July 5, 2013

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Luna Moth

Luna Moth Information and PhotosThis is a page about Luna moth information and photos. The Luna moth is characterized by its pale green wings, each having a transparent eyespot. The typical habitat for these beautiful moths is deciduous hardwood forests from Nova Scotia to central Florida and into east Texas.


messy bedroom

Encouraging Children to Get Rid of Extra Belongings?This is a page about encouraging children to get rid of extra belongings. Getting rid of excess belongings is often very difficult for all of us, including children.


A daycare provider with children.

Starting a Daycare Business?This is a page about starting a daycare business. Starting any home based business takes some planning to ensure its ultimate success.


Sandwich with a packed lunch.

Keeping Sandwiches From Getting SoggyThis is a page about keeping sandwiches from getting soggy. One major problem with preparing sandwiches ahead of time is that they may become soggy.



Uses for Coconut OilCoconut oil has a variety of uses from beauty to cooking. This is a page about uses for coconut oil.


pulled pork sandwich

Recipes Using Leftover PorkThis is a page about recipes using leftover pork. Leftover pork can be used to make an entirely new delicious meal.


using a computer

Health Sciences Institute Reviews?This is a page about Health Sciences Institute reviews. Health Sciences Institute is a members only website that focuses on modern underground medicine.



Painting on Plastic?This is a page about painting on plastic. Painting on plastic can be tricky unless you follow certain procedures or use paints especially designed for use on plastics.


Black and White Eastern Kingsnake

Kingsnake Information and Photos?This is a page about kingsnake information and photos. The king snake is a nonvenomous snake that is opportunistic in its diet, eating other snakes including venomous ones, lizards, rodents, birds, and eggs.


Drill Bits

Choosing the Right Drill BitThis is a page about choosing the right drill bit. The success of your home improvement job can be in part dependent on choosing the right drill bit for the task at hand.


A large family eating breakfast.

Parenting a Large FamilyThis is a page about parenting a large family. Parenting a large family can be difficult and overwhelming at times. But by using some shortcuts, organizational tips, and strategies you can get things running smoothly, at least most of the time.


Loquat Tree

Growing a Loquat TreeThis is a page about growing a loquat tree. The loquat is a fruit tree native to China. It produces small but very tasty fruit.


Kitchen with lights on.

Kitchen Lights Don't Work When it Rains?This is a page about kitchen lights don't work when it rains. There are several causes for electrical problems with household lightening. Finding the source of the problem may be difficult and require calling an electrician.


Coconut Oil

Buying Coconut Oil?Coconut oil can be purchased from local and on-line sources. This is a page about buying coconut oil.


Baked good for sale at a flea market.

Selling Food at a Flea Market?This is a page about selling food at a flea market. If you are considering selling food at a flea market there are likely steps that must be taken to get a permit to do so. Additionally, a second step in your planning would be to research the types of foods that sell well in this venue.


banana cream pie

Fixing Runny Cream Pies?This is a page about fixing runny cream pies. After spending the time to make a beautiful cream pie it is disappointing to find that the filling is runny.



Giraffe Information and PhotosThis is a page about giraffe information and photos. These distinctive animals native to the savannas and dry open woodlands of sub-Saharan Africa are the tallest land dwelling animals on earth.


baby sleeping

Cradle Cap RemediesThis is a page about cradle cap remedies. Babies often have a flaky skin condition known as cradle cap on their scalp. There are a number of home remedies you can use to treat cradle cap.


Baby Loon on its mom's back.

Loon Information and PhotosThis is a page about loon information and photos. The subject of many Native American legends, the loon is a migratory bird that breeds in forested lakes and large ponds in northern North America and parts of Greenland and Iceland.


dyeing hair

Dyed Hair Turned Yellow?This is a page about dyed hair turned yellow. Before you go spend a lot of money to repair the unacceptable results of your dye job, there are some ways you may be able to fix it yourself.


Sad dog looking up at its owner.

Training a Dog That Bit Someone?This is a page about training a dog that bit someone. While you can not absolutely guarantee that your dog will never bite someone, there are steps and training procedures that will help prevent this from occurring.



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E-Z Pineapple CakeThis is a really easy recipe.


Stuffed scarf owl.

Shelf Sitter from New or Recycled ScarvesSew cute scarf decor from old scarves or $1 store scarves. I had some felt laying around and an old scarf and decided to make a cute shelf sitter for my daughter's new baby room. Her theme is "owls". This took hardly any time and it looks great.


Ants feeding on a solution of boric acid.

Boric Acid For Controlling Ants In Garden And KitchenI have a fairly large piece of property. It is mostly sandy loam. Ants seem to prefer this type of soil. At any given time, there may be several thousand ant hills on my land.


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Lavender Scented Oil For FliesI heard a lot of home remedies about how to keep flies from biting your dog's ears. I put lavender scented baby oil and the flies are not bothering them.


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Keeping Cats Out Of HouseplantsI recently adopted two male cats from a shelter. They are about two years old and are well behaved in every aspect except one started using my large potted houseplants as a litter box. After researching various remedies on line, I bought a bag of "rough" decorative gravel/rocks from Home Depot for about $5....


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Hang CDs in Cherry TreesWe have birds and squirrels visit our cherry tree. In order to have any cherries ourselves, I take old CDs, tie one end of a string through the center hole, and tie the other end on the tip of a tree branch.


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Quick and Safe Remedy for FleasBefore bed, sprinkle salt along all baseboards and along floors around furniture. You can also do this before you leave the house for the day. Simply vacuum up after you have allowed it to sit over night or during a work day.


Eggs being cracked into a bowl.

How To Freeze EggsYou can freeze eggs by cracking them open and mixing them well. Then just put the mixed eggs in ice trays and freeze. Two cubes is equal to one egg. Then just take them out as you need them.


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Snowman's Pipe From Formula ScoopI use them for my snowman's pipe. First, paint any color you want. Smear glue inside the scoop, then stuff Spanish moss inside. Let dry. There, you have a pipe!


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Tips to a Successful Yard SaleI have been to and I have had many yard sales and I have noticed a few things that would affect how well a yard sale pans out.


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Student Loan Payments Forgiven For DisabilityIf you have student loans, are disabled and drawing Social Security Disability benefits, you can be forgiven of all loans if your doctor fills out a specific form for you. I know this because my daughter did it.


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Washing Root VeggiesAfter harvesting carrots, potatoes or baby cukes, place them in the bottom of your washer without soap and allow them to soak to loosen the dirt. This combined with the spin cycle will cause them to become squeaky clean.


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Removing Black Eye Makeup with LotionDab a small amount of your everyday plain hand or body lotion on to a soft dry face clothe. You will see even the heaviest, blackest eyeliners, mascaras and eye shadows wipe completely away, without pain or fuss.



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Barbie Furniture Plastic Canvas?Could you post some instructions for Barbie furniture in plastic canvas?


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Cleaning and Caring for a Leather Bag?My niece gave me a real leather bag which I use heavily. It now has an ashy grey look. I tried cleaning it with alcohol and methylated spirits. However when it dries the bag looks worse. How do I get back the color?


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On-line Payments for Buy Now Pay Later Sites?How can you pay your statement on line?


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Removing Tree Sap from Truck Box Liner?How do I remove tree sap from my truck box liner/ I hauled a load of wood and now there's sap/pitch all over my liner.


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Sweet 16 Help!I'm turning 16 in only 17 days, but the days I want to have a party are either in 21 or 22 days, so that gives me a little more time. I don't have much money to spend on this so I want to keep the cost somewhat low.


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Name for My Cleaning Business?My name is Billie and I need a good name for my cleaning business. Can anyone help?


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Homemade Mosquito Trap?It looks from the picture that the black construction paper is shredded up and in the bottle vs wrapped around the outside of the bottle. Which way should you do it?


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Planning a Sweet Sixteen Dance Party?My sixteenth birthday is coming up in a few months and I have no idea what to do, I'm not like most girly girls so I would prefer more of a club type atmosphere or anything that involves dancing. Any ideas on places in Durban where I can make this happen? Thanks.


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Removing Wax on Ceramic Tile Floors?I used a product called Rejuvenate for my ceramic tiles. The master bathroom floor has dull blotches from this product. I am unable to remove the product from the floor. Rejuvenate has said to use a Windex product with out ammonia.


Removing Mothball Smell from House?I am buying a new house. The previous owners put moth balls in every room and closet drawer. The entire house is saturated with this smell. How can I remove it?


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Fabric Color Advice for Bay Window Treatment?I have a gold strip sofa, 2x2 seaters, magnolia walls, yew furniture, and darker magnolia colour carpet. It is all very neutral. I cannot bring myself to make a decision and my husband is useless for help


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Removing a Perm?I have done a perm and now I don't like it. How do I get back my original hair?


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Kenmore Refrigerator Not Cooling?I have a Kenmore refrigerator model # 106.56642500. It is not cooling at all, you can hear when it turns on, but it does not get cool at all. I left it on all night and still it did not cool.


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Dog Afraid to Poop After Painful BM?My baby is a 9 year old Maltese, he is the best dog in the world. However, a month ago he had some pain when he went pooty. I took him to the doctor and he said it was just an allergy.


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Transplanting "Lucky Bamboo" Outside?I'll be planting it outdoors in our most moist well draining shady spot on our Big Island upland property. Will it spread?


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Getting Used Linen from Hotels and Hospitals for Quilts?I do a lot of quilting and use a lot of sheets for backing and batting. I've heard that you can get bedding items from hospitals and hotels. I need some practical advice on how to do this, like who in the organization to contact. Thank you.


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Ideas for Daughter's 13th Birthday?She has eleven friends invited and her birthday is in 9 days! We want something inexpensive but also something memorable. We are thinking of having it in the house, but we can't think of a theme or activities that they could do.


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Using a DermaWand?Are you able to use the DermaWand all over the face and body? If not please give me all the limitations. Thank you.


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Complementary Paint Colors for Two Rooms Adjoining Kitchen?I have a sleek white and marine blue kitchen. The walls are marine blue, floor to ceiling gloss white cabinets, medium brown cork floor, dark grey-black counters, and stainless appliances, and black appliances. The living room and dining rooms are seen from the kitchen and vice versa.


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