February 3, 2015

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Kitten in Animal Rescue

Donations to Animal RescueThis is a page about donations to animal rescue. Helping support organizations that help unwanted pets find new homes, can be done in a variety of ways.


Grandchild Giving Flowers to Grandmother Gratitude

Teaching Grandchildren GratitudeIt is important for young people to understand the need to show appreciation for gifts given to them. This is a page about teaching grandchildren gratitude.


Petroleum Jelly

Uses for Petroleum JellyThis is a page about uses for petroleum jelly. A soft paraffin-like product, commercially known as Vaseline, that can be helpful for many personal needs and around the house.


Beet Jelly

Beet Jelly RecipesThis page contains beet jelly recipes. A distinctively delicious, nutritious jelly can be made with beet roots.


Dishwasher Detergent

Other Uses for Dishwasher DetergentThis is a page about other uses for dishwasher detergent. Dishwasher powdered detergent can be helpful cleaning other things.



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Save Money with Digital BooksWe love books but our book collection required bookshelves which required wall space and that means more square footage, which meant a larger house. That larger house required larger payments for mortgage and taxes.


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Add Sugar or Salt to Enhance Food FlavorsWhen you are cooking any and all food dishes, always add a teaspoon of sugar. It enhances the spices and flavors of what you are making; as does salt to any sweet recipes you are about to make.


Horton cover

Decoupaged Light Switch PlateRecently on Pinterest, I saw the most darling switch plate cover, covered in glitter. So, I pulled out my favorite wrapping paper and went to town with the modge podge. In my kid's room, I used a copy of a Dr. Seuss book and covered the plates with those.


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Hang Wet Laundry in Bedroom to Prevent NosebleedsI line dry most of our laundry. My husband gets nosebleeds in the winter. To solve both, I started putting a load on the rack in our bedroom before he goes to bed.


finished miniature tree

My Sweet Lollipop Miniature TreeMake a lollipop tree and surprise your loved one this Valentine's Day. The tree is pretty to look at and hides a sweet little surprise. Your Valentine will definitely not miss this message of love.


Shrimp Scampi

Light Shrimp ScampiThis recipe is a family favorite and, unlike many of our favorites, this one is healthy! My kids love it. It is excellent over spinach pasta.



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Coordinating Valances?I painted my dining room with one wall dark burgundy and three walls a light/medium grey. It is a very large room and very sunny. The burgundy wall has two windows and the grey wall has one. What colors should I go with for window valances?


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Fabric is Stuck to the Carpet?My daughter used an iron on transfer and did it on the carpet. The t-shirt has now stuck onto her floor. After pulling it up there is a patch that ripped off, and is still stuck on the floor. How do I get the T-shirt patch off the carpet?


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Kitchen Paint Color Advice?What colour should I paint my kitchen walls when the tiles are a pale mint green and the units are beech?


view of room paint scheme

Living Room Curtain Colour Advice?My living room colour is custard apple with a single wall in pumpkin harvest, as the highlighter. Please suggest a curtain colour.


Google map of property

Selling Trees for Lumber?We would like to sell our trees off of a 2 acre lot that is full, but don't know where to start.


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Value of 1963 Encyclopedia Britannica?I have a set of Encyclopaedia Britannica 1963, William Benton publisher and printed by Hazell Watson and Viney. I have volumes 6/9/13/17/18/19/20/21/22 and the index. The company who published them started in 1786. Are they worth anything just as a set or in single books?


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Selling a Porcelain Doll Collection?I am selling my porcelain doll collection and was wondering how much would they all be worth? I had them for years. Do you know how much my Danny the Dalmatian porcelain doll and Kyler the kitty porcelain doll would be worth? I also have other dolls.


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Value of Collector's Classics Doll?I have a petite porcelain doll by Collector's Classics no. 005651. How much is it worth? It comes with a hard case.


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Value of 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica?I have a 1911, 11th edition Encyclopedia Britannica which I know is the rare valuable old encyclopedia set. We acquired it in a bookcase exactly the size needed for the complete set. Does anyone know if such a case was ever sold with the books originally or was it custom made later?


tan dog maybe Pit Bull

What Breed Is My Dog?I think she is a Pit Bull, but I don't know.


dark mark on bottom of tub

Repairing Acrylic Bathtub Finish?I used liquid soap (which is for the toilet bowl) to remove a small stain from my acrylic bathtub, and kept it on for awhile. After washing, I found the enamel came off on that portion leaving a blackish colour. It seems like the paint came off. The mark is spreading everyday.


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Discontinued Brewster Wallpaper?I am looking for Brewster wallpaper from Via Allure book #174-58814.


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Teaching a Puppy Not to Chew?Our great Dane is 7 months. She stays outside during the day in a wooden kennel. She goes in the garden and chews our sprinkler pipes. How can we make her stop? We tried to close it up with a fence about a meter high. She still goes through.


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Recoating a George Forman Grill?I have a George Foreman grill, model 3 GR30Bw. Can the coating be re-done on this model? Someone cleaned it, scrubbed it and took a lot of the coating off!


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Value of Encyclopedia Britannica?I have complete set, 1-25, of the encyclopedia Britannica 1961, William Benton publisher. It says, "with dedicated by permission the head of the two english-speaking peoples John Fizgerald Kennedy, president of USA and her majesty Queen Elizabeth II. What is the value?


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Bedroom Paint Color Advice?I have burgundy carpet with touches of turquoise. I'll be making a bedroom, out of what was formerly an office. I have a turquoise headboard and 2 white bunk beds. What color should I paint the walls?


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17th Birthday Ideas?My birthday is on March 16th and I don't know what I want to do for my birthday. Any ideas?


table clock

Finding Schematics for Clock?Where can I find the scheme for a Quartz 85 W085/00675? I have to reassemble this clock for my grand father.


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Wired in Smoke Alarm?My wired in smoke alarm does not beep when I press it to test it. There is a green light on it that I can see when it is dark. Does this mean it is working OK?


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Muffins Stick to the Paper?Why do my bran muffins stick to the paper?


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Sharing Bills With Partner?My partner is 40 years old and was a full time student. She graduated 8 months ago and has been looking for work, but will only take a full time job in her field. I bought us a home 6 months ago and she agreed to buy the food and pay the bills. She has still yet to find a job, but gets $900 per month from her ex husband.


tan puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?I got this little girl the other day. The person said she is a Chihuahua mix, but didn't know what she's mixed with.


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Drano Stained Sink and Laminate Countertop?Drano splashed on my black stone sink and laminate counter top and left white stains that go away when wet, but come back when dry. Please help me!


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Dyeing Hair at Home?Will I gt a better result if I cover my hair with a plastic bag to trap the heat when doing my roots from dark brown to Live xxl 00b max blonde?


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Selling Aluminum Pop Tabs?Where can I sell my pop can tabs. I have quite a lot.


wall with print

Rug and Curtain Colors?I have a light green (sage) dining room with a light wood floor. The table I will be putting in is a chestnut color. I added a picture of the 2 of the rugs I'm stuck between. Which rug should I use and what color curtains should I consider? I was planning on keeping the Chat Noir picture up.


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Removing Musty Smell from Porcelain Doll?How do I get rid of the smell of damp from the doll and box?


tan dog with neck scarf

What Breed Is My Girl?I was told she is a terrier mix.


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Value of 1974 Childcraft Encyclopedia?I have a complete set of 1974 Childcraft Encyclopedia, plus the yearly books from 1975-1992. Can you tell me what they are worth and where I can sell them?


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Once I Start Shaving Am I Committed For Life?Right now it's winter so I really don't need to shave. I'm a diver, and no one really stares at my legs. When I have gym at school, I have to wear shorts. I see some people looking at my legs when I'm sitting on the floor.


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17th Birthday Ideas?I have no clue what to do for my 17 birthday.


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Getting Hair Color Back to Natural?Years ago I had a lovely light brown colour, but got so bored of it and went black. In one year I think I dyed it about 3-4 times. It's been a good year and a bit since I put black in my hair and no matter how much my hair has grown it has stayed dark.


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Feeding Lady Bugs?What do lady bugs eat?


plum wall

Curtain and Area Rug Color Advice?I have a plum accent wall in my living room which the window is on. The other three walls are cream. I have olive green furniture with plum accent pillows. I am not sure what color curtains to put up against the plum wall without there being too much cream. Also not sure for an area rug.


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Small Flea-like Flies?We are infested by tiny flea-like flies. I discovered lots of what looked like brown rice on a shelf in my cupboard, have also found these in pans and dishes around the kitchen, but on closer investigation found these to be a type of shell the flies broke free from. What can they be?


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Washer Keeps Turning Off and On?My 1998 Kenmore toploader keeps turning on and off in the cycle, every minute or so. It eventually finishes the cycle. I can also smell an odor that I might describe as electronic burnt part? Could it be a timer issue, because I don't hear the timer clicking when it is in its off cycle?


Pom mix maybe

What Breed Is My Dog?The photos are of my little pup when I first got her and now at 3 1/2 months old (3.6kg). We were told she was a Pomeranian, but she still has a short coat, her ears have not stood up fully yet and she is heavier than the average Pomeranian.


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Dog Peeing on Rug Since Death of Other Pet?I have just lost my older dog, who had bladder problems. I had to have her put to sleep a couple of weeks ago. I know my Yorkie Poo has grieved for her. Now all of a sudden she has peed on the rug just like the older dog would do, although I got a new area rug. Could this be the reason?


white and brown puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?We got this little girl when she was about 10 weeks old from someone that couldn't keep her. All he was told was that she was mixed with old English bully. I for sure see it with her loose skin. Some have said she may be mixed with Boxer or Pit. Either way we love her. 


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Hall Lights and Door Bell Not Working?I've recently changed the light, connected to an extractor fan, in the downstairs toilet from a spot light to a standard ceiling rose fitting. The light in the toilet and extractor work fine, but the two hall lights now do not work and the front door bell has stopped working. Are these connected in any way?


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