July 27, 2015

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Dishwasher detergent being poured into a dishwasher.

Cleaning With Dishwashing DetergentThis is a page about cleaning with dishwashing detergent. Dishwasher liquid, powder and tabs can be effective helpers when cleaning or doing the laundry.


A bunch of ants on a white background.

Identifying Small Black BugsHaving unidentified insects infesting your home can be annoying. It helps to know what kind they are when determining the best way to be rid of them. This is a page about identifying small black bugs.


A watercolor of purple grapes

Grape Themed Craft ProjectsThis is a page about grape themed craft projects. There are fun ways to use this popular fruit's grapes and clusters to create beautiful decorations.


Man in wheelchair

Caring for a Disabled AdultThis is a page about caring for a disabled adult. When someone has physical challenges, you want to know how best you can help them be comfortable, and get what they need.



box on shelf

Storing Empty Moving BoxesI am staying with a friend and while I unpacked my few boxes, I wanted to keep them for when I move out. I have often looked at a box on a high shelf and wondered "what is in it and why didn't I mark it"?


calico cat lying down

Babycatt (Calico)I got her in 2003 when my daughter's cat had kittens. She was one of the kittens. She loves to play with ribbons or anything I move around.


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Store Compost in RefrigeratorComposting makes great fertilizer for my garden and reduces waste. I have tried a number of ways to avoid walking to compost pile every time I have compostable kitchen waste, veggies, fruit, paper napkins, plates, etc. Everything I tried, even fancy counter compost containers, left me with fruit flies.


fuzzy black and white puppy

Atheina (Mixed Breed)A women was giving her away because she could not afford her. She loves to sleep and be cute.


jars of sauce

Old World Spaghetti SauceA true old world family recipe handed down from my Italian grandmother to my mom, then to her 5 daughters.


gloriosa daisies

Independence Day Gloriosa DaisiesThese gloriosa daisies are 3 feet high and began blooming early in June and are still in full bloom. Gloriosas bloom all summer and love the sun to part shade. I called this photo Independence Day Gloriosa Daisies, since decorations are up for the 4th of July.


recipes on door back

Tape Recipes to Cupboard DoorI am not a person who does any sort of cooking which requires intricate recipes, no cakes or anything fancy. I have my basic southern corn bread and my very basic instruction on how to cook white rice taped to the back of a cupboard door where they are kept clean for the next use.


light brown Pit with white on neck and chest

Max (Bull Boxer)My family and some friends got these pups when they were about 6 weeks old (in Oct 2014) from a family hit hard by poverty. The momma passed shortly after giving birth to a full litter. We promised ourselves and Max that from that day on he would always have a loving and nurturing family.


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Leave Sugar Out of Cooked FoodsI don't add sugar to my veggies. I just heat them, whether canned or frozen. I don't put sugar in my cornbread. I am not diabetic, I just don't require that all my food be sweetened.


Knock Out Roses after a shower

Raindrops On RosesAfter a nice rain shower, these Knockout Roses look awesome with raindrops on them. Knockout Roses require little care and are prolific bloomers.


Tiny Swimming Pool for Baby Ducks

Tiny Swimming Pool for Baby DucksI wanted to make sure that they had a chance to play in the water, but since they were still in their brooder box I needed a small "pond". I went to Lowe's and bought a plastic paint roller tray. It holds a good amount of water and has a natural ramp built in. :) They loved it!


white dog

Jedi (Poodle Bichon Cross)Jedi is our best friend! He is half Poodle and half Bischon. Jedi is smart, playful, well behaved, and a cuddly bud. Poodles and Bischons do not shed.


Golden with a stuffy

Bailey Belle (Golden Retriever)I got her as a Christmas gift. We went to get her on the same day my doctor called to say I may have breast cancer. She is my angel dog as she stayed by my side as I went through a series of tests. Thankfully, it was not cancer!


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Dollar Store Placemats as Drawer LinersI use plastic place mats from the dollar store for this. They work best in drawers, but I've had success on smaller shelves with them. You could glue them down, but I usually cut them to fit snugly in place so they can be removed and washed.


red lilies

Raindrops On Commander in Chief...These Commander in Chief liliums bloomed the last of June through early July. These lilies get about 2 feet high and are very easy to care for. This photo was taken after a rain shower. The drops on the lilies make them look even prettier!


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Reuse Old Shower Curtain LinerMy clear plastic liner is getting to be pretty disgusting so I'm going to replace it. I'll go to the Dollar Store and buy a new liner and clean the old one on the driveway and save it for drop cloths and such.




Breaker Keeps Tripping?I just shorted out my circuit breaker twice in five minutes. It may have been my rice cooker and laptop both being plugged into the same circuit. This is a rented apartment and the box looks like it's never had anything inside changed. Could someone tell me if this looks as unsafe as I think it does?


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13th Birthday Ideas?I'm having trouble thinking of ideas for my thirteen year old's birthday party. She doesn't want it to be boring and I don't want it to be too expensive. She wants 8-12 girl friends for a sleepover, mixed with a disco, mixed with having fun!



What Breed Is My Dog?We recently adopted this 2 year old dog. He weighs 67 pounds and from the looks and temperment I think he's part German Wirehaired Pointer and Black Lab. His feet are webbed, his coat has a wiry black top coat with a very dark brown undercoat.


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Finding Agency to Help Rebuild After Arson?On July 4, 2015 three teenage girl's set fire to my 100yr old historic home in Texas. It was not insured, it burned to the ground and I lost everything. Are there any government agencies that would help, being as it was arson.


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Discontinued Lambs and Ivy Mobile?Does anyone know where I can get a Lambs & Ivy, Giddy Up mobile? It was discontinued in April 2015, I believe. It is a western mobile.


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Zucchini Stem Is Rotting?We have had a very wet growing season and my zucchini plant stem is soft as if it is rotting. What can I do to save my plant?


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Selling on eBay?I only have a very few items to sell, but would like to sell them on eBay. Do I need to have a web site and a store to do this? I do not want to go that far just sell a few individual items. Can someone help me with this?


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Difficulty Sewing UnderArmour Fabric?I'm upcycling an UnderArmour shirt and I can't get my sewing machine to sew it. I can't get the thread to catch more than maybe one stitch. It works fine on other fabric, but not on this material. I'm considering using another fabric as a "catcher" fabric, I guess you can call it.


black puppy with toy

What Breed Is My Puppy?We are trying to figure out what kind of mixed breed our puppy might be. The shelter said looks like a Lab mix, but they were not sure what else. They also said that she would get to be about 40 pounds. I hope they are right, we like a larger dog as we already have a 60 pound chocolate Lab.


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Re-dyeing Hair?I dyed my hair a deep burgundy mixed with a mahogany red and it came out almost black looking. It is just such a dark purple. I want my light brown hair back. I bought this platinum blonde dye. I am not bleaching my hair it's a blonde dye. I want to know if that will get ride of this dark purple color?


dog with tongue out drinking

What Breed Is My Dog?The person I got him from told me he is a Pit Bull, but I'm really not sure what he is. He's about 5 months. I got him because the previous owners didn't want him anymore.


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