January 13, 2015

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Girl Holding her Lost Tooth

Tooth Fairy IdeasThis is a page about tooth fairy ideas. As your child grows one by one those little teeth fall out. Playing the tooth fairy can be lots of fun.



Lovebird Photos and InformationThis is a page about lovebird photos and information. There are nine species of these small parrots. Lovebirds are active, cheerful and enjoy being paired.



Storing Yeast?This is a page about storing yeast. Keeping your baking or brewing yeast alive, will ensure it will be active when you need to use it.



Bermudagrass InformationThis is a page about bermudagrass information. Varieties of bermudagrass (wire grass) have become a noxious weed in some areas where it has been introduced. It has the ability to thrive under almost any conditions.


Sweaty Body Odor

Remedies for Body OdorThis is a page about remedies for body odor. Determining why a body smells even after bathing and what to do differently, can be a challenge.


Veggie Wrap

Veggie Wrap RecipesA quick, healthy wrap of tortilla or lettuce is delicious for any meal, and can be made with a variety of ingredients. This page contains veggie wrap recipes.


Used Furniture

Selling Used Furniture?This is a page about selling used furniture. When you have no need for preloved home furnishings, you can sell them in a variety of ways.



Revamping Thrift Store Figurines - hot pink and light blue owl figurines

Revamping Thrift Store FigurinesDo you ever see a figurine at Goodwill or a yard sale and think, "It would be cute if it were a different color."? Well you are in luck. Next time buy that ugly figurine, a can of primer and of spray paint, and turn it into something awesome!



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Removing Water Marks on Wood TV Cabinet?My grandson was wet sanding his motercycle in the garage. I had a TV cabinet stored there and he splashed sanding water on it and left white marks. How do I get them off?


Princess Diana doll in box.

Value of Diana Princess of Wales Porcelain...I would like to know how much the doll is worth. The doll is in perfect condition, still in the original box. I have all the original papers. The doll has never been removed from the box. There is a crown, a white long stem rose, and a white clutch purse all in the box with the Diana porcelain doll.


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Cat Repellent?I have a male neutered house cat. In the evening a female feral cat comes to the patio door and they converse. How can I keep her away, she is starting to stay longer and longer. Our cat does go outside under supervision so I need something that doesn't repel him.



Decorating a Home to Add Warmth?I will be buying a small house that has light grey carpet and light blue walls. It has white trim. It is very nice and peaceful, but I would like add a touch of warmth to it. Any suggestions? The house is my friend's second house and it is her furniture.


young woman holding puppy

What Breed Is This Dog?We are thinking of rescuing a dog from a shelter, but don't know the breed.


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One Switch on Multi-switch Panel Intermittent?We have a 4 switch panel in our kitchen and every light it controls works fine except the one in the garage. Sometimes it comes on and sometimes it doesn't. It is completely random as far as I can tell.


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Circuit Breaker On But No Power?My circuit breaker is in the on position. The orange light on the breaker is on, and there is no power.


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Parvo Information?I'm wanting to get a new puppy. She is a survivor of parvo, but my sister has a puppy also and he has only had his first shot. I'm worried about if the new puppy can give my sister's puppy parvo? The owners of the puppy I want say that she has had tests done and they were clean.


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Wall Paint Color Advice?We have cherry woodwork, dark wood floors, and cream leather couches, with neutral chairs. One is a brown/black tweed and one is a cordovan color leather. The curtains are black and cream. The living room, dining room, and kitchen paint needs to be the same.


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Selling Trees?I have land with trees and would like to sell them. How do I go about that?


brown and tan dog on towel

What Am I Mixed With?I'm trying to find this little guy a home, but I am having trouble trying to determine what he is mixed with. He was a stray that wandered into my garage and I know he is part Chihuahua, but much larger in comparison to the other two Chihuahuas that I own.


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Circuit Stops Working in Cold Weather?I have a detached garage and the dusk to dawn light and garage door opener are on the same circuit. Anytime the temps drop below 20F that circuit, and no other, stops working. It starts back again once it warms above 20, all other times it works fine.


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Super Fresco Wallpaper #13104?Does anyone know where I can find SuperFresco embossed white paintable wallpaper pattern 13104?


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Breakers Keep Tripping in My Apartment?I live in an apartment and my circuit breakers trip all the time. It seems like most of my apartment is on just a couple of breakers. Just an example, using a space heater and computer speakers in my garage trips a breaker when my roommate turns on an iron in the living room.


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Hair Damaged After a Perm?I just went to a beauty school to get a "loose perm" and I showed them a picture of what I wanted. They said the curls would be a tiny bit tighter than those, but they would loosen up after 2 or 3 washes. And they did it and once it was done it looked horrible.


tricolor puppy sitting

What Breed Is My Puppy?We got her at the pound. What do you think she is a mix of?


spots on purse

Pattern Transferred from One Purse to...I have a yellow plastic, maybe pleather, purse that got impressed on by an animal print purse when stored in the same bin. So now it has random darker yellow snake skin spots on my yellow purse. It almost looks like the plastic top got suctioned or stuck to the yellow layer under it.


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Name Ideas for Home Daycare Business?I've worked in child care for awhile. I decided to open a family daycare center, for ages 0-12. I am looking for a name that I can put on my business license, that hasn't been used before. I could use a lot of help, as there are so many out there these days.


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm 13 and my birthday is on January 26, but the 24th is the date for the party. I was thinking about a pool party, but I know some girls are insecure about their bathing suits; to be honest I am. I want to please every one.


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