February 21, 2014

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Root Vegetables

Recipes Using Root VegetablesRecipes using individual kinds of root vegetables alone or in combination with others add a whole new veggie option to your menu. This is a page about recipes using root vegetables.


Old Bottle

Finding Out the Value of an Old Bottle?This is a page about finding out the value of an old bottle. There are many ways to come across old glass medicine or beverage containers, but it is not easy to determine their value.


Layered Jello

Making Ribbon and Layered JelloThis is a page about making ribbon and layered Jello. Ribbon Jello is a fun dessert made up of fruity Jello layers and creamy layers. It is perfect for a hot summer day.


Old Magazines

Finding the Value of Old Magazines?This is a page about finding the value of old magazines. Someone else may be interested in these periodicals for their articles and illustrations.


Senior Woman Washing Dishes

Cleaning Tips for Seniors?This is a page about cleaning tips for seniors. As we age it may become necessary or helpful to change how we do chores such as cleaning.


LED Lightbulb

Using LED LightbulbsThis is a page about using LED lightbulbs. LED light bulbs are becoming the next replacement for the incandescent bulb. Their newness in the marketplace and higher cost may cause us to question their purchase and use.


Torn Photo of Happy Couple

Divorce TipsThis page contains divorce tips. Life changes considerably when a partner wants a divorce. There are many private things to settle, and good legal advice can help you through it.


Heated Chicken Coop

Heating a Chicken CoopThis is a page about heating a chicken coop. Keeping your birds warm and healthy through the winter, can require an additional heat source.


Spinach Pie

Spinach Pie RecipesA nutritious leafy vegetable that will make a delicious light pastry dish. This page contains spinach pie recipes.


Parsnips Gratin

Recipes Using ParsnipsThese wonderful roots have a mild carrot flavor and are delicious in side dishes and soups. This page contains recipes using parsnips.


Mobile Home Windows

Cleaning Mobile Home WindowsThis is a page about cleaning mobile home windows. Having clean windows inside and out on your home is wonderful, although it is not always easy to remove screens and reach all parts of the glass.



Turtle and Tortoise PhotosThis is a page about turtle and tortoise photos. Outdoor activities such as a trip to the beach or a hike are enhanced when we are lucky enough to see these interesting reptiles. You can also see them at many zoos.


Rutabaga Soup

Recipes Using RutabagasSweeter than its cousin the turnip, the rutabaga is a delicious, often overlooked root veggie. This is a page about recipes using rutabagas.


Chicken Feed On Grain Bag

Storing Chicken FeedThis is a page about storing chicken feed. Whether you use plastic buckets or other food storage systems, it is important to keep your bird food dry and pest free.



Refrigerator Cycles Off and On?This is a page about refrigerator cycles off and on. There may be something wrong with your appliance when it keeps turning on and off, and it may need some maintenance.



emitter in lamp

Ceramic Heat Emitter for Chicken CoopInstead of using a heat lamp in our chicken coop, we use a ceramic heat emitter typically used for reptiles. It doesn't light up so it won't affect the chickens' sleep pattern.


dipped grilled cheese heart

Grilled Cheese HeartsIf your loved one loves grilled cheese, then this is the perfect lunch. :)


LED bulb in package

Switching to LED LightbulbsWe already use compact fluorescent bulbs in our house, which to be really honest, I haven't been very happy with. They burn out much faster than the packaging claims. It seems like I am always saying, "I just replaced that light!"



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Repairing Damaged Hair?What can I do to get healthy and smooth hair back after having it permed 1 month ago and before that I also had highlights done with blond? 2 years back I had rebonding done as well. Now it's totally damaged and too rough.


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Fixing an Air Mattress Leak?I have found a leak all around the built in motor on my air mattress. Is there anyway to fix it or should I just buy a new one?


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Craftsman Riding Mower Won't Start?I have a Kohler 22.5 h.p. engine in a Craftsman riding mower. It turns over, but won't start. Things I've checked: it has spark and there is gas pumping out of the fuel pump.


Inside pages.

Value of 1910 Nelson's Encyclopedia?I have a 1910 Nelson's Encyclopedia, it has the front cover off, but I have it. Other than that the pages are in excellent shape! Could anyone tell me how much it is worth, if anything?


Black puppy.

What Breed Is My Dog?I got this dog and don't know what kind of breed it is.


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Home Remedies for Worming Cats?I bought an over the counter med for deworming my cats. I gave it to them four days ago and now they seem really sick and I haven't seen any results in their stool. How long does it take and can they live long happy lives with worms?


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Day Care Name Ideas?I am starting a day care. I want to think of a clever name that speaks to education, because we will also be doing early childhood education.


Someone holding a brown flop eared puppy

What Breed is My Dog?We were told she was a Shepherd mix, but mixed with what?


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Do Wrinkle Release Sprays Leave Stains?I have had fabric softener stains on some clothes before, usually if it spilled directly on the fabric. Has anyone found that these wrinkle-release spray recipes leave spots or anything?


Closeup of black puppy.

What Breed is My Dog?Can you please tell me what my Staff puppy is crossed with? I have had my puppy from 5 weeks. I know her mum was a pedigree Staff, but the breeder did not now what dog got to her!


Small brown dog with large ears lying on fleece blanket.

What Breed is My Dog?I recently adopted my dog from the animal shelter. They put him down as a Chihuahua. I had a Chihuahua when I was a little kid and it looked nothing like this one. I've gotten lots of comments from people saying he looks like a fox. At first glance, I agree he does.


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Name for New Interior Design Store?I want a good and eyecatching name for my new interior designing studio with the letters "m" and "s" in it.


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Repairing a Sewing Machine?I just got a vintage Universal sewing machine. I cleaned it very good. It looks great and was sewing great until I removed the inside of the flywheel to clean it. I tried to remove the outside of the flywheel and couldn't. I didn't realize that that would throw it out of line.


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Dog Peeing All Over the House?My dog has suddenly started peeing all over the house. Could this be due to the cat being in heat? He is not marking; it's a lot of pee. I had him checked by a vet; it is not medical.


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