January 9, 2014

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Chair in Front of Public Mural

Photos of Public MuralsThis page contains photos of public murals. Public art exists in many forms. The colorful murals found on buildings, walls, and in other public spaces adds beauty and color to our environment.


Stack of Old Books

Reusing Old BooksThis is a page about reusing old books. Old books that reached the end of their life on the shelf can still be reused in many practical and creative ways.



Lizard Photos and InformationThis page contains lizard photos and information. There are many different kinds of these reptiles that come in all sizes, that can make interesting photography subjects.


Peppermint Patties

Peppermint Patties RecipesThe exquisite flavor of peppermint with or without a coating of luscious chocolate make these a standout confectionery treat. This page contains peppermint patties recipes.


Black Hair Dryer

Cleaning Your Hair DryerThis page is about cleaning your hair dryer. Hair dryers can collect lint, hair and dust on their incoming air vents, that can reduce the drying air flow.


Hair Clogging Drain

Preventing Clogged DrainsThis page is about preventing clogged drains. Clogged sink and tub drains can be avoided by reducing the amount of hair, food, and debris that is allowed to go in the plumbing.


Teen Babysitter Playing Dominoes with Child

Advice for Teen BabysittersThis page contains advice for teen babysitters. Taking care of other people's children is a great responsibility. There are many important things to keep in mind, to make childcare a successful experience.


Christmas Cake

Christmas Cake RecipesFestive Christmas cakes complete any holiday meal or event. This page contains Christmas cake recipes.


Man Making Wood Furniture

Wood Furniture Craft IdeasThis is a page about wood furniture craft ideas. Furniture making is a rewarding craft allowing you to put your creativity to use in producing a lasting gift or addition to your home decor.


Close up of Lizard

Treating a Lizard Bite?This page is about treating a lizard bite. There are many different kinds of lizards, but only the bearded lizard and the Gila monster are considered poisonous. If you have been bitten by a lizard that you think is poisonous, call 911 or other emergency services immediately.


Bird Eating from Bird Feeder

Keeping The Ground Under a Bird Feeder Clean?This is a page about keeping the ground under a bird feeder clean. The area under our garden bird feeders can quickly become a mess of cracked seed shells, uneaten food, or a delightful sunflower garden.


Colorful Candy Wrappers

Candy Wrapper CraftsThis is a page about candy wrapper crafts. Candy wrappers can be used to make a variety of crafts such as purses and jewelry.


Christmas Bread

Christmas Bread RecipesChristmas meals may seem incomplete without your favorite traditional bread. This page contains Christmas bread recipes.


Rainbow of Dyed Synthetic Wigs

Dyeing a Synthetic Wig?This is a page about dyeing a synthetic wig. Synthetic hair wigs can be difficult to dye.


Woman Wearing Eyeglasses

Making Eyeglasses Scratch Resistant?This page is about making eyeglasses scratch resistant. Having a scratch resistant coating applied to your new glasses can make them cost more. There might be a less expensive way to reduce scratching.



Strain Sugar from Cereal

Strain Sugar from CerealWhen you get to the end of the cereal box or bag, you'll see sugar or tiny particles that you don't want to eat. Take a strainer and dump the cereal into the strainer and shake around. The small parts and sugar will fall into the sink or garbage can.


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Check for Utility DiscountsCheck with your cell phone provider to see what discounts you may qualify for. Most people are aware that auto insurance companies give discounts, but are not aware that cell phone companies do as well.


A cat in a box

Following The GAPS DietI have been in the kitchen cooking, cooking, cooking... bone broth, to be exact. Lots of it and even more. As a matter of fact, I am in the market for a large freezer storage for all the stock.


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Other Uses for Window Shrink WrapIn our home, we have to cover the air conditioner windows with the shrink wrap for the cold weather. Our windows are an odd size so there are unusual sized pieces of the plastic leftover.


Bowl of soup.

Russian Leek SoupThis is a great winter soup. Very hearty and filling.


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Apple Cider Vinegar for Leg CrampsI have been having painful leg cramps, particularly at night, for years. I had tried just about everything and decided to try drinking apple cider vinegar, about a tablespoonful, just before bed and on rising. The cramps disappeared.


Bagel in CD Container

Use CD Packaging For Bagel ContainerMy husband took the empty domed package that originally had 30 cds in it and recycled it into a bagel sandwich holder. The hole in the bagel lines up perfectly with the post in the case.


Moss covered tree in South Africa.

Garden of Eden (Knysna, South Africa)On a recent weekend break, we went to the Garden of Eden in Knysna. Walking though this forest and seeing these age-old trees just made me realize again how insignificant we are as humans. come.



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Cleaning an Affinity Front Load Washer Filter?Is there a piece of cloth in the actual filter or is it just mesh on the holes?


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Slogan and Brochure Ideas for Nursery School?I want ideas for a slogan for my new nursery called, Future School, and also an idea for a brochure.


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St. Patrick's Day Float Ideas?We are doing a St. Patrick's Day float. We have many apartments and our slogan is "something for everyone" or "where the true hawks nest". Any theme ideas?


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Value of Ceramic Molds?I have approximately thirty ceramic, medium size, molds for various items. Can you give me any idea of what I should ask for them when I list them in the paper?


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What Can I Make with These Leftovers?I want to make an Asian curry with leftover roast beef, basil, and broccoli.


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Day Care Name?I'm in the process of getting started on a daycare for children with disabilities. I'm writing a business plan up, and getting everything together. I am having a difficult time coming up with a name?


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New Kitten Hissing at Resident Kitten?We've had our resident kitten for just over three months now. He is five months old. After the death of his litter mate, we have introduced a new kitten to the household.


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Removing Dog Smell from Hardwood Floors?I have been searching the internet, and have tried just about everything. Here's a little back story, we bought a fixer upper house, in a small town that we really love.


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Removing Rust from Stainless Steel Pot?I left water in my stainless steel (brand new) pot after sterilizing baby bottles. Now there is a ring of rust inside the pot. How can I remove this?


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Value of Encyclopedia Britannica?I have a complete ninth and tenth edition (original authorised version) all 35 volumes plus a revolving oak bookcase which I assume came with the set.


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Bathroom Paint Color Advice?The kids' bathroom in our house has a blue bathtub and toilet and the floors are blue and white tile (sixties style!). We will eventually update this bathroom when they get older.


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Microwave Does Not Heat?I have a Hamilton Beach microwave model # HB-P100N30AL-S3 / P100N30ALS3B and it stopped heating about 6 months ago. Any ideas?


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Value of The New Oxford Encyclopedic Dictionary?I found a set of 1981 The New Oxford Encyclopedic Dictionary, 8 volumes, in the shed at Dad's. He said I could have them. I am just wondering if they would be worth anything at all?


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Sources of Free Furniture?I moved into an apartment. It's low income and I get paid by the state and don't have any money to get furniture. Can anyone tell me who to contact to get help in Polk county Florida?


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Daycare Name Ideas?I am starting an in home day care and I want something that is catchy maybe with my name, Santana, or something with the my country's name in it, Jamaica.


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Child Care Name Ideas?I am opening a home daycare and looking for names with the initials AMJ.


Spindle for Rocket Chef.

Replacement Parts for Culinary Rocket Chef?I have a Culinary Rocket Chef, 2 speed. I am in need of the spindle. Mine got damaged when left in fry pan with food. Where can obtain a replacement?


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Motto for Day Care Business?I am looking for a motto or slogan for my business, Puddle Ducks Family Day Care. The image for the business is ducks in a row.


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Choosing a Blender?I am trying to decide between a Ninja, Kitchenaid Diamond, Nutribullet, Breville Hemisphere, or something else? I want the best one for ice, hummus, and sofrito.


Black and white dog.

What Breed is My Dog?I got him from a local shelter and they pretty much say everything is a Pit Bull, but I do not believe he is. What do you think?


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