February 6, 2015

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Antiques and Collectibles

Finding the Value for Antiques and...This is a page about finding the value for antiques and collectibles. Finding the value of your antiques and collectibles can be helpful if you are thinking of selling them or for insurance purposes.


Chili Soup

Chili Soup RecipesAlthough very similar to traditional chili in flavor, chili soup may be more like a soup with a thinner base. This page contains chili soup recipes.


Maple Tree

Growing Maple TreesRed maple, sugar, maple, Japanese maple, there are several species of maple tree from which to choose. This is a page about growing maple trees.


Living Room Colors

Living Room Color Scheme AdviceThis is a page about living room color scheme advice. Choosing the right color scheme for your living room may seem daunting.


Glass Block

Selling Glass Block CraftsThis is a page about selling glass block crafts. If you really enjoy making seasonal and other occasion crafts using glass blocks, perhaps you have thought of selling them.


Halloween Card

Making a Halloween CardThis is a page about making a Halloween card. Halloween is the perfect holiday to put your card making skills to work. This is a page about making a Halloween card.



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Print Albums Instead of PicturesI have thousands of pictures that I will never have time to sort through and dozens of old photo albums. Now, I make quarterly a picture book. It cost between $25-30 dollars. And they are simple, light weight, customized, great conversation piece on my coffee table. And they can travel well with me


four masks of different fabric

Soft Fabric Sleep MaskI once purchased a sleep mask in the dollar bin at Joann's. My girls are always fighting for who gets to use it. So, why not make one for everyone? This is a very simple and inexpensive project. It even costs less than the one I got in the dollar bin!


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Moving Canned Goods to New HomeWhen I move, I buy two large trash cans with wheels. I store all my food stuff in the new trash cans. The trash cans hold a great deal of weight and are easy to move with the wheels. If anything breaks, the cans are water proof.


items in box 2

S'mores for Two Gift BoxNo need to make reservations and venture out for Valentine's day like everyone else. With this gift, you can cozy up with your loved one and make some s'mores while watching your favorite movie.


one of each decorated cupcake wrapper

Sweet Valentine Cupcake WrappersThe saying goes that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. What better way to win his affection this Valentine's Day than with a few delicious cupcakes. Cover the cupcakes in some pretty handmade cupcake wrappers, and you are sure to bowl him over.


up close of bouquet

Valentine's S'mores BouquetA fun twist on a candy bouquet, this bouquet is perfect to cozy up with your loved one and toast a yummy treat!


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Apple Cinnamon LoafA layered apple cinnamon loaf for a delicious treat.



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SSI and Child SupportMy son is 18 and draws SSI. He gets a child support check from his father. The SSI is not much because he gets that support check. When my disabled son turns 19 am I required to draw directly the full amount from SSI which will be more of course if his father has no support obligations.


lying on floor

Dog Breed IdentificationMy rescue looks like part Catahoula and ? She is hyper, runs like the wind, has a 36 inch vertical jump, chews, and digs. She loves children, but seems to be somewhat protective. Delta weighs 38 lbs and is almost a year old. She is definitely an alpha.


large brown dog in snow

What Bred Is My Dog?What kind of dog do I have? He is 2 years old, supposedly half German half Lab. He has a tanish/blackish coat with black masked face. He also has black/tan tail with white tip and it can curl up.


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Bedroom Curtain and Accessory Color AdviceI just gutted my bedroom. I have new wardrobes which are dark maple and cream doors. What colour suggestions for bedding, curtains, etc.?


closeup of puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?I'm trying to decide if my puppy looks like a Great Pyrenees. What do you think?


red accent wall living room

Curtain Colour AdviceI have a silver grey corner sofa, with grey/brown fur scatter cushions and a couple of red cushions, in a large light filled room with 2 windows and a red accent wall. What colour curtains would you recommend? The floor is wood with large cream rug.


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Pruning a Fig TreeTo what height can I cut back a mature fig tree to get it to grow like a bush instead?


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Dog Pees and Poops InsideSo I got this 8 month old Pug from my coworker. He was crate trained, but not house broken. He is now 1, he knows to ask to go out. But about every other week he has days where he whines after he's gone instead of B4.


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Momma Finch DiedMomma finch has been sitting on the eggs for about 2 weeks. I found her dead in the bottom of the cage, will the daddy finch continue to sit on them and be able to care for them if any of the 4 eggs hatch?



Curtain Color AdviceAll of my furniture is white, except for a chair and table that is white with wooden legs (pine). My decor is mainly light pinks/blues. My curtains are currently a sand color, I was thinking to just buy some white curtains, but wasn't sure if that was too much white?


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Bags for Decosonic Vacuum Sealer - Model 828Please does anyone knows where to get refill bags for a model 828 Decosonic vacuum sealer? Answers would be appreciated.


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Selling Trees on PropertyMy mother died and left to my brother and I 86 acres of land near Albany, New York. A man called my brother last week and wanted to know if he could cut down the ash trees on the property. How do we handle this issue so we are assured we are not being swindled?


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Dashboard Lights FlickerMy dash lights flicker intermittently, at idle or at speed. When at idle, the engine revs a bit and if I listen closely, it sounds like there is an old tape rewinding, no joke. It is becoming more frequent.


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Gritty FudgeI have read many of the posts, but have a few questions. Mine seems fine until I remove it from the heat and add the chocolate chips. Suddenly it becomes sandy/gritty and I have to try and save it.


tan puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?I bought a puppy for my son. I was told that she was a red/blue nose Pit. She's about 2 1/2 months. What do you think?


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Removing Stains from UggsI spilled Scope like mouthwash on my Uggs. There's a big green stain on the front. I'm using Ugg cleaner, but that still doesn't work. How do I get it off? I just brought these Uggs.


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Making Clorox Bottle Easter Bunny BasketsHas anyone found where you can buy the faces for the old fashioned Clorox bottle bunnies?


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New Spiral Perm Tight and FrizzyYesterday I got a perm and it was really frizzy and didn't reflect the large rod patten. It was really out of control, with very tight curls. Today I gave it a 30 minute conditioning which helped and I took a curling iron to a lot of it. It looks so much better. Did I ruin this because of what I did?


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Installing a New Circuit BreakerI installed a new 20 amp breaker and hooked wires to it, ground, black and white. I put it in the breaker box and flipped the switch and it trips the breaker. The other end of the wire is hooked to nothing. I am obviously doing something wrong in the breaker box.


couch and curtains

Curtain Color AdviceMy living room is painted light pink and we bought a grey sofa. Now it is not at all matching with each other. I want to buy new curtains. Can you please tell what should be the color of curtains to give my living room a fresh look?


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Lightening Dyed HairI recently dyed my hair on my own at home and I want it to be somewhat more lighter then it is now. Does anyone know if I went to a salon if they would be able to make it lighter although I just dyed it a few days ago?


dog in pink tutu

What Breed Is My Dog?We were told she was a full miniature Dachshund. Obviously this is not so. When she was a puppy, she appeared to be more Dachshund. Her legs are very long. She weighs about 9 pounds. The vet has thought she was mixed with Chihuahua, but I just don't think that's right.


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Training a Pit Bull Puppy Not to BiteI have a 5 week old Pit Bull puppy. How do I stop her from biting people?


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Pup With Periodic DiarrheaOnce a month after being spayed my miniature Dachshund gets diarrhea. I was wondering why?


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Social Security Survivor BenefitsMy dad died when I was 11. I was then in the state's custody for 2-4 years and I was told that the state can't take your death benefits even when your in foster care. So my question is where did all of that money go?


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