June 22, 2012

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4 Star Hotel

Hotel Travel TipsThis is a page about hotel travel tips. While traveling there are things you can do to make your stay at a hotel, more comfortable and enjoyable.


Tomatoes and Tomato Paste

Using Tomato PasteThis is a page about using tomato paste. Many recipes call for tomato paste, often in small quantities, in addition to or rather than sauce.


Hands with Nails Done

Hand Care Tips and TricksThis is a page about hand care tips and tricks. Our hands take a beating while going about our everyday activities.


Cutting Squash

Recipes Using SquashSquash either the summer or winter varieties can be used in numerous recipes from main dishes to desserts. This page contains recipes using squash.


Woman Holding Her Mouth With Chili Pepper

Stopping the Burn from Spicy FoodSpicy food can often result in a burning sensation in your mouth or on your tongue. This is a page about stopping the burn from spicy food.


Screen Printing Tips And Tricks - person's hands working on a screen print

Screen Printing Tips And TricksThis is a page about screen printing tips and tricks. If you are thinking of trying your hand at screen printing at home there are some steps you can follow to ensure a positive experience.



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Stuffed SquashI grew up with these. We had a great vegetable garden and this was a treat all fall.


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Stuffed Beef RollsThese are so easy to make and they taste great, too. The garlic makes the flavor amazing!


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Terrace Potatoes with ChopsThis is a great dish for the meat and potatoes lover!



Drawing on the picture.

Popsicle Stick PuzzleKids can make their own puzzles. They are fun as gifts that they can make for others, as well.


Tired Lawn

7 Steps to Rejuvenating a Tired LawnIs your lawn starting to look tired and unhealthy? If its plagued by weeds or struggling to grow, follow these 7 steps to bring it back to life.


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Use Fingertip Towels Instead of Paper NapkinsPurchase terry cloth finger tip towels in different colors to use as every day napkins. I did this when our kids still lived at home and am still using them. At first I sewed different appliques on each so that each time they were used we knew which one belonged to whom.



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Health Value of Grated Lemon PeelIs it true that if you freeze a lemon whole you can grate it over your foods and get the best nutrition, as well, as anti cancer protection? Claims are the skin holds anti cancer protection similar to chemotherapy.


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Permanent Marker on Couch PillowMy three year old daughter got ahold of a blue marker and drew all over her self and on my couch cushion. The cushion is a tanish color. What can I use to get it out?


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Fish Keep DyingI have had my tank for awhile, but I don't know how many gallons it is. I have 5 big fish and I bought 8 like 8 mouths ago. I have 2 catfish and I have 1 other, but for some reason my baby fish are dying.


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Removing Pine Tree Sap from Patio UnbrellaHow do you remove pine tree sap from a canvas patio umbrella?


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Best Time to Weed the GardenIs it bad for your garden to weed it when it's wet?


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Classic Car Brakes SqueakI have a 57 Pontiac with disk brakes in front and drum brakes in back. In the last 2 years I have spent over 2k trying to fix these brakes and I'm ready to take this 100k car to Mexico or burn it down. Nobody can stop the squeaky brakes.


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Dogs Chews on Furniture When Owner AwayI have a two year old male Pit Bull that chews on my furniture. I had bought a large cage to keep him in all day while I was at work. Then I had felt sorry for him and kept him out during the day while at work, leaving a radio on in one room and a TV in another room.


Closeup of the bark damage.

Cherry Tree Oozing Sap and Losing BarkI'm so grateful to have found this site. My cherry tree, newly planted in April with good watering has a spot where the bark is peeling badly and is separating like a wound. The soil line has an area where amber colored sap is excreting.


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Homemade Dish Soap Recipe for Softer HandsI have trouble with dry skin. What can I use in my dishwashing soap to make my hands softer?


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Removing Dried Cement from SteelHow do I remove dry cement paste from steel plates?


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Dog Has Rash and Bad OdorMy Pom has a bed smell on his back. I wash him 2 to 3 times a week. He has a brown rash on his back that starts from his head to his behind. In some areas on his back he has lost some of his hair. What can I do to help my little Pom? He is only 6 months old. Please help me.


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Florist Clay Substitute for CraftingI'm interested in making a snowglobe out of a baby food jar, but the website said use florist clay and other water-proof items.


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