December 10, 2014

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muffins with fruit

Breakfast Muffin RecipesA great way to start the day is with a nutritious meal. Muffins not only taste good, but can be packed with grains, nuts, seeds and fruits. This page contains breakfast muffin recipes.


Glass jar of ghee.

Making GheeThis is a page about making ghee. Ghee is expensive to buy but you can make your own by separating the oil from the milky solids, to enhance many recipes.


woman sitting outside small shop

Supporting Local Stores at ChristmasThis is a page about supporting local stores at Christmas. You can help your community be prosperous by doing your holiday purchasing in neighborhood stores.


oatmeal with strawberries and blueberries

Homemade Oatmeal RecipesThis is a page about homemade oatmeal recipes. A hearty breakfast cereal that can be enhanced in many delicious ways with fruits, nuts, spices and dairy.


lighted Christmas reindeer display

Reusing Outdoor Christmas DisplaysThis is a page about reusing outdoor Christmas displays. When you can no longer get the lights to work on your reindeer or other outside ornament frames, they can be used in the garden in interesting ways.



finished seek sack

Making a Seek SackThis sort of thing is also called an I Spy Bag or a Peek-A-Boo Bag, but I call them Seek Sacks. I'm a sucker for alliteration. Anyway, this is a sort of solitaire hide-and-seek game involving a bag with a clear window, some sort of neutrally colored filler, and small tokens, toys, or other items.


vintage perfume bottle

Champagne PerfumeA great gift for the love of your life, the person who has everything, or even to go with a special event like favors at a bridal shower.


arched back

Sprocket (Torbie)I play in a tabletop roleplaying game called Shadowrun, and my good friend, who plays the main warrior of the group, said she had a friend from work whose cat had kittens and she was looking for a home for them. She knew I had been thinking of getting a cat, and so I said I would go look at them.


replica of the US Capitol

Christmas in Our CapitalWe recently visited Washington DC and went to our National Botanical Gardens. What a feast for the eyes! I saw amazing plants and trees that I never knew existed and even got to walk along an upper balcony that felt like walking amongst the canopy of the rain forest.


cat in a red jacket

Mocha Latte (Calico)Earlier this year, I was all ready for a kitten. I had bought food, a litter box, litter, toys, a brush, a bed, everything I needed. The only thing I was missing was the kitten.


finished card

Sweet Christmas Present CardChristmas is traditionally a time of giving and of sharing small gifts with one another. Bring this tradition into your card-making skills and make this festive Christmas card. The gift on the front of the card will serve as a reminder of the greatest gift given to mankind, the real reason behind Christmas.



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Village Wallpaper Border?Looking for Village Wallpaper border 6.78 PAT#95020.


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Severely Damaged Hair from Perms?I have previously had my hair stripped, like 6 months ago, and had two perms done to my hair within the space of a month or so. It is now two months later and I have only just realised that I have hair that has broken off and left about an inch from my scalp.


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Maytag Washer Displaying Error Codes?I have a Maytag Epic z front loader. Why is my washer showing a f 12 and a 5 d code? It acts like it is having trouble pumping the water out.


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Keeping Bra Straps from Slipping?How can I keep my bra straps in place? I wear a Genie bra, and the straps are different than the usual bra.


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Removing Old Iron-on Transfer Ink?I am refurbishing a white cotton nightgown for a gift. I had used some transfers that are at least 25-30 years old on the front placket. I didn't embroidery all of them and I need to remove the ones that are still showing.


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Value of 1936 Texas Centennial Edition Encyclopedia?I am looking for the value of a complete set of 1936 Texas Centennial Edition Encyclopedias. It is in good condition except it has library catalogue info on the spine. The original wood bookshelf would be included.


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Red Dye Transferred in Wash?Red leaked on white clothes. How do I fix this?


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Home Repair Grants for a Disabled Woman?I had a roof that leaked and now have mold in several rooms, also with windows that are rotting out, and holes in my floors. I do not have money to fix these problems. Are there any grants for someone like me?


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Curtain Color Advice?I have a very small hallway with chocolate color walls. What colour curtains and light shade would break it up?


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Day Care Centre Name Ideas?I'm opening a day care centre soon and I want help on a catchy name. The day care has been inspired by my two children, Leeroy and Lisa. Any creative name along those lines would be nice.


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Removing Hair Dye from Painted Wall?How do I remove hair dye from a wall?


closeup of Jackson sitting

What Breed Is My Dog?Jackson has been with us for about 3 months now. I was told he was a Boston Terrier/Lab mix puppy. His mother was said to be a pure bred Boston Terrier and his father was a Lab mix. My dad's fiance, pointed out some very uncanny resemblances to Pitbull in Jackson.


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Selling Porcelain Dolls?I have 22 porcelain dolls from the 80s. I inherited these dolls and have to sell them. They have never been out of the boxes. They are Hamilton, Paradise, etc. I can only find 1 of them online. These were high priced dolls! What is the fastest way to sell them?


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Garage Door Keypad Not Working?When entering the code on the keypad on my small garage door, the door will not open. When entering the code for the large (two-car) door, both doors open! Both remotes work fine for each door. Everything works well on the wall unit.


small brown dog on bed

What Breed is My Dog?This is my little dog, Tiny. We rescued her from an abusive home when she was only 9 weeks old. She is 3 now and she's definitely a miniature something, she is tiny! She is also the runt of the litter, she has a Jack Russell in her I'm sure of it, but not too sure what she's mixed with.


closeup of red dog

What Breed Is My Dog?We rescued Gatsby a couple weeks ago. We know he is a Pomeranian mix, but my husband and I disagree with what the mix is. Terrier? Heeler? Help! He looks just like a fox which we love.


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Unique Anniversary Party Invitation Gift Ideas?For my parents' anniversary party, I want to give a gift, such as a basket of chocolates, with an invitation scroll, rather than a simple card.


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220 Outlet Not Working?My meter shows 220, but when I plug my cord in my new unit won't turn on. How can I find the problem? It's not the new unit.


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Removing Stamp Pad Ink from Paper?I want to remove stamp pad ink from paper.


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Getting Bonded in North Carolina?How do I get bonded for a job delivering for a drug store?


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16th Birthday Ideas?I'm turning 16 on the 9th of February and I have absolutely no idea what to do. I want something fun and enjoyable but not something huge like a party as I don't have many friends and am not really into parties.


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Carpet Smells Musty?My carpet is 1 year old. It has not gotten wet, however, it suddenly smells musty. It is very prominent under furniture that lays flat against the carpet. It is throughout the house. Could it be the actual carpet?


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Real Estate Company Name Ideas?I am into the real estate business. I am an estate surveyor by qualification and I want to set up my own office. I need a suitable name to use as my company name. I am looking for an easy name that will suit a real estate business.


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Using an Apple as a Pincushion?Is it possible to use an apple as a pincushion?


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Whirlpool Washer Clean Washer Cycle Not Working?I have a Whirlpool Duet Steam washer, the clean washer cycle has stopped working. When I try to use it, it goes through the cycle, but does not send any water into the machine and when it gets down to 1 minute it will not cut off.


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Giving Food and Family Magazine as a Gift?How do I give Food and Family magazine as a gift?


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Crate Training a Puppy?My Chihuahua is 3 months old and I have been trying to crate train him. I work during the day 8-5 and go home at lunch to let him out. He no longer has accidents in the house while I am home and does not squeal as long as I am in sight.


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Eligibility for Social Security Survivor Benefits?My ex is collecting child support from me for my son. I just found out that she also gets Social Security for my son from her live in boyfriend who passed away like 10 years ago. My son does have that guy's last name, but is it legal for her to do this?


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