due to the much cheaper cost. If you have access to free cider vinegar, use if for cleaning, it works just as well as white.

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April 17, 20100 found this helpful

I am looking for tips for keeping a toilet clean without scrubbing every day.

Kathie from Portland, ME


Cleaning The Toilet Tips

Who doesn't hate cleaning their toilets. I personally think it's the worst household chore. But I actually ran into this product called NeverScrub. I bought it and just installed in and I honestly never scrubbed my toilet bowl again. I would highly highly recommend it to anyone who hates cleaning their toilet. They have a website called. (10/15/2008)

By Alisa

warning for people with septics and cleaning with bleach

Just a word of caution if you have a private septic tank. When using bleach or any other kind of bacteria killing product, Comet, etc., your private septic needs to have bacteria to keep a septic working properly. When you flush cleaners down the toilet you can end up with a backed up septic down the road. Even anti bacterial hand soap can cause havoc on a septic. You can always use products like Rid-X that helps replenish the good bacteria the helps your septic break down the solid waste. (11/17/2008)

By Julie

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October 7, 20080 found this helpful

It's not fun, but it has to be done. Tips for cleaning your toilet. Post your ideas.


Cleaning the Toilet

To save more time when cleaning the bathroom. Before going to bed drop a denture cleaning tablet in the toilet bowl and may also be used in the tank as well. Let sit overnight and in the morning you can make a quick pass around the bowl with the brush and then flush! (11/20/2004)

By Tammy R.

Keeping the Toilet Clean

Brushing the toilet bowl each morning as you finish using it keeps it sparkling for a long time.

By Daylee

Cleaning the Toilet

If you have stains in your toilet bowl, of any kind, you can use a pumice stone to rub it out.


Cleaning the Toilet

Mouthwash is a great cleaner & disinfectant, too. Simply pour some in & swish around with the bowl brush. Clean & fresh! (12/31/2004)

By Jeanette

Cleaning the Toilet

Make your toilet bowl cleaner more effective by first pouring a gallon or so of water from a bucket into the bowl to get ride of the bowl water. Add your cleaner to the bare bowl and clean as usual. This way you will not dilute the cleaner in the bowl water. (01/19/2005)

By Gem

Cleaning The Toilet Tips

I've always just poured some bleach into the toilet before bed or going to work. This doesn't work for the upper parts (like under the rim) but it'll work wonders for those dark rings where the water comes up to. Pour enough bleach so that the water rises up over those rings. It'll be clean as a whistle and sparkly. No scrubbing required. Can't get any easier than that! (01/19/2005)

By pookie

Cleaning The Toilet Tips

Mineral deposits can be whitened with bleach but often remain and collect more stains again pretty quickly. To remove stubborn mineral deposits use very fine black sandpaper, (called 'wet & dry' sandpaper). Some effort is required to scrub the area but this will rehabilitate even the scrungiest old toilet. As a cleaning method it doesn't harm the porcelain, its cheap, (you can reuse the sandpaper), their are no chemical fumes to inhale and you will not be polluting the environment or 'sterilizing' the good bugs if you have a septic system. (01/19/2005)

By Jo Bodey

Cleaning Toilet Bowls

Use a cup of bleach to clean toilet bowls. It's cheaper and more effective than expensive products made for that job. (02/26/2005)

By clc

Cleaning The Toilet Tips

Bleach is not a cleaner, it is a disinfectant. You should brush and clean your toilet then use bleach to disinfect. I read this on back of a bleach bottle. Also only the Clorox regular bleach is a disinfectant not the Clorox scented bleach. Go to for more information.

By it'

Cleaning The Toilet Tips

I clean my toilet according to what stains are in it (The Works for rust and mineral deposits, etc.). I had a friend whose wife would dump bleach into the toilet tank, then flush the toilet. After the toilet was filled she would scrub the toilet with the bleach water. I never saw his toilet any way but sparkling. (02/26/2005)

By terry

Cleaning The Toilet Tips

"Bleach is not a cleaner, it is a disinfectant. You should brush and clean your toilet then use bleach to disinfect. I read this on back of a bleach bottle. Also only the Clorox regular bleach is a disinfectant not the Clorox scented bleach. Go to for more information."

When my toilet bowl stops coming out shiny, clean and not smelling like a toilet, then I will agree. Dump bleach in and literally watch the crud disappear... puhhlease! It cleans better than ANYTHING! That is a disclaimer they MUST use in this sue-happy world we live in these days! I can almost be sure that "warning" hasn't been on the bottle since the beginning of Bleach time!

BRING ON THE CLOROX! :) (02/26/2005)

By Kayla

Cleaning The Toilet Tips

Clorox doesn't have a warning about not to use scented bleach as a disinfectant on the bottle. The web site will explain it. When I wash my laundry, I always use a detergent along with bleach. Never bleach alone. Also, bleach only has a shelf life of one year. So it's not a good idea to stock up on extra bottles unless they will be used within a year. I don't use that much bleach so I only buy it when the bottle is almost empty. (02/27/2005)

By it'

Denture Tablets

Put that fizzing action to work in the toilet bowl by using a couple of denture tablets. Simply drop in a couple of tablets, let stand; give a quick scrub and rinse. (03/01/2005)

By imaqt1962

Cleaning The Toilet Tips

in regards to the posting by homeschoolin_mum: Bleach does not clean, it bleaches. Up until a few months ago, I would have agreed with you. But now I work for a sanitary supply company, my eyes have been opened. Bleach contains no soap or detergent, it only makes things look cleaner by bleaching away the color from dirt and stains.

By no more bleach

Cleaning The Toilet Tips

The Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner is the best and only $1. If you have boys or men with no aim, and you can still smell urine after thoroughly cleaning the entire toilet, lid and base, spray on a cleaner that you would use to get a pet stain off the carpet with. It has enzymes that remove the odor . Also, a mixture of baking soda, dish liquid, and peroxide will eliminate the odor. A quick way to get your guys to aim straight is have them clean the bathroom from now on! It works! (03/01/2005)

By Amanda Cope

Cleaning The Toilet Tips

A brand name substitute for denture tablets are the Scrubbing Bubbles tablets. Theyre fairly cheap and I usually plop one into the tank right before I go to sleep, letting it do its thing overnight. For harder stains, I also tend to use a pumice stick to remove them. (03/06/2005)

By Steve Vaughn

Cleaning The Toilet Tips

My favorite toilet cleaning brand is Comet. I use comet powered cleaner with bleach in my toilet and it works great because it gets my tough stains out from under the rim and were the water line is!

(Steps How To Clean The Toilet)

1. First put up both lids and flush the toilet.

2. Then put a generous amount of cleaning powder or liquid into the toilet.

3. Get your toilet brush and scrub away, make sure you get under the rim and were the water line is.

4. Let the product sit for at least 5 to 10 minutes then flush.

5. Use a disinfectant spray or wipe for the outside of the toilet then clean it up.

(Do not mix any cleaning products
together, could cause Flames)


By Nick

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