March 5, 2012

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fried ice cream video

Fried Ice Cream RecipesGreat video about making fried ice cream. It's easier to make than you think.


Making the Most of Your Scented Candles

Making the Most of Your Scented CandlesThis video shows you some great ideas about what to do with leftover candle wax.


Canning Beef at Home

Canning Beef at HomeThis video shows you how to preserve extra beef you have leftover and can't use right away by canning it



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Lemon Cabbage SaladGreat tangy flavored dressing makes this salad one of my favorites!


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Cabbage and Beef SoupThis is a great hearty soup. I am not fond, though, of kidney beans, so I usually leave them out. Still tastes wonderful!


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Chicken TetrazziniThis is one of my favorite dishes! The first time I had it, my sister in-law made it and it was so good that I just fell in love with it! I love most anything with pasta and this is no exception!


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Lime AidNice, cold fruity drink!


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Greek Pork Pita PocketsMy mother in-law got us started on these. Very good!


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Vegetable Seasoning MixUse this seasoning on all your vegetables, whether fresh or canned. It really gives them some extra special flavor. I use 1 tsp. per quart of veggies.


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Peanut Butter CupsKids will love this one!


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Lemon BreadSuper easy to make and very moist and good!


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Breakfast PizzaThis is a great pizza recipe! Very easy to make. I love to have it for breakfast or any meal!


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Red Raspberry Gelatin SaladLove the frozen raspberries in this salad as well as the cream cheese. Great combination of ingredients here!


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Italian Pasta SaladThis recipe reminds me of spring. Very cool and fresh tasting!


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Easy Caramel IcingMy mom used to make this often. She has been gone for about 10 years. I always remembered this recipe and managed to save it from her files.


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Green Tomato PieA friend of mine got me started on this. Very good!


Large pan holding cooked "End of Month Stir Fry"

End of the Month Stir FryI often run out of most food by the end of the 6th to the 6th month cycle. When that happens, I heat up some olive oil and chop up what ever I have in the cupboards and freezer/fridge.


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Macaroni-Corn CasseroleThis is a favorite of mine. Love the mix of these ingredients. They go very well together!


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Stroganoff PieThis is a super easy, tasty and hearty recipe. It doesn't actually call for it, but if you want to make it a one-dish meal, all you have to do is add a can of vegetables of your choice.


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Pork Chops SupremeAnother very simple tasty recipe.



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Time Management Tips for New MomsA new mom needs to rest when nursing their baby and do the freshing up of baby before feeding and then, when baby sleeps, you do not have to worry about the diaper or wash up.


Vegetarian Bacon Sandwich

Grilled Provolone Instead Of Bacon In BLTCraving a BLT and no bacon in the fridge? Doctor says, "cut the bacon from you diet?" Gone vegetarian? Tummy can't handle the additives in bacon?


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Board Games On Family NightI raised 3 sons, and Tuesday night was Fun Night. They could choose one board or other game. They took turns for 3 weeks. The fourth week, we played Charades.


Finished Ribbon Shamrock Pin

Ribbon Shamrock PinCreate a shamrock from a 12-inch piece of ribbon that is at least 1/4 inch wide. I found that the wider the ribbon, the easier it was to create. Now you have no excuse for not wearing green on St. Patty's Day!!


Chance (Terrier/Maltese Mix)

Chance (Terrier/Maltese Mix)Chance is 2 years old and a terrier/Maltese mix. Chance and I crossed paths after some jerk abandoned him at a vineyard a couple of miles from the nearest home or structure on a hillside.


Diving Swallowtail Butterfly

Diving Swallowtail Butterfly! (Santa Barbara,...Our Alstromeria was in beautiful full bloom that day when I spotted this Swallowtail Butterfly with his "nose" in the Alstromeria blossom. I ran to get my camera, and took this photo.


A Jack Russell puppy with a white vignette.

Sproetjies (Jack Russell)Sproetjies is a 5 month old Jack Russell. I bought Sproetjies at our local pet shop. I like going to the pet shop to cuddle some of the puppies and kittens, but when I saw her face, I immediately knew that she had won me over.


Finished St. Patrick's Day card.

St. Patty's Day CardUse card stock, scrapbook paper, and a few other supplies to create your own St. Patrick's Day card. You can print a message inside the card before beginning the project or hand write it with a black permanent marker.


Fruit Kabobs

Making Fruit KabobsI made these fruit kabobs for my daughter's birthday party. They were so easy to make and were a big hit at the party.


St. Patrick's Day Lucky Charms Gift

St. Patrick's Day Lucky Charms GiftThis is a cute, quick, and inexpensive way to tell a friend "Happy St. Patrick's Day!" If you don't have a computer and printer, you can simply write out the words using markers.


Siamese Cat

A Visiting Siamese Cat (Santa Barbara, CA)This Siamese suddenly showed up one day on our patio. What a beautiful animal. He was a new resident at our neighbors, and became a frequent visitor and loved to take his afternoon nap on our patio carpet.


Mouse Pad

Hot-water Bottle Mouse PadIn true frugal fashion, I've been using a hot water bottle to warm the foot of my bed instead of the expense of an electric blanket. After more years than I care to admit, mine had finally sprung a leak (thankfully, not while in my bed).


Appalacian Mountains

Sunset in the Appalachian Mountains (Tennessee)Sunsets are beautiful in Tennessee, but they are hard to catch on film! These mountains seem to change their appearance by the hour, as different levels of light fall upon them. This was a moment that doesn't last long at all, each sunset.


Twinks a Yorkshire Terrier with a pink bow

Twinks (Yorkshire Terrier)Twinks is a 1 1/2 year old Yorkshire Terrier. Twinks became the perfect addition to my family about a year ago. She was a wonderful surprise I received from my mom one day, out of the blue


street theatre

My Frugal Life: Street Theatre"Here I am, over here!" signaled the young man in a holey, paint spattered T-shirt and cutoffs. His arms waved a mile a minute, as he attempted to catch the attention of someone just pulling into Publix's parking lot.


Lit candles in the dark

Beauty of CandlesFew days back I had bought some candles, made by some talented handicapped kids, some flower shaped, others of a Pawn in chess shape.


Tubular beads added in three rows.

Faberge-Inspired Easter Egg CardI have always been fascinated by the Faberge eggs. To me, these eggs speak of luxury and master craftsmanship, a historic rendition of times gone by. I wanted to make a Faberge-inspired Easter egg card for my mother, who also loves the Faberge eggs, to convey special Easter wishes.


Woman planting young tree.

Staking a TreeThis is a page about staking a tree. When planting a new tree, you will need to decide if it needs staking and then follow some simple steps to ensure success.


Morning Glory Dipper Gourd

Dipper Gourd (My kitchen)A decorative gourd with morning glories.


Tea cozy made from a sweater

Wool Sweater Tea CozyMake a tea cozy by using the neck opening of an old sweater. I simply eye-balled the amount of sweater I needed by laying the tea pot on the inside-out sweater and drawing a sewing line around it.



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Sharpening Pinking Shears?Does aluminum foil work on sharpening pinking shears too?


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Removing Black Marks on Walls?My son would like to know how to clean black marks on walls. He is moving and found some in the bedroom his 9 year old son stays in when there.


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Hemming a Bias Cut Dress?What is the best way to hem a dress that is cut on the bias?


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Sharpening Electric Scissors?How can you sharpen electric scissor blades?


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Making Wine Bottle Goblets?Does anyone know how to make the wine bottle edge? After cutting the bottle how do you make the edge smooth and melted looking, not sanded? I have a kiln, and already slump bottles. Any clues, anyone?


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Looking for Rhett Butler Cross Stitch Pattern?Since I have retired, I have gotten back into my cross stitching. I was wondering if anyone of you Thrifty Funners have the cross stitch pattern for Rhett Butler, Clark Gable's character in Gone With The Wind? I am particularly looking for the pattern put out by Charles Craft.


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Do Any Plants Smell Like Cat Urine?I have a beautiful flower bed around my pool, but there is one area that always seems to smell like a cat is peeing there. I was wondering if there are any particular plants that give off a similar type odor to cat's urine?


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Keeping Slugs from Eating Hostas?My hostas are extremely huge. Every spring I attempt to keep the slugs, etc. from getting to them, but have not had any luck. I have tried the beer route, (the dogs loved it), the eggshells, the sharp edges route, and pesticides. I have tried everything.


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Restoring Faded Black Pants?What do you use to bring back the color in faded pants?


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Removing Candle Wax from Carpet?How do I remove candle wax from carpet?


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Handy Stitch Owner's Manual?Anyone have the owner's manual for a Handy Stitch handheld sewing machine? Or know where to find one?


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Cleaning Mud Off a Wedding Dress?I have a satin wedding dress that has had its train walked on by the family dog. A few muddy paw prints are in place. The wedding is in a few weeks. Please help.


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Homemade Body Lotion Recipes?How do you make homemade body lotion?


Small black poodle.

Home Remedy for Dog's Eczema?Our 20 pound Poodle has eczema/scaling that medicine is not controlling. He scratches a lot and loses hair. (He has had this for years.) I would like a household cure suggestion.


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Collecting Maple Tree Sap for Syrup?We are so excited to be making our own maple syrup this winter from our lone maple tree in the backyard! However, all of the articles we find take you through the making and storage of maple syrup, but we can't figure out how we tell when to remove the taps and be done for the season?


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