March 20, 2013

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bowl of strawberries

Diet Ideas for an Autistic Child?This page contains diet ideas for an autistic child. Making sure that a child living with autism gets proper nutrition can be a challenge.


Woman Brushing Her Teeth

Brushing Your TeethThis page is about brushing your teeth. Developing a regular routine of proper brushing will help you maintain your oral health.


Installing a Sprinkler System

Installing a Sprinkler SystemThis page is about installing a sprinkler system. Whether you plan to do this project yourself or hire a professional, planning is of utmost importance.


Homemade Cool Whip

Homemade Cool Whip RecipesThis page contains homemade Cool Whip recipes. A prepared imitation whipped cream found in the freezer section.


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Getting Rid of Nut Grass?This page is about getting rid of nut grass. Finding the best way to remove this tenacious grass depends on where it is located.


Growing Statice

Growing StaticeThis page is about growing statice. These flowers are easy to grow and make an excellent choice for use in fresh or dried flower arrangements.


Model Railroad

Making Your Own Model Railroad StructuresThis page is about making your own model railroad structures. Money can be saved by making your own buildings for a model railroad landscape.


Growing Delphinium

Growing DelphiniumThis page is about growing delphinium. These beautiful flowers thrive in areas with cooler summers, in a rich well drained soil.


Growing Gourds

Growing GourdsThis page is about growing gourds. Though not very good to eat, gourds are easy to grow and useful in many other ways.


car with tinted windows

Removing Window Tint from Car Windows?This page is about removing window tint from car windows. You may want to remove the factory tinting from your truck or car windows.


Organized Basement

Organizing and Cleaning the BasementThis page is about organizing and cleaning the basement. A major housekeeping job can be getting the basement in order.


Stuck Light Bulb

Removing a Stuck Light BulbThis page is about removing a stuck light bulb. You need to be careful not to break the glass when removing a stubborn bulb.


Growing Petunias

Growing PetuniasThis page is about growing petunias. These colorful trumpet-shaped flowers are easy to grow and attract both hummingbirds and moths.


Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California Frugal Travel GuideThis page contains Los Angeles, California frugal travel guide. There are many attractions that bring tourists to southern California year round.



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Grilled Chicken BreastsTastes great and is easy, fast and cheap.


Ham Roll-up (Gluten Free)

Ham Roll-up (Gluten Free)When you have to eat gluten free, sometimes you have to use your imagination to come up with something for lunch. I haven't figured out how to hold this together except to hold it in my hand, so when I make it, I eat it there on the spot and it is so good.



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Fixing Dry SkinI have been using pure coconut oil for the past two months. I no longer have red, cracked, and bleeding hands nor do my feet have large unhappy cracks in them.


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Use Empty Coffee Bags for Grease DisposalI save empty foil type coffee bags for disposal of grease drippings. I don't want to pour it down my sink drain and risk clogs nor do I want it puddling in the bottom of my kitchen trash bag.


Splitting Pills without Crumbling

Splitting Pills without CrumblingMy husband takes half of a pill, and I was having so much trouble with the cutter that I bought from the Pharmacy. It would cut the pill, but lots of times it crumbled into pieces instead of splitting it in half.


Bruno (Catahoula Rottweiler)

Bruno (Catahoula Rottweiler)He walked to our road and sat down in front of a line of cars and wouldn't move. He was a juvenile at the time, not really a puppy.


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Getting Tomato Seeds out of TomatoesI had an older tomato and I wanted to get out the seeds. I filled a bowl of water and squished the tomato under the water. I threw the tomato part into the compost pile and the water and seeds into my indoor growing houseplant bowls, or out into my garden area where I try to grow seeds from scratch.


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Removing Sunscreen Stain from ClothesHaving freckly/fair skin I need to wear sunscreen every day. Some brands can leave a yellow/brown stain on light clothes. To remove this stain: moisten the area, rub with plenty of dishwashing liquid (I use a popular clear green type), and scrub with a nail brush if the fabric can take it.


easter peeps candy bouquet

Easter Peeps Candy BouquetThis Easter candy bouquet is the perfect alternative to an Easter basket for an older child or an adult!



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Broke the Avocado Seed When Repotting?I have two trees on the go, one that I have already put in soil and one that was still in its water container. Tonight I was repotting the water one into dirt, and as I was removing the tooth picks, I accidentally broke a half off of the seed.


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Oxydol Laundry Detergent?I am having the same problem. I was buying oxydol from the Dollar General Store and they are no longer carrying it. I love this detergent. My whole family is hooked on it. We are just so out done because we can' get it anymore. Please help


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12th Birthday Party Ideas?My younger sister is having her 12th birthday party. She wants something not too babyish and she only wants a few friends over. She wants a really fun theme. Please help I want this to be a birthday she will never forget.


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Shopping for Octagon Soap?I am looking for Octagon Soap in Maryland. Anyone know where I can find it?


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Name for My Interior Design Company?Now I have an idea to start an interior design company. I need a modern name for my company.


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Finding a Westiepoo Breeder?Anyone know where I could get a Westie-Poo? I could travel a bit to get it.


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Cleaner to Deter Dog from Urinating on Carpet?Is there a solution, either store bought or homemade, that I can use in my steam cleaner that will prevent my dogs from urinating on my carpets?


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Recurring Black Toilet Bowl Stain?My toilet bowl has a black stain in it that is easily removed, but it returns almost daily. If someone urinates in the toilet and does not flush the toilet the black residue is even greater. We have city water which appears to be quite clear.


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Dyeing a Sweater to Cover a Bleach Spot?How can I re-dye a sweater made of cotton and alogon? It is light pink and I want to dye it dark pink. It was stained by bleach.


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Making a Wall Mounted Blow Dryer Holder?Does anyone know how to make a holder to mount on the wall?


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Getting Rid of Mice?What else, other than peppermint oil, gets rid of mice?


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