January 30, 2012

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Cooking bacon in microwave.

Cooking Bacon in the MicrowaveThis is a page about cooking bacon in the microwave. Cooking bacon in the microwave is easy. It also is less messy and usually quicker than cooking it on the stove top.


A steak being cooked on a grill.

Grilling a SteakThis is a page about grilling a steak. Steak is delicious but it can easily be ruined if not cooked properly.


Halloween Hot Dog Fingers

Halloween Hot Dog FingersSevered fingers made from hot dogs are the perfect scary treat for your next Halloween party. This is a page about making Halloween hot dog fingers.


Moldy loaf of bread.

Preventing Mold on BreadIt isn't any fun to be making a sandwich and discover that your bread is moldy. There are a number of ways to prevent your bread from molding. This is a page about preventing mold on bread.


A head of lettuce.

Coring LettuceThis is a page about coring lettuce. Coring a head of lettuce makes salad prep much quicker. If you do it right, the whole middle will be removed leaving the more tender parts of the leaves.


An aggressive dog.

Breaking Up a Dog FightThis is a page about breaking up a dog fight. Dog fights are very unpleasant and can be dangerous to break up. It is important to use safe methods so that you avoid being harmed yourself.


Healthy grille cheese with tomatoes.

Low Fat Grilled Cheese RecipesThis page contains low fat grilled cheese recipes. Most grilled cheese sandwiches are not low fat. There are low fat alternatives so that you can still enjoy a grilled cheese without the guilt.


Cooking with cast iron pans.

Cooking With Cast Iron PansThis is a page about cooking with cast iron pans. Cast iron pans are a safer alternative to non-stick pans. For the best results, it is important to know how to season and clean them.


Plastic Containers

Preventing Food from Staining Plastic ContainersThis is a page about preventing food from staining plastic containers. Many foods will cause stains when they are stored in plastic containers. The best way to keep your containers looking nice, it is important to prevent these stains.



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Tabasco Pot RoastThis makes a great roast with some kick to it! I like the bit of spice in this.


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Chili-Macaroni CasseroleThis is a great casserole that can be made fairly quickly. The whole family will love this!


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Hamburger-Cabbage CasseroleI'm a cabbage lover, so I really enjoy this casserole. I think anyone who likes cabbage will love this recipe. Very good!


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Raw Vegetable DressingI like the sweet flavor of this dressing. Very good!


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Hawaiian DressingLove this sweet and tangy dressing on any tossed salad.


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Tangy Pork RibsThese ribs are very good! The sauce is nice and tangy just like the name of the recipe. Very enjoyable!


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Chicken and RiceThis chicken is very tender and good. This is very simple to make, and it's one of my favorite comfort foods.


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Peanut Cheese BallAn incredible cheese ball with a special ingredient-peanut butter! So delicious. I've been making this since I was a teen!


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Zucchini CasseroleThis is a great casserole. I like it because I can use zucchini I grated up and froze last summer in it. Very good casserole!


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Vegetable SaladI love the ranch dressing and the combination of veggies in this recipe, but I definitely do not use the lima or butter beans that are called for. You can make it to your own taste, but I prefer to do without.



Pen in caddy.

Little Sweetheart Pen Caddy GiftSurprise your sweetie this February 14th with an extraordinary homemade gift sure to delight as it adorns their desk!


Finished hearts - 3.

3D Valentine HeartsThese 3D hearts can be made in many different sizes and colors to decorate with for Valentine's Day. I am assisting a group with decorations for an upcoming Valentine dinner and dance, and we plan to make these in different sizes to hang from the ceiling.


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Store Dishes in Vertical RacksI recently expanded my kitchen and use vertical racks for storing my dishes. It uses less space, and I don't need to lift my dishes. I just pull out what I need, and dishes are so easy to put away.


Christiansted (St.Croix, US Virgin Islands), man on ocean beach.

Travel: Christiansted (St. Croix, US Virgin Islands)These was taken when we went to St. Croix. Absolutely fabulous place and the people are so nice. We stayed at the Hotel on the Cay, a moderately priced hotel. It was so nice and clean and "Right on the Boardwalk." We will definately go again!


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Pre-treat Stains ImmediatelyJump start stain removal for your clothing by keeping a pre-treat spray bottle (or whatever you use) in the place where you undress or with your hamper. This works better for me than waiting until laundry day when the stain is well set.


Finished bracelet.

Crocheted BraceletYou can create this unique crocheted bracelet to keep or give away.


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Storing Homemade Wine and BeerYou can use the plastic bottles to store homemade drinks in. I use them for storing homemade wine or beer in. Some people prefer glass for this, but it works for me. I have never had plastic explode, as glass sometime will under the pressure of the yeast.


Tool (Blue Heeler) on a float in the pool.

Tool (Blue Heeler)Tool is a 3 year old Blue Heeler. We got Tool as a puppy, and he could always be found sleeping in or on a tool box!


Finished flower card.

In-Full-Blossom Birthday CardUse some simple materials to make an elegant birthday card.


cats sleeping in a basket

Inexpensive Cat BedsThe cats that I have shared my home with have made it very clear that they are not impressed with the price of a bed. It's the same scenario as giving a child a present and having them enjoy the box the gift came in more than the gift itself.


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Keeping Sauces from Staining PlasticSpray the inside of your leftover containers with cooking spray before you put leftovers away that have sauces in them; spaghetti, vegetable soup, chili, goulash, etc. The cooking spray will prevent your container from staining.


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Tips For Cleaning a TentStart with the tent manufacturer's website. They will often have specific directions there. I would first set up the tent outside and hose it off/out with plain water and let it air-dry. Then you can try washing it.


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Donate Your Body To ScienceA lot of people would be adverse to this, but my husband and I have donated our bodies to science. I have always thought if just one medical cure could come from the use of my body, then the sacrifice is worth the effort.


Top of Harley diaper cake.

Harley-Davidson Diaper CakeMake your basic diaper cake and decorate it using faux leather over the receiving blankets. I used black zippers to make it resemble a leather jacket. I used a Harley plush pig for the top. I personalized it for the baby and added some scrapbook stickers.


A light purple rose that is entirely open.

Garden: Lavender RoseThis is a close up of my Angel Face rose, full open Jan. 3, 2012. Second photo is an old picture of the same bush in 2007. It has a sweet fragrance. And I dry the petals to use in home made potpourri, along with the even more fragrant "Whiskey Mack". Wish we had "smell-a-vision" for computers. LOL


Socks (Cat) looking into a bag.

Socks (Cat)I got Socks and her sister Queenie from my granddaughter's friend at 7 weeks old. She is 1 1/2 now. Boonie (4) is from a no kill shelter, when he was old enough to come home with me. He was the only brown one and I did not think he would get so big, but he did and we love them a lot.


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Tips For Cleaning Camping DishesScrape your dishes well with a rubber spatula (scrape into a ziplock baggie or empty can), then wipe with a used paper napkin or paper towel. This gets the worst of the "ick" off before you wash.


Scenery: Tiger (Buffalo Zoo) standing up and looking in a window.

Scenery: Tiger (Buffalo Zoo)This was a picture of a tiger taken at the Buffalo Zoo. He was standing up. It was a great pose from the tiger.



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Treats and Exercise for a Pit Bull Puppy?I have a Pit Bull, female about 8 months old. I'm sorry to say this, a friend of mine bought her at a pet store and as soon as she turned 3 months it was obvious that there were serious problems with the poor little one. My friend couldn't afford to keep her so I've adopted her.


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Freezing Celery?Can you freeze celery?


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Buying Scented Oils for Lamps?Where can I buy honeysuckle scented oils?


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New Washer Has No Liquid Soap Dispenser Visible?I have always used powered soap. Now I have a new machine and I see no place to use liquid. How do I use the soap? Please help.


Long wild haired puppets.

Shopping for Long Hair Fun Fur for Puppets?Does anyone know of a fabric wholesaler in Toronto, Ontario who sells long hair fun fur which I need to make wild puppet hair? Thank you in advance for your help.


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Disinfecting a Wooden Toilet Seat?I have a new wooden toilet seat. My last one cracked after a few months. I hope I am cleaning the seat correctly. My concern is how do I disinfect it without ruining it. Thank you everyone.


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Getting Rid of Gnats on Plants With Dawn?How do we use Dawn Dish Detergent to remove gnats from potted plant soil in house plants?


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