May 15, 2012

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Stacking Bowls in the Microwave

Warming Food in a Microwave This page is about warming food in a microwave. A microwave oven is very handy for heating up all kinds of food.


greenish brown taller planter, tapered at base

Hypertufa Craft ProjectsThis is a page about hypertufa craft projects. This simple mixture of Portland cement with substances like perlite and peat moss makes porous artificial stone pots, planters, or garden art in any shape or size you can imagine.


Good Cherries

Recipes Using CherriesThis page contains recipes using cherries. Cherries are wonderful in many kinds of desserts and salads, too.


Plastic bottles covering plants in garden.

Protecting SeedlingsThis page is about protecting seedlings. Young tender plants often need support and protection from the wind, as well as, browsing animals and birds.


Quart jars of pickle relish

Pickle Relish RecipesThis page contains pickle relish recipes. Making your own delicious cucumber relish can be a rewarding experience.



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Fizzy FrostingWe were at a friend's birthday and her mom used this frosting. It looked nice and tasted good.


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Raising Peach Trees From SeedsI have a friend who lives about 50 miles away, at the foot of the mountain. On a tip from her wiser friend, she piled everything left from canning peaches in a heap in the garden.


Sunset (Carolina Beach State Park Marina, NC)

Sunset (Carolina Beach State Park Marina, NC)In North Carolina, it's the end of another beautiful day at Carolina Beach State Park.


Hypertufa Pot on Table

Making Hypertufa PlantersThese easy to make, naturally porous hypertufa concrete pots are a great addition to any garden. We used recycled containers for our molds but you can use almost anything to create unusual planters or yard art.


Mountain Bluet (Hillsboro, OR)

Mountain Bluet (Hillsboro, OR)We planted this flower in the corner of the garden last spring. It has turned into a beautiful addition to our garden. I love the blue-purple color and unusually shaped petals.


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Cake Cooling Rack for Keeping Laptop CoolWhen I use my laptop on my lap, it gets very hot even with the fan running and the vents clear. Using it on the desk or table, it also gets very warm and sometimes shuts down because it over heats.


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Use Play-Doh As Sparkler HolderUse kids Play-doh and containers to put sparklers in. They stick in the Play-doh easily and it holds them up. This is good if you want to light them all at once or if a child is scared to hold theirs.


Lawn Mower cutting grass

Choosing the Best Lawn Mower Height SettingCutting your lawn at the right mowing height is the single most important thing you can do to keep your lawn healthy. Mowing at the correct height reduces weed problems, contributes to a healthy root system and increases resistance to drought.


Fix Broken Powdered Makeup

Fix Broken Powdered MakeupYou know when you drop your make-up and it crumbles, you no longer need to throw it out. Add a few drops of alcohol to the powder and let it soak in. Press the powder in place using the back of a spoon.


Concrete Yard Art

Concrete Garden ArtI had some extra concrete left over from making my hypertufa pots. So, I built up a mound of dirt and mud in the corner of my yard to use as a mold.


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Banana Peel For Plantar WartsI had one on the ball of both feet. My girlfriend sent me this article out of the paper from a doctor out east. When I read it, I thought "who in their right minds would walk around with banana peels on their feet?"


Bean (Min Pin Chihuahua)

Bean (Min Pin Chihuahua)Bean is 1 year old and a Min Pin Chihuahua. We adopted Bean from a local animal rescue. His mom came in pregnant and had 4 adorable puppies. He was the only brown and tan one, the rest were black and tan.


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Mylar Ribbons As Deer DeterrentA couple of years ago, I had been away from home for a few days to find my garden had been nibbled on by deer. So, I looked high and low for a solution that would not hurt them and maintain my goal to retain my organic gardening.


Plastic shopping cart holding food boxes repurposed as child's play food

Save Packaging For Frugal Play FoodI have many times bought the kids those play food kits, and I always found they tired of the stuff quickly. Now I save empty boxes of food and keep switching the stuff around so they always have different play food.


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Use Washer for Cleaning VegetablesWe put in a lot of potatoes,and carrots so when it comes time for cleaning, it is a lot of work. A friend of mine told me to put them in the washer in cold water, no detergents of course.


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Ideas For Baby Shower GiftsA couple of suggestions:


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Think Before You Poison CaterpillarsFolks, as I read the letters from people frustrated over caterpillars in their gardens and then scrolled down to other articles about butterflies I was reminded how shortsighted the 'death-to-all-caterpillars' attitude is.


In Memory Of Tina (Yellow Labrador Retriever)

In Memory Of Tina (Yellow Labrador Retriever)Tina is 14 years old and a Yellow Labrador Retriever. We drove 20 miles in a snowstorm one night to look at a litter of yellow lab puppies. One of them came right up to us, wagging her tail and falling over herself trying to climb out of the puppy pen.



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Working with an Aggressive Pit Bull?My 3yr old male Pit just got fixed 3 months ago. He has tried to show aggression 3 times this month to my 16yr old daughter and 2 times my 16 month old grandson. I am devastated; he can't be trusted!


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Cleaning a Shower Head?I would like to find an all natural ingredient to clean the deposits from the shower head, any ideas? Thank you.


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Bird Safe Paint and Glue for Making a Birdbath?Can the person who posted how to make a terra cotta fountain describe what type of paint will hold up outside and not cause any health issues for birds. Also the same question for the glue she used. Or if anyone can help me with these questions I would be grateful. Thank you.


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Loquat Tree Has Curled Leaves?I started a loquat tree indoors from seed and it is now 2 feet tall. It is green and growing well, but the newest leaves are "cupped". Instead of lying flat the tips curl downward. It gets plenty of water and I fertilize it regularly.


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Lemon Joy for Fleas?Does lemon Joy kill fleas?


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Free Plastic Canvas Doll Furniture Patterns?Where can I find plastic canvas fashion doll patterns free?


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Making a Craft to Give to Patients in a Nursing Home?My group, PT Force, is visiting a nursing home. I want to make a craft for them, but I'm "baffled". What should I make?


Acrylic Nails Lifting?After applying acrylic and all said in done. I notice after a day or two they start to lift. Why? What am I doing wrong and what can I do to keep from having this happen again?


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Jeans Crafts?What can be made with old jeans?


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Jute and Button Plant Hanger Pattern?I had a pattern to make a plant hanger with jute and buttons, but cannot find it. Anybody have one to share?


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Identifying Male and Female Flowers on Zucchini and Cuke Plants?How do I know the difference between a male and a female zucchini and cucumber plant?


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Giving Kitchen Cabinets a Facelift?My kitchen cabinets are beyond ugly! They're the worst I have ever seen. I'm on a very tight budget, and would love some simple and cheap ideas for fixing them. I have a very small kitchen so space wise I don't have a lot of options. Thanks.


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Crafts Uses for Car Tires?I have 4 used car tires and am trying to find a way to use them. I am thinking of maybe something like for a craft or yard ornament.


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Growing Roses from Seed?Can you grow roses from seeds?


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First Communion Activities?What games/activities would be appropriate for my 9 year old daughter's communion bearing in mind the dress and occasion.


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Clothing Dye Bleed onto Lighter Part of Dress?I have a dress that has a black skirt attached to a white lace top. I stupidly left the dress to soak over night in order to remove a make up stain from the white lace, but the black skirt of the dress bled onto the white lace leaving it a very light shade of purple.


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