September 14, 2015

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Making Wooden Locker Shelves

Making Wooden Locker ShelvesThis is a page about making wooden locker shelves. Easy to make, wood shelves can add more room and organization to a child's school locker.


Discontinued Laura Ashley Wallpaper

Discontinued Laura Ashley Wallpaper?This is a page about discontinued Laura Ashley wallpaper. Trying to find wallpaper that is no longer in the stores can be a challenge. If you are a roll short or the wallpaper in your home has been damaged, sometimes it is necessary.



A heaping plate of apple pie cookies.

Apple Pie CookiesThe sweet and spicy filling makes these bite-sized apple pies the perfect recipe for any fall celebration. If you serve them warm, they are especially delicious.


stuffed leaves in sauce

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls (Galumpkis)This is the orginal recipe of my Mom's, though she called them, "Galumpkis." I am not sure if this is a Greek or Polish recipe. It is so yummy!


flipped pancakes

Chocolate Chip Banana PancakesMy kids said they'd died and gone to heaven. :)



brown and white pig

Aby (Abyssinian Guinea Pig)I got her in 2014, the owner could not have her so she was a rescue. She likes to eat. She loves cucumbers, carrots, and specialty greens.


Save a Worn-Out HandbagI found a beautiful designer handbag in a consignment shop for $30. If it were new it would retail for over $400. It had worn handles, but there is a product called Edge Kote that made it look like new.



Jellyfish Finger PuppetThis little guy was really fun to make! I'm going to show my kiddos how to do this too, I know they are going to be in their glory making a sea of these things. :) They are easy and extremely inexpensive. Your munchkins could make these all day long and it would barely cost you a thing!


American Girl Pencils and Clipboard

American Girl Pencils and ClipboardThese pencils and clipboard can easily be made with items you have around the house.


Delicious cooked steak.

Turn Cheap Steak Into Amazing SteakI love a really good fillet mignon from time to time, but my purse never does! Here is a super easy way to make even the cheapest cuts of steak into a velvety delight, using just salt and sugar.


brown puppy with hound ears

Ginger (Beagle Coonhound Mix)I got her from a rescue. She likes to chase her tail, cuddle, and hide in the weeds and jump out at you.


closeup of Husky lying down

Juno (Husky)I got her when she was 3 months old. She likes to dig and splash in mud puddles.


mugs hanging under cabinets

Under Cabinet Mug DisplayI have a nice assortment of souvenir mugs that I have collected over the years, but all the different sizes and shapes did not fit well in my cabinets. One day it occurred to me to hang the mugs underneath my kitchen cabinets.


A row of water bottles to keep pets out.

Water Bottle BarricadeI had to come up with something to prevent my two small dogs from being in the room while I mop or cook. You can see that my water bottle barricade is made of 1 gallon water bottles.


Cleaning the toilet.

Mould and Mildew Spray to Clean ToiletCleaning around your toilet seat hinge can be fiddly and time consuming. A cloth won't get into all the cracks and crevices. Antibacterial spray is good for getting in there and killing the germs but won't banish the stains.


Pin Curling an American Girl Doll's Hair

Pin Curling an American Girl Doll's HairI wanted to curl my doll's hair so my mom helped me put her hair up in pin curls.


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Eat Small Strawberries WholeThere's no need to remove the green tops from small, sweet strawberries, provided that you have washed your berries. If you eat the fruit whole, any flavour from the green top will be eclipsed by the sweetness of the berry. Saves time, and you presumably get some chlorophyll from the leaf.



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Bedroom Wall Color Advice?I have a comforter set that is white with black trim and a dark bed room set. What color should I do my walls and use as an accent?


potted plant on window ledge

What Is This Houseplant? (Coffee Plant)What type of plant is this? I bought it from a plant store and they said it only needs water every two weeks, but I would like to know the name. The leaves are slightly brighter than they appear in the picture.


creamy white and grey dog with stand up ears

What Breed Is My Dog?She looks like a short haired Husky, but she is over a year old now and she is small for a Husky. She looks like a wolf, but again too small for a wolf. She is about 40lbs roughly.


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Hair Dye Too Dark?I dyed my hair permanent black and it's too dark. I want to dye it to dark brown. What can I do?


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Value of Seymour Mann Doll?I have two Seymour Mann African American Christmas dolls, from the Connoisseur collection. They are old, but I cannot find the year anywhere on the boxes. The certificate of registration number is 765116, and 768348. One of the doll's name is Joanna. Can you tell me their value please?


tan and spotted puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?I work at a school and some students found this puppy on the way to school. He is now 12 weeks and weighs 3.2 pounds. He is very playful and loves biting. His coloring is different and the vet said it was not brindle because of the spots on his back.


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Reinstating Social Security Survivor Benefits?I was wondering first, if you can get back pay from Social Security survivor benefits and second, how can you get benefits reinstated?


short plant with dark green leaves and pink flowers

What Is This Garden Plant?It has dark green leaves that are serrated. Pink flowers that I have never seen open up. It's in a sun to part shade area.


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Dental Work Without Insurance?I am on SSI and have dental coverage, but it will not pay for partials. I have all my front teeth in fair condition. I only have 2 back teeth and need partials to eat. I cannot pay very much. My income is very low. Can you offer suggestions please?


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Treating Skin Rash on Dog?I am curious if I can put the mineral directly on my dog's coat?


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Power of Attorney Responsibilities?My brother, who was incarcerated, asked me to be his POA. He is now out on parole and is still asking me to do things on his behalf. As POA am I a target if anything goes wrong? For example, bad business dealings on his part.


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Waiting Time to Re-dye Hair?Yesterday I dyed my hair from brown to Vidal Sassoon's London lilac and I like the color, but I have really long hair and I think if I use another box of the same stuff it will make the color more vibrant, but I'm not sure.


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Caring for a Dog With Parvo?My 6 month old Pit Bull has parvo. I've been giving her a lot of fluids such as, Pedialyte, Gatorade, and chicken broth, as well as pet electolyte baby food. She has not pooped in a day is that normal? She's been peeing though.


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Spots in Dining Room Table Finish?My table has spots from what looks like some sort of spray. I tried Guardsman Deep Clean, but it didn't do a thing. How can I get the spots off?


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Housecleaning Business Name Ideas?I am thinking of starting a professional housecleaning service but am stuck on a name. I would like in the future to branch out to commercial cleaning. A play on my first or last name would be ideal, Crystal Rose, or something having to do with my surrounding area which is the central coast in California!


leaf, flower, and seeds

What Is This Garden Plant?Is this a spice plant? It was left in the garden by tenants. I would appreciate any feedback. The black seeds are three-sided half moon shaped. Thanks!


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Value of Winston Cumulative Loose-leaf Encyclopedia?I want to know how much I would get for the encyclopedia set that I have. They are Winston Cumulative Loose-leaf. We have 10 of them. It says they are protected under United States patent rights of August 27 1918, June 4 1907 Dominion of Canada rights of June 24 1919.


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Removing Pet Urine Stains and Odor?I have ceramic tile in my kitchen and dark carpet in other parts of my home. I can't see the where the pets pee on the carpet unless I see them. What can I use to clean tile and remove stains and clean the carpet to get rid of the odor?


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Getting Bitten By Unseen Bugs?I stay at my boyfriend's house on the weekends and I can't go a single night without getting bit. My boyfriend never gets bit. This has been going on for a few months now. I thought it was fleas.


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Daycare Name Ideas?I need help finding a name with Liz and turtle in it.


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