April 15, 2016

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Frowning piggy bank wearing graduation cap being pressed by a metal clamp labelled "Student Loans"

Defaulting on Student LoansThis is a page about defaulting on student loans. Defaulting on your student loan can have detrimental effects on your future credit standing.


Hydrogen Peroxide and Vinegar With Spray Bottles

Sanitizing with Vinegar and Hydrogen PeroxideThis is a page about sanitizing with vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide are both very useful in sanitizing both produce and surfaces around your home.


Mr President and First Lady

Wild Eagle Nest WebcamsThis is a page about wild eagle nest webcams. It is very gratifying to be able to watch wild eagles raise their young.


Wide variety of different types and sized of jars filled with spices on three shelves all with different types of labels

Labeling Spice JarsThis is a page about labeling spice jars. Organizing your spices often includes transferring them all to new or matching jars.


Uses for Zote Soap

Uses for Zote SoapThis is a page about uses for Zote soap. Zote is a soap made in Mexico and typically used for cleaning laundry, although there are other possible uses around the house.


Pair of faded blue jeans hanging in front of door

Dyeing Blue JeansThis is a page about dyeing blue jeans. You can dye jeans to darken the color or perhaps change it a bit.


bunches of lavender drying

Harvesting LavenderThis is a page about harvesting lavender. Choosing just the right time to harvest your lavender blooms helps ensure the best fragrance.


Two fresh fruit parfaits - lawyes or oranges strawberries and blueberries alternating with cream in a glass.

Fruit Parfait DessertsCreamy fruit laden parfaits make a refreshing dessert. This is a page about fruit parfait desserts.


robin in winter scene

Signs of Spring in the GardenThis is a page about signs of spring in the garden. As the cold and grey of winter dissipates, the signs of spring begin to appear in our gardens.


Close out of map with red push pin on Wichita, Kansas.  The word Wichita is highlighted.

Moving To Wichita, KansasThis is a page about moving to Wichita, Kansas. Prior to making a move you may want to do some research on topics such as housing, employment, or cost of living expenses.


Close-up of Slot Machine displaying 3 stop sign

Setting Limits on GamblingThis is a page about setting limits on gambling. As most of us know, gambling can easily move from entertainment to addiction.


Sandwich toaster with toasted sandwich

Recipes for a Sandwich MakerThis useful kitchen appliance is known by many names including the sandwich toaster or pie iron. No matter what you call it, the sandwich maker is more versatile than you may know. This is a page about recipes for a sandwich maker.


Trees and grass

Fruit Trees Not Producing FruitThis is a page about fruit trees not producing fruit. Sometimes there are reasons beyond your control that cause your fruit trees not to bear fruit. There are often things that you can do to correct the issues that result in the trees not producing.



Banana and Almond Butter Pancakes

Banana and Almond Butter PancakesI've missed pancakes since I've been told to watch my carbs. When I saw this recipe in Woman's Day magazine, I knew I had to try it. I did substitute peanut butter for the more expensive almond butter. I also added flaxseed meal to add fiber and to make me feel fuller longer. This recipe came out so good. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Quick Vetkoek

Quick VetkoekVetkoek (fried dough bread) is another well-loved part of our South African food heritage. Whenever we have church bazaars, you can bet your bottom dollar that vetkoek will be sold at one of the food stalls. It can be served with savory mince, or cheese and honey, or cheese and jam.



red and green decorated plastic bottle earrings

Glitzy Earrings From a Plastic BottleYou don't necessarily have to buy expensive materials to make classy looking jewellery. Here is just one idea for re-using plastic packaging to make something pretty to wear. I have used a drink bottle, but any other suitable clear plastic can be used to make these sparkly earrings.


Mishka (Tortoise Shell Cat)

Mishka (Tortoise Shell Cat)I found her abandoned as a kitten, only a couple days old, so my dad and I took her to the local vet and when she was fit enough we were allowed to take her home.



Plant Marigolds in Your Vegetable GardenPlanting marigolds in your veggie garden can help repel pests. The smell from this flower in particular seems to mask the scent of the vegetables, keeping pests them from nibbling at your goods. This is a great, safe, natural way to keep your garden whole and organic.


plastic bottle sun catchers

Sparkly Sun CatchersMade from the base of drink bottles, these sun catchers are easy and fun. Collect a stash of bases and bring them out at a later date for a rainy day project with your kids.


closeup of Jake's face

Jake (Bichon Frise)I got Jake when he was 6 months old. We found him in the newspaper. He likes to go out for walks and play with his dog friends!



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Nail Polish Remover Damaged Leather Car SeatI tried to remove blue ink from my black leather car seat using fingernail polish remover and it changed the spot to grayish blue. Is there a way to get the black color back into the leather seat of my BMW?


Handbag straps

Repairing Handbag StrapsMy purse straps are disintegrating. I love how organised this bag keeps me. Please help me restore the straps.


What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog?She looks like a German Shepherd, but I think she is a mix breed.


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Selling Trees for LumberI have roughly 50 pine trees I want taken down, mainly for safety at my house, in Stokes Valley Wellington, as I'm worried they will damage my house. Some are on my neighbor's land, but I'm sure they will be more than happy for me to get them taken away, I'd of course ask first. Would I get paid for the trees?


What Is This Houseplant?

What Is This Houseplant?Can anyone identify this plant? I'm scared I've killed several of the stalks as they won't grow leaves anymore. So I'm looking to identify it so I can find out how to bring it back to life.


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Memory Craft 8000 Won't SewI have a Memory Craft 8000 sewing machine. It just stopped sewing. I turned it on and off several times, but no help. The bobbin still spins, but won't turn on to sew. The machine will turn on, but not sew.


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Charges for Sending a Package to PakistanI want to send a brithday gift to my friend in Pakistan (a cotton shirt). Is there any charge that needs to be paid by my friend to receive the same? If yes, then how much?


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Saving Money on FoodI am rather aggressive when looking for prices and shop online often. But how does one save money on food? I don't mean Costco, I mean really save. Food is so expensive now.


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Removing a Cup Holder from Bathroom MirrorHow do I remove a cup holder from a bathroom mirror? I have tried Go Gone and a hairdryer. Any other suggestions?


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Ice Maker Not Working in Kenmore RefrigeratorThe ice maker in in my Kenmore refrigerator did work. I put it back together. It goes though its cycles, but the feeler arm does not drop back down.



Tumeric and Fabric Dye Stains on my LaptopI had turmeric stains on the corners of my laptop. I dipped a microfiber cloth (red in color) into the mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol. It didn't remove the stain, but added red color to my laptop.


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14th Birthday Party IdeasMy birthday is coming up and I am wanting a cool party for it! I was thinking something like a limo or party bus for me and all my friends, but I had a look at the prices and it's just too much money. There will be about 10-15 people there. Please help me!


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