March 26, 2015

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stitching opening closed on pillow foam

Making a Pillow FormThis is a page about making a pillow form. If you can't find the right size form for your project try making one yourself.


brown cow magnet

Making Vintage Fridgie Diet Reminder MagnetsThis is a page about making vintage fridgie diet reminder magnets. These cute vintage style magnets may not keep you on your diet, but they will make you smile while you sneak a snack.


looking down into potato cage with new growth

Building a Potato CageThis is a page about building a potato cage. A popular way to grow potatoes is to use a cage type structure for planting your crop.


sheet of particle board

Staining Particle Board Flooring?This is a page about staining particle board flooring. You can improve the look of this bonded waste wood underlayment, until you can finish the floor properly with carpet, tile, linoleum or wood.


red stuffed lobster toy with an eye patch

Making an Eye Patch for a Damaged Stuffed AnimalIf you are looking for a creative way to repair a stuffy that has lost an eye, this may be the solution. This is a page about making an eye patch for a stuffed animal.


pan of acorns on oven rack

Preparing Acorns for CraftsThis is a page about preparing acorns for crafts. There are a lot of fun crafts that you can do with acorns. To avoid pests and mold, it is important to clean and dry the acorns completely.


using turkey as a napkin ring

Making a Felt and Ribbon TurkeyThis is a page about making a felt and ribbon turkey. These cute, easy to make, fall or Thanksgiving decorations can be used to make other projects as well, such as a napkin ring or a garland.


felt flowers and beads

Making Felt FlowersThis is a page about making felt flowers. Easy, fun flowers can be created with felt strips, scissors, and glue, to decorate all kinds of things.


ribbon covered necklace with large bow

Making a Ribbon-Covered NecklaceThis is a page about making a ribbon-covered necklace. An inexpensive, personalized necklace can be fashioned with large wooden beads and stiff ribbon.


crochet granny square in blues and white

Projects Using Crocheted Granny......This is a page about projects using crocheted granny squares. Whether you make the traditional pattern or one of the numerous variations, the granny square can be used to make a variety of craft projects.



Chocolate Chips for Easy Frosting

Chocolate Chips for Easy FrostingUse chocolate chips for an easy frosting. While your cake or brownies are still warm, put chocolate chips on let sit a few minutes to warm them. Once they begin to melt, spread with a table knife.


A chicken coop made from recycled materials.

Don't Waste AnythingIf you want or need to be frugal, it's not just about the "stuff" you don't buy. You also have to use everything to its maximum potential.


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Making Cat Shelters from Recycled MaterialsI am a volunteer taking care of stray cats, so I buy 12 bags or 18 lbs of cat food a week. I use all the empty bags to build shelters and food stations.


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Hanging Numerous Tank TopsBuy a box of shower curtain rings. Slide the rings on ONE hanger and hang the tank tops by the shoulders on each ring. Great for about 6-8 tank tops on just one hanger and they don't get all wrinkled like they do if you store them in a drawer.


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Pizza Cutter for BrowniesWhen your brownies are still warm, lightly score them. When cool enough to cut, use a pizza roller/cutter to cut through them. It will cut right through the nuts, if you added them.


A plate of stir fried Thai Ginger Chicken.

Thai Ginger ChickenAn easily replicable Thai dish using ingredients you have on hand, no exotic spices or sauces required.



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Value of Seymour Mann Dolls?I want to know how much they are worth. They all have glass wings. They look like they are from a Christmas collection.


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Daycare Slogan Ideas?I am looking for a slogan for my daycare business. The name is A Place 4 Us 2.


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Removing Smoke Residue from Stainless Steel?We recently had a house fire and my stainless steel back splash and vent-a-hood have a dull, film on them. The cleaning people used industrial cleaner and stainless steel cleaner and it's still dull with no shine. I have recleaned both myself to no avail.


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Eligibility for Social Security Survivor Benefits?My dad past away. I am his only son, but there was no will. He got SSD; do I get that or what happens?


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Receiving Social Security Survivor's Benefits?My father past away the first of last year. My mother receives Social Security on my behalf, which is to take care of me, for essentials, etc. I moved out about 5-6 months ago with my fiancé. I am only 17 and I will be 18 in December and I haven't attended school since before he past.


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Two Prong Plug to Three Prong Extension Cord?I recently purchased a new portable electric Kobalt "inflator", i.e., air compressor. Its power cord for 120-volt household current has a 2-prong plug with one prong thicker than the other, as is common/required nowadays.


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Value of Wurlitzer Jukebox?I have a Wurlitzer, Lyric from 1972, in working order. Would anyone know the value?


closeup of brown and white puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?What breed is my Staffy puppy mixed with?


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Shopping for Blue Sponges Sold at Target?I can no longer find the small blue sponges with the white backs that Target use to carry.


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Recipe of BBQ Pork Shake 'n Bake Coating?I am looking for a copycat recipe for Shake 'n Bake BBQ pork coating mix.


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Gift Ideas for Boyfriend?What do I get my skater boyfriend? He's into skateboards and art. I already got him a penny board that he always wanted, but I also want to buy him something else. We have been together for like 3 months and it's going good.


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Cub Cadet Mower Won't Start?I put the positive cable on negative terminal and put the negative on the positive by mistake. I reversed the cables and now they are on the right way. It will not start. What do I do next?


blue floral

Discontinued Holden Wallpaper?I am looking for some extra rolls of wallpaper. It is Holden Decor K2 Pollyanna design, Pattern No 10870, apple, duck/egg. Your assistance would be gratefully appreciated.


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Curtain Colour Advice?My living room color is white. I have vertically striped, red/golden/yellow, fabric furniture positioned in the bay window. My side chairs are again a shade of red and in fabric. Please advise what colour curtains I must use for the bay window and what sort of print.


tricolored dog lying on a wood deck

What Breed Is My Dog?What breed is this dog?


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Replacement Gasket for Cookie Jar?I have a glass cookie jar with a glass lid. There is no gasket or other way to "seal" the lid and keep the cookies fresher. I need a rubber/silicone gasket 5-1/2" interior size.


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Tracing a Relative in Spain?I am trying to locate the whereabouts of my grandson who is of Spanish/British nationality. He was last seen in Granada.


front and back view

Information on Porcelain Doll?I have a doll that I have been searching to find who she is. One evening I saw her face, clicked on it and it brought me to another image, but nothing else. Can you help me? The only only difference is my doll isn't a musical doll.


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Buying Octagon Soap?Where can I buy Octagon soap in Cumberland, Maryland?


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Repairing an Electrical Outlet?An outlet in a circuit is not working and the other outlets are also not working as a result. What is the problem?


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Decorating Glass Plates?Are you talking about just using Elmer's white glue?


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15th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm having my 15th birthday party on September 15th. I have no clue what so ever to do for it. I would appricaete it if you could give me some sort of a solution.


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