May 3, 2012

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Windowsill Celery Hearts

Growing Windowsill Celery HeartsThis page is about growing windowsill celery hearts. Fresh celery greens on your windowsill are easy to start and convenient for a quick addition to your meals.


Mosquito Ready to Bite

Controlling MosquitoesThis page is about controlling mosquitoes. Standing water is an excellent breeding environment for mosquitoes, and should be removed from your yard.


Sliced Bologna on Round Cutting Board

Recipes Using BolognaThis page contains recipes using bologna. Bologna is a versatile inexpensive, processed meat and great in a variety of recipes.



Phoebe (Dog) - a black dog looking into a mirror down the hallway.

Phoebe (Dog)Phoebe is 5 years old. We adopted Phoebe on 10/31/2007 from a rescue that brought dogs to PA from MS. She was a hurricane Katrina rescue.


Butterfly and Bee

Butterfly and Bee (Sedalia, MO)Butterfly and bee busying themselves being nature's little helpers in my hedge.


Blackie, a black lab and German Shepard mix, on a porch

Blackie (Black Lab/German Shepard)Blackie is approximately 11 months old. He is a Black Lab and German Shepard. We adopted Blackie a couple of months ago from an agency in Stover, Missouri. He had all of his shots and had been housebroken.


Clean Dirty Indicator

Clean or Dirty Dishwasher IndicatorDishes would pile up in our house partially because nobody knew if the dishwasher was full of clean or dirty dishes. I was about to throw an old scratched CD away when this idea popped in my head, a recycled CD clean or dirty indicator!


Compost Pile

A Gardener's Guide to CompostingComposting recycles organic matter into a nutrient-rich soil amendment. Although the finished product is a complex mixture of organic matter, bacteria and enzymes, the process of making compost isn't complex at all.


Coffee Filter For Missing Popcorn Popper Lid

Coffee Filter For Missing LidThe silicon cap ended up missing but I'm not going to let that stop me. A rubberband and a coffee filter later and I was enjoying my treat!


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Vegetable Soup with HamburgerBrown the hamburger and drain. Add the rest of the ingredients. Simmer for 45 minutes.


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Ammonia To Deter RaccoonsWe lost our amusement of these masked bandits this year when we had to replace our roof due to seven entry holes chewed in the roof. We are still struggling with the expense these creatures caused.



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Making a Child's Chore List?I would like help on making a chore list for after school and the weekends. It will be for a boy 9 and girl 8. Please help.


Mixed breed brown dog

What Breed is My Dog?Does anyone know my dog's breed?


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Birthday Gift Idea for Boyfriend?My boyfriend's birthday is on May 30th, long time away, I know. But I'm already trying to figure out what to get him. We've been dating for 15 months now, and I want to give him something not too expensive, but something that he will like. Any suggestions?


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Growing Potatoes?Can potatoes continue to grow once they have been hit with a freeze while leaves are present?


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Plants for Clay Soil?What grows good in clay soil in southern Alabama?


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Remedy for Oily Hair?Why when I wash my hair, the next day it's oily and dirty looking like it hasn't been washed in days?


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Cleaning the Patio Gutters on a Mobile Home?I would like to know how to best clean and keep leaves and debris out of the small/narrow gutters that line the patio and carport of a mobile home.


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Using Mod Podge on Glass?I have used Mod Podge on glass to put an image on the back of it. No matter how hard I press I see some tiny bubbles and it's milky when dry. I'm trying to make pendants with domes, but if this Mod Podge is going to be milky looking then the stuff is not good for what I"m doing. Any suggestions?


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Treatment for Posion Ivy?Is there a treatment for poison ivy in a pill form? I have tried all the over the counter medicines to stop the itch, etc., but nothing seems to help. Outside of going to a doctor does anyone know if there anything else I can take?


White flower with yellow center

What is This Plant?The picture did not come out well, it is a delicate tissue substance looking plant that had stems of drooping pods before blooming on a stem with leaves with brown splotches. The flower is yellow in the middle and has what holly hocks have in the center.


stack of encyclopedias

Value of the Business Encyclopedia and Legal...I have a complete set, 6 volumes, of the Business Encyclopedia and Legal Adviser. It is a first edition, with marbled pages and partly leather bound. It is dated 1902. Does anyone know the price of these as I can't find out anything through the web for this date. Many thanks.


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Substitute for Swiffer Dry Mop Cloths?I have 2 large long furred dogs who shed constantly. The Swiffer dry refills are great for my tile floors, but very pricey. I tried the store brand, but they really don't work very well. Then I tried a fabric softener sheet and it worked just as well, but was too small to put on the Swiffer dry mop.


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Shopping for a Dust Mop?I would like to find and buy another old-fashioned dust mop like I used years ago on all my floors.


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Removing Paint Stains from Spandex?I got dried paint and a mud splatter on my spandex bike pants and don't know how to get it out.


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Dividing Black Eyed Susans and Daisies?Can you divide black eyed Susans and Shasta daisies at multiple times in the spring? I want to give the divisions to family a few weeks apart.


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Sour Smelling Armpits After Using Antibiotics?I use deodorants everyday. I started taking antibiotics a week and a half ago and for the past 3 days I been having this sour odor from my armpits. I take a shower twice a day.


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Shelf Life of Silver Dollar Roof Coating?Does Silver Dollar roof coating in a five gallon bucket expire? I have a five gallon bucket that I had for about ten years, is it still good?


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Painting Plastic Jar Lids?What kind of paint can be used on the lid if you want to paint it another color? I am referring to the mayonnaise jar piggy bank project with a plastic lid?


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Uses for Syringe Caps?I wonder if any of you can come up with an idea for using the white "syringe caps" that I have left after giving myself insulin. I toss several dozen per month. They are strong, sturdy, and small. Surely something could be made with them.


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Cleaning a Dirty Tub?I just moved into a new apartment and everything was new looking and clean. Until my son took his first bath. There are dirty little footprints in the bottom of the tub that won't go away. I've tried every household cleaner I can think of. The tub is not porcelain. I don't know what to use.


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Making a Memory Blanket?How do I find someone to who would make a memory blanket for me? Roughly how many lbs. of clothing would I need for a small blanket?Many thanks.


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Value of Arthur Mee Children's Encyclopedias?I have a, 1-10 volume, complete set of Arthur Mee children's encyclopedias believed to be from the 1950s. They aew the brown ones in a wooden case. How do I find out if they are worth anything?


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Mallard Eggs Seem Abandoned?We had a mallard hen lay 11 eggs, 1 was broken. She sat and hardly ever left. We thought they would start hatching about the 4th. We've been checking off and on. She was there Monday! Today she is not there and 3 shells are broken there is down in the nest.


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Information on Power of Attorney?My dad has power of attorney of his father. He has had it for four years. When it was given he was it in sound mind. Now my dad's father has Alzheimer's. A family friend is trying to revoke my dads POA. My dad has done nothing wrong. How hard is it to revoke a POA and how do you contest it.


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Removing Sharpie from Hair?How can I get red Sharpie out of brown hair?


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