March 4, 2014

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Homemade Corned Beef

Homemade Corned Beef RecipesThis page contains homemade corned beef recipes. Although most popular around St. Patrick's Day, corned beef is a delicious main dish any time.


Man With Indigestion

Natural Remedies for IndigestionThis is a page about natural remedies for indigestion (dyspepsia). A pain or burning sensation in the upper abdomen is a disorder of the digestive tract.


Hawaiian Luau

Hawaiian Luau RecipesThis page contains Hawaiian luau recipes. A fun party or wedding theme especially when winter seems way too long, is a Hawaiian luau.


Paper Mache Butterfly

Making Paper Mache?This is a page about making paper mache. A hardened material consisting of paper pieces or pulp bound with glue, to create all kinds of fun and useful things.


Triangle Quilt Blocks

Making Half Square Triangle Quilt BlocksThis is a page about making half square triangle quilt blocks. Half square triangle quilt blocks (HST) are a common component of patchwork quilts.


Man with Arthritis in His Knee

Living with ArthritisThis affliction can interfere with normal living. Finding remedies to reduce the pain and ways to decrease the strain of daily tasks will improve your life. This is a page about living with arthritis.


Red Exterior Door

Paint Color Ideas for Exterior Door?This is a page about paint color ideas for exterior door. Your exterior doors, especially the front door, can be painted to coordinate or contrast with your house paint.


Blue Bandana

Craft Projects Using BandanasThis is a page about craft projects using bandanas. These large handkerchiefs can be used in a variety of ways to fashion clothing and other fabric projects.


Empty Pill Bottles

Craft Ideas for Used Medicine or Pill BottlesRather than throwing them away or into the recycle bin, you can make many creative projects using medicine or pill bottles. This is a page about craft ideas for used medicine or pill bottles.


Woman Speaking with Credit Union Teller

Using Credit UnionsThis is a page about using credit unions. Credit unions are member owned and governed by elected board members. Often membership is limited by employers.


Canned Corned Beef

Recipes Using Canned Corned BeefThis page contains recipes using canned corned beef. When making corned beef and cabbage, corned beef hash, or a ruben sandwich, it may be as easy as opening a can.



Greek Chicken Breasts

Greek Chicken BreastsThis is a really tasty and wholesome chicken recipe. I LOVE sundried tomatoes, feta, and artichoke hearts, so it hit the spot. I really liked the use of fresh ingredients.


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Suet Treat Recipe for the BirdsPut this mixture in a suet cage and watch your birds enjoy.


Pot O' Gold Doughnuts

Pot O' Gold DoughnutsThese cute little pot o' gold doughnuts are a great treat to make for St. Patrick's Day.



The egg seller for the day

George (Dog)George, the egg seller for the day, waiting for his first customer.


Stained Walls (Los Angeles)

Stained Walls (Los Angeles)Took a trip around Los Angeles "Underground Graffiti Yards" and took some photos of the tools used rather then the art made.


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Join a Sewing GroupJoin a local sewing group, such as a Quilting Guild or American Sewing Guild that meets in your area. They usually have a free table with all sorts of free things members don't want anymore or just want to clear out the clutter.


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Use Heat to Exterminate Bed BugsI live in an apartment for senior citizens and we had a few bedbug incidences. They called in an exterminator and they use heat to get rid of them. I was really scared and went and got plastic covers for my box spring and mattress.


Cutting off dog ears at corners.

Making Half Square Triangle Quilt BlocksThe half square triangle (HST) is a very common component of patchwork quilts. These blocks consist of two right triangles. Because of the stretchy nature of fabric cut on the bias, it may be preferable to make your half squares in the following way, rather than cutting out triangles and sewing them together.



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Babysitting Service Name?Hi my name is Caitlin. I am starting a baby sitting service with my friend Kayla. We can't seem to find a name for our service. Do you have any suggestions?


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Locating and Getting Rid of Bad Odor in House?For 2-3 days we are smelling a bad odour only in my room. We suspect it is probably a mouse or rat (I hate the most). Firstly we thought it could be in the split AC fan and did a complete service of the whole AC. They found nothing in it and fixed it back. The smell still exists :(


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Microwaveable Beanbag Burned in Microwave?I heated up a microwaveable bean bag (the kind you put around your neck, or on your feet), for too long and it burnt to black char. The microwave was filled with smoke. Is the burnt beanbag toxic? And will I be able to cook food in it again safely?


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Recipe for Swiss Roll Cake Mix?How do you make a perfect Swiss roll mix?


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Uploading Photos to Computer?I have a computer and I want to upload a picture, but there is no option in the list for computer screen size.


Dog standing.

What Breed is My Dog?We adopted our boy so we're not 100% sure what breed he is. He likes to curl his tail up.


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Help to Build a Dream?My father bought a burned down property across the street about 4 years ago. He told me recently that if my wife and I wanted the property, we could buy it for the $1,000.00 he paid for it. It sits on 3/4 acre. Everything is burned down except the bricks and 20% of the frame.


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Planting Tulips?I was given a pot of tulips and they are done blooming. What do I do to be able to plant them this spring?


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Removing Urine from a Wool Rug?My daughter had an accident on a handmade wool rug. I am wondering what the best solution for this is?


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Trumpet Vine Not Blooming?I planted a trumpet vine approximately five years ago at the base of an oak tree. It has grown up the tree at least forty feet, but never blooms. It is in a sunny location. It is amazing that it flourishes, but does not bloom. Why?


Large Native American style doll.

Value of Kateri of the Mohawk Porcelain Doll?I was recently given a Kateri of the Mohawk porcelain doll. It stands roughly 3ft tall and it has come with a book and coin. Any ideas on the value?


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Girl's 14th Birthday Party ideas?I am turning 14 in October, even though it's far away "my mom likes to plan early.". I will invite boys and girls, probably there will be a lot of people, I live in a apartment so no basement and I cannot do outdoor things, the pool will be closed.....


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Using Oxiclean?Is Oxiclean wash a good disinfectant and whitener? How do I know what I can use it on without damage?


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Foot Pedal on Janome Machine Not Working?I have a Janome 1550 and it has all been working fine. I just filled my bobbin up. Then I threaded it all through. I pulled the bobbin thread up. When I went to press my foot on the pedal, it makes the noise that it's working, but the needle isn't working or going up and down.


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Sewing Machine Not Stitching?My New Home 691 sewing machine worked fine until I touched the tension knob and it fell off. I replaced it, but now it will not sew, ie. make stitches. Please help.


Black dog.

Dog Won't Eat Dry Food and Throwing Up Wet Food?My dog is about 2.5 years old and he has been eating dry food since I got him. Recently he has stopped eating his dry food and won't eat until after he pukes up stomach acid. I started giving him 1/2 dry and 1/2 wet, but he would only eat the wet.


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Art or Decorations for Brown Kraft Wallpaper?I covered one of my kid's room walls with brown kraft paper. Though it looks good, since it is a kid's room (boys), something looks missing. The curtains in the room are of a dark green color with gold leaves. Can someone please suggest what can be added to this wall to make it look good of a boy's room.


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Removing Well Water Stains on Shower?I have well water stains on my plastic shower. How do remove them?


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Daycare Name?I'm looking for a daycare name for my mother. Her name is Ann. I would like the name to either be Christian-like, or to be educational. Any ideas?


Lying down inside.

What is His Breed?I was told when I got him from the pound that he was a Siberian Husky Bull Terrier mix, but I don't really see the Husky in him and was wondering what you guys think.


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