October 17, 2013

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House Finch

House Finch PhotosThis page contains house finch photos. Birds can be a challenge to catch a picture of for the photographer.



No Bake Oatmeal Cookie RecipesThis page contains no bake oatmeal cookie recipes. Making cookie without having to get the oven hot is sometimes the best way to go.


Onion Dip

Onion Dip Recipes?This page contains onion dip recipes. A perfect companion food to serve with potato chips.


Crochet santas at sale at a craft bazaar.

Simple Crafts for a Church Bazaar?This page is about simple crafts for a church bazaar. Making items that sell will benefit your organization's charity.


Ants herding aphids on a tree branch.

Keeping Ants Off Trees and ShrubsThis page is about keeping ants off trees and shrubs. These insects are responsible for farming aphids on many garden plants and trees.


Slow Cooker Taco Meat

Slow Cooker Taco Meat RecipesThis page contains slow cooker taco meat recipes. Delicious meat filling for your tacos can be cooked slowly in your crockpot.


Teapot Lamp

Making a Teapot Lamp?This page is about making a teapot lamp. A fun way to still use an old tea pot is to create a lamp out of it.


Whole Salmon

Cooking a Whole SalmonThis page is about cooking a whole salmon. There are a variety of ways this delicious fish can be cooked.


Red and white checked picnic blanket.

Making a Picnic BlanketThis page is about making a picnic blanket. By adding a waterproof layer, you can make a picnic blanket for a lot less than you can buy one.


White Men's T-shirt

Altering Men's T-shirts for a WomanThis page is about altering men's t-shirts for a woman. A t-shirt made for a man can be changed and shortened to make them fit a woman better.


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Onion Dip Recipes?This page contains onion dip recipes. A perfect companion food to serve with potato chips.


No Bake Peanut Butter Cookie

No Bake Peanut Butter Cookie RecipesMaking cookies without having to get the oven hot is sometimes the best way to go. This page contains no bake peanut butter cookie recipes.


Cute Shih Tzu Matlese Mix Puppy

Maltese Mix PhotosThis page contains Maltese mix photos. These small dogs make wonderful companions.


Flushing a Car's Radiator

Flushing a Car's Radiator?This page is about flushing a car's radiator. Keeping your auto's cooling system free of blockages and working properly may require a coolant flush.


A photo of the full moon.

Moon PhotosThis page contains moon photos. Throughout the year, there are so many beautiful views of this earth satellite, that can make wonderful photographs.



Spooky Toilet Paper Tube EyesThese spooky glowing eyes are a super easy decoration that you can use in your yard or in your house for Halloween.


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Newspaper Bags for Doggie Poop BagsRecycle newspaper rain bags to pick up and dispose of doggie poop when walking your dog.


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Color Coding Tools By AreaTo keep tools that are needed in different locations at our home, I made different color codes for each area.


burnt oil

Removing Burnt Oil From a Frying PanI forgot to remove my pan from the burner after frying taco shells, causing the oil to burn onto the pan.


view down on top

Wine Cork TrivetDon't throw away your wine corks. They can be repurposed as a gift or for your own kitchen decor. Cut a block of wood the size you'd need for the size of corks.


Black widow spider

Should You Wear Gloves While Gardening?My interest in gardening began at an early age. When I was around twelve, I bought a pack of icebox watermelon seeds from my school for a dime. I bought a small paper bag of fertilizer from the local milling company, and it was a dime.


Large Cereal Box as Trash Bin

Large Cereal Box as Trash BinI wanted a simple solution to throw out small trash and recycle cardboard boxes. I cut the four edges of the box along the creases, then I put tape on the top of the edges to make them smooth.



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Feeding a Rolly Polly?What do rolly pollies eat?


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Dog Urine Stains on Engineered Wood Floors?Our dog has Cushings disease. He has ruined our flooring; we have fabricated wood. We feel that the whole floor should be replaced. Please help.


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Ford 150 Heater Not Working?My 2001 Ford 150xl v6 heater was making a flapping sound for awhile and has stopped. It stopped blowing heat, but would work by tapping the heater now there is no heat. What is the problem?


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Value of 3 Faced Porcelain Doll?About 30 years ago I got a 3 faced porcelain baby doll. One side is sleeping, one crying, and one smiling. She has a soft body and porcelain hands and feet. I want to know if it's worth anything. It is not in mint condition, but is in good condition.


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Puppy has Blood in Stool?I had my puppy to the vet yesterday. This visit was for her second round of shots, and he checked her for worms. He said she was clean. Today she has blood in her stool.


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Buying Supplies for a Residential House Cleaning Business?I replied to an ad on Craigslist and the person is saying I need to get enough supplies for 5 different houses. The homes are single family houses between 1800 sq. feet and 1916 sq. feet. They have 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, hardwood floors, carpet, and tile.


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Getting Rid of Fleas on Cats?We have used two kinds of flea chemicals on our cats over a 2 week period, but they still have some. They are not scratching much now, but they are licking. I have stripped my bed twice now, but I am still seeing the fleas. How do I use Dawn to get rid of the fleas?Please help us.


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Furniture Finish Damaged by Scented Oil?Scented oil you put in jars with wooden reeds was spilled on my wooden dresser and has left a spot that ate part of the finish. Is there any way to fix it without stripping all of the dresser's finish?


Singer Simple model sewing machine.

Singer Sewing Machine Making Loud Noise?When I first bought my sewing machine, a Singer Simple, it didn't make the loud noises it's making now. It still works fine, the stitches are good, but that noise concerns me. I have put the Singer oil in, took off the front cover, and removed any thread that was wrapped up, but it's still noisy.


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Instruction Manual for Welbilt Bread Maker (ABM3500)?Where would I find an instruction manual for the Welbilt ABM3500 bread maker?


Row of books.

Value of The Negro American Heritage...I own a set of the Negro American Heritage encyclopedia. Does this 1966 set, in great condition, have any value?


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Replacing a Windshield Washer Pump?Where is the windshield washer pump on a 1998 Acura 2.5 tl? I can change it if I know where it is. The tank is in the fender wall with no access.


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Choosing Between a Digital Adapter or a New TV?I need to know if I should I get a digital adapter and antenna for 80.00 or get a new TV for 120.00? What do you think?


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Ideas for a Fall Winery Fest?I need help with ideas for a fall winery fest.


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Joint Seventeenth Birthday Party Theme?My best friend and I are having a joint seventeenth party for our birthdays next year. We have already booked the DJ, videographer, and photographers; but I am just wondering if we should have a theme and if we did what type of theme?


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Removing Sap from Hardwood Deck?What do I use to clean hardwood sap off my hardwood deck? It is leaching out of lumber that was laid 3 months ago. It is getting all on my feet and on the dog.


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Fleas in Apartment After Professional Cleaning?I lived in a townhouse for almost 3 years with my 2 dogs. These dogs are well taken care of, getting bathed regularly and groomed every 6-8 weeks. I have never had a flea problem with them and if I have, I've always treated them with a flea medicine and stopped the problem quickly.


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Getting Rid of Mosquitoes in a Pond?How do I get mosquitoes out of my outdoor pond? I have goldfish and lilies growing in the pond.


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