March 24, 2016

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Silver portable DVD Player with LCD screen against a white background

Buying a Portable Region Free DVD Player?This is a page about buying a portable region free DVD player. A region free DVD player allows you to play a larger selection of DVDs.


Close up image of dog's water dish on wood plank vinyl flooring

Cleaning White Water Stains on Vinyl Flooring?This is a page about cleaning white water stains on vinyl flooring. Standing water can leave unsightly white marks on your vinyl flooring.


Crocheted Newborn Hat

Making a Crocheted Newborn HatThis is a page about making a crocheted newborn hat. Make a cute crochet hat for your newborn or as a gift.


Young tabby cat standing standing on back legs with front paws against the inside of a white door looking out.

Training Outside Cats to Be Indoor Cats?This is a page about training outside cats to be indoor cats. Rescued, and some adopted, kitties have often been living outdoors and will need some love and attention to make them inside cats.


Single piece of flat bread against a white background

Recipes Using Flat BreadThis is a page about recipes using flat bread. Flatbread can be used in a variety of recipes including pizza and wraps.


Child's hand holding the point of a Sharpie permanent marker to a microfiber couch

Cleaning Permanent Marker on a...This is a page about cleaning permanent marker (Sharpie) on a microfiber couch. Although sometimes difficult to remove from upholstery, you may be able to get Sharpie off of your microfiber couch.


brightly colored foam jewelry

Making Craft Foam JewelryThis is a page about making foam fusion jewelry. Craft foam is a good choice for using in a kids' jewelry making craft.



Simple Bunny Mask

Simple Bunny MaskPipe cleaners, felt and a tongue depressor make up this easy bunny mask. Learn how to make them in this short video.


Felt Easter Bunny Pin

Felt Easter Bunny PinThese simple felt pins are a great way to display your Easter spirit this spring. Learn how to make them in this short video.



button hair tie in hair

Button Hair TiesThis is such a simple idea and lots of fun for little girls to make their own. Have a good search through your button box and see what you can find to make these super easy hair ties.


Clippings from My Garden

Clippings from My GardenMy friend asked me for clippings from my garden and this is what she is getting. These succulents sit in a wooden box and floral foam oasis. The handle is foxtail fern and the succulents include aeoniums, kiwi, burro's tail, campfire, and many filler plants from my garden. I say spring is here!


Mr. Bashful with tail out of house.

Mr. Bashful (Betta)He looked like he could use a helping hand, so I brought him home. For the first few weeks, he tried to hide away from everyone. I bought him this little fish house from Walmart, and now he is happier and comes out more.


Fixing A Broken Soap Dispenser

Fixing A Broken Soap DispenserThe pump was frozen. It wouldn't depress. I tried soaking it but it still would only move very slightly. I went to the manufacturers website to find replacement parts and wasn't successful. Finally, we tried applying a light weight oil where the tiny holes are and it worked. An easy, no cost solution!


cream and red tulip

Variegated TulipThis is a variegated tulip. Each one is one of a kind, none are exactly alike.


mermaid scale nail treatment

Easy Mermaid NailsCreate an ombre mermaid design on your own nails. You can also use this method to paint this design on other things aside from your own nails. I've done it on the edges of shelving or even on wrapping paper for gifts. All you need is a piece of windscreen or a netted garlic bag, nail polish, and a little sponge.



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Child Support and Social Security Disability?My son was disabled before the age of 19. He is now 45 and until last year, when I started drawing SS, he was getting SSI. He is now drawing disability from AD on my work record. He draws half of what I draw. It is about $100 more than he drew on SSI. Will he now be required to pay support?


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Preserving Cilantro in Oil?Do I wash the cilantro first when I use the olive oil method for preserving?


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Remedy for Pain from Ill-fitting Dentures?I have had my top set of dentures for 7 years. At the beginning of February I had to go back and get a replacement for the top and had all the bottom pulled and got a denture for that as well (first time). Lower plate is painful and I seem to be allergic to Fixodent.


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Remedy for Underarm Odor?I'm 16 and I had a baby about a month and a half ago and ever since then my armpits stink really badly. Nothing works. I shower everyday and sometimes more than once and nothing works. I have tried using everything I possibly could. I need help.


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16th Birthday Party Ideas?My birthday is in November which is a rubbish month for weather and I need some ideas on what to do. The option of an outdoor party is out and I don't like indoor parties. I need some help on what to do. I'm taking 5 of my friends and I have a very big family.


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Cleaning Odor Off Binoculars?My dad died in 2013 so my mom and I have been getting rid of his stuff little by little. He did not like to throw anything out! A week or so ago I found binoculars that he had that I would like to keep. They are in good condition and are good quality. The only problem is they have a weird odor to them.


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Maytag Washer Error Codes?I have a Maytag front load washer. I set the cycle the estimated time remaining shows the proper time. I start the machine, it starts to fill with water, then it often will start to wash a bit. Next, it beeps and the display in the estimated time remaining flashes a "H" then a "F", but will not complete the cycle.



Diagnosing the Parvovirus?I have 2 Husky pups. The male had very watery stool, sudden onset, and had no appetite, but drank water when needed. The vet said it was the parvovirus. But, they are both eating normally, are well hydrated, there's no blood signs in their stool, no vomiting.


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Homemade Humidifier Cleaner?What is the best way to clean a humidifier to keep down on build up in the tank and filters instead of buying that Holmes humidifier cleaner from Walmart?


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Craftsman Lawnmower Won't Start?I have a Craftsman lawnmower and my problem is it won't start. I am getting spark and I'm getting gas to my carburetor, but the gas is not going into the carburetor and I didn't use it last Saturday and Sunday it stopped working and it won't start up again.


Is a Dog's Head Shape Related to Its Intelligence?

Is a Dog's Head Shape Related to Its Intelligence?I've heard when Pit Bulls have a bit of a cone shaped head they're less intelligent or trainable? I know this may sound stupid to some, but I've heard it more than once. I would love to hear people's opinions.


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Getting Rid of Ticks Inside?Can ticks get in my bed?


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Treating Cellulitis Under Breasts?I've got cellulitis under both my breasts. My doctor has given me antibiotics to take. The wounds are still infected, but the outer area where the rash is, is becoming flaky. Does that mean it is starting to heal? I've got to go back in 2 weeks to see my doctor.


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