July 13, 2012

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bean salad

Sweet and Sour Bean Salad RecipesThis page contains sweet and sour bean salad recipes. The combination of sweet and sour can make a variety of delicious bean salads.


Making a Rope Swing

Making a Rope SwingThis page is about making a rope swing. Hours of entertainment are easy with a backyard rope swing.


Ironing Tips

Ironing TipsThis page contains ironing tips. There are a number of ways to reduce the time and energy spent on this chore.


Uses for Empty Tissue Boxes

Uses for Empty Tissue BoxesThis page is about uses for empty tissue boxes. Before discarding that kleenex box you may want to consider some of these ideas.


Canning Summer Squash and Zucchini

Canning Summer Squash and ZucchiniThis page is about canning summer squash and zucchini. When the summer squash is ripe there is usually too much to eat it all fresh.


Goulash Soup Recipes

Goulash RecipesThis traditional main dish from Hungary is well suited for crockpot cooking. This page contains goulash soup recipes.


Home Remedies for Arthritis Pain

Home Remedies for Arthritis PainThis page contains home remedies for arthritis pain. Dealing with chronic joint pain can interfere with many usual activities.


Insurance Form on Money

Saving Money on InsuranceThis page is about saving money on insurance. No matter what kind of insurance you need to purchase, there are ways to cut the cost.


Uses for Rubber Bands

Uses for Rubber BandsThis page contains uses for rubber bands. Rubber bands are helpful for a variety of things around the home and garden.


Storing Cottage Cheese

Storing Cottage CheeseThis page is about storing cottage cheese. This fresh cheese is perishable, and keeps well refrigerated for a limited time.


Getting More Life from Batteries

Getting More Life from BatteriesThis page is about getting more life from batteries. With so many household and personal gadgets requiring batteries, there are ways to save money and the charge.


Making a Family Time Capsule

Making a Family Time CapsuleThis page is about making a family time capsule. A fun, thrifty family project can be a historical collection to share with new family members in the future.


Uses for Old Rakes

Uses for Old Garden RakesAn old bamboo or metal garden rake can be repurposed in interesting ways. This page contains uses for old garden rakes.



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Best Ever Banana BreadThis bread comes out very moist and delicious. I have been making this bread for 30 years. I usually make it as a gift for birthdays. It is the one thing I do well and every bit begs to be eaten.


Photo of a small serving of coleslaw with the recipe included to the right of bowl.

Cole SlawI saved this photo with the recipe already on it. It can be doubled and added to for a larger amount. Use your own judgement/taste test when adding the dressing ingredients.


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Baked SquashThis is a squash recipe that my family really enjoys and is a good way to use yellow and zucchini squash when they threaten to take over your garden!


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Banana Spice BreadA refreshing flavor to making good ole banana bread. Received comments such as "This is banana bread?" and "It tastes different". When it is baking, the aroma is wonderful. Family favorite.



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Remedies for Bug StingsIn case of an insect sting, apply ice for one half hour and then try one of these remedies for one half hour. Caution, apply "around" the stung area. Do not put directly on broken skin.


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Paper Plate PinwheelMake these easy and fun twirling paper plate decorations for your child's room.


Flower bed garden complete with headboard and footboard.

Flower Bed (Nova Scotia)I saw this when out for a drive in the country. A lady had created this "flower bed". I just had to snap a picture. She has an "open" garden for passersby to wander through and enjoy.


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Bring Down a Fever With VinegarNext time your child has a fever, put apple cider vinegar onto some socks and put them on your child. Wrap their feet in a towel and the fever will come down.


Red shoes inside shower cap.

Tips for Using Shower CapsShower caps are inexpensive and very useful when packing luggage for putting your shoes inside. I also use a shower cap to cover my bicycle seat when it's raining and clear shower caps are handy to cover plates of food when dining al fresco!


A colorful glass of juiced fruits and veggies

My Frugal Life: What You Throw Out!Do you have the same problem? "Buy one get one free" deals at the grocer sounds great but not if the produce goes to waste! A whole watermelon is tempting but then, since there are only two of us, it doesn't get completely eaten and is thrown out.


Maroon and gold lily.

New to the Garden (Alstroemeria and Lily)The first flower bloomed this week. A lily that DD gave me. The second is the newest Alstroemeria called "Navajo Princess".


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Fixing Jelly That Set Too HardI know that this might not be a big help to some, but to those that do canning it might. I canned some grape jelly and could not get it to jell, so I put in 4 boxes of Sure Jel. That was a big mistake.


Hang another on an existing hanger using a pop can tab.

Soda Can Tab to Double Wardrobe SpaceSlide a ring pull from a soda can over a coat hanger. Immediately you now have double the wardrobe space!


Clip hanger used for holding recipe, from cupboard knob.

Skirt Hanger For Reading RecipesWhy on earth did I never think of this? Pop your recipe in a plastic sleeve to make it waterproof.


Pressed Flowers in a Book

How to Press FlowersPressing flowers is a great way to preserve them. Once pressed and dry, pressed flowers usually retain their color fairly well, which makes them useful for making a variety of decorative crafts, such as stationery, placemats, and bookmarks.


Small blue flowers with bright yellow stamen.

Asiatic DayflowersThese grow wild in my yard, they are so beautiful and they close up somewhat in the day and then open up at night. They last longer than a day when in water and grow very long!


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Freezing Bottled WaterI keep my bottled water in the freezer. They don't burst when frozen full. When I take one out I start drinking it as it melts. That way I have a cold drink that lasts a long time. These are good when taken to outdoor events in hot weather.


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Removing Labels from Plastic ContainersUse a hair dryer. Move it over label for a few minutes on warm, then turn dryer off. Start to peel from one corner. It should peel easily. If there is any residue left, use a cotton bud with a little eucalyptus oil.


Bottle sailboat, materials, and children playing with the boat.

Make a Sailing Boat from Old Plastic BottleA fab little project for you to make with your children and grandchildren this summer. Make these great little boats and then go sailing!



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Icemaker and Water Dispenser Not Working?The icemaker and water dispenser on my Kenmore side by side refrigerator does not work with the new filter in place. They work fine when the filter is out.


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Swimsuit Bled Dye Onto Itself?How do I remove the red that bled onto the white of my daughter's swimsuit? It's a Nike red and white striped tankini. She wore it in the ocean and pool, then soaked it in cold water. The water turned pink and the red bled onto the white.


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Pay Later Websites?ABC Distributing and LTD Commodities do not let you charge anymore. Does anyone know of other sites that do?


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Burnt Stainless Steel Saucepan?I burnt my best saucepan. I filled it with water and detergent and left for 24 hours. It mostly came off, then I used a stainless steel soap pad which helped, but there are still block spots and discolouration on the bottom of the pan.


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