April 21, 2016

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recovered stool

Reupholstering a FootstoolThis is a page about reupholstering a footstool. Recovering a favorite footstool or a recent thriftstore find is actually quite easy and requires few tools.


Shave For $10 Per Year

Saving Money Using Double Edge Safety...This is a page about saving money using double edge safety razors. Sometimes old school ways are not obsolete, but rather a cost effective alternative to the current trend.


Washcloth Travel Toothbrush

Making a Washcloth Travel Toothbrush...Using a washcloth and minimal sewing skills you can make this cute, practical toothbrush holder. This is a page about making a washcloth travel toothbrush holder.


Emergency Aerobed Inflation

Inflating an AerobedAn inflatable airbed is convenient to use for camping, sleepovers, or out of town guests. This is a page about inflating ann Aerobed.


Removing Rotten Seafood Odors From a  Car

Removing Rotten Seafood Odors From a...This is a page about removing rotten seafood odors from a car. Food accidentally spilled or left in a hot car can quickly fill your vehicle with a really bad smell.


Ice Cream Bread

Ice Cream Bread RecipesThis is a page about cream bread recipe. This two ingredient recipe makes a delicious cake like bread.


Crustless Tuna Tart

Crustless Tuna TartThis delicious crustless tuna tart is perfect for someone on a gluten free diet or anyone who is cutting carbs. This is a page about crustless tuna tart.



Ice Cream Bread

Ice Cream BreadHere's a super simple way to make a delicious and moist cake-like bread with just a couple ingredients: melted ice cream and self-rising flour. I added a tablespoon of sugar to this one because the birthday cake flavoured ice cream I used was pretty tame. But really, it only takes two ingredients. I love to toast mine and have it with marmalade. Delicious!


Rooting Impatiens Cuttings

Rooting Impatiens CuttingsAfter taking the cuttings, I remove all flower buds, open flowers, seed pods and yellow leaves, from each. I also remove any leaves that would be under the soil after inserting them in the medium.


tan and white terrier

Gus (Terrier Mix)We adopted him in March 2015 from The County Animal Rescue League. He has lots of high energy! He digs holes in the yard, un-stuffs comforters, chews up toys, and barks when the phone rings.


two creamy white terrier mix dogs

Sissy and Lady (Schnauzer, Terrier,...Lady walked up to my house; she had pups and we kept a daughter Sissy.


Natural Remedies for Head Lice

Natural Remedies for Head LiceMy husband and I discovered head lice in our teenagers' long hair. It has been a few years since our last outbreak so I did some quick research online to make sure I was treating the infestation correctly.


Lucy a black and white party Pom

Lucy (Pomeranian)She was given to me as a gift last May 2015 after the loss of my first pet, a 14 year old Pomeranian that I got as a puppy.


finished basket

Crochet Chain Woven BasketI embellished a simple thrift store basket with just yarn and a hook. It's the only one of its kind and yours can be too.



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Living Room Paint Color Advice?I'm having a problem coming up with the paint color for when they're finished putting up drywall. My couch is navy and my love seat and recliner are red with navy flecks. My dining room, which connects to my living room is sort of a clay color with pink undertones.


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Name Ideas for a Cleaning Business?My name is Aaliyah and I'm trying to get my business license to clean houses. I'm having a hard time coming up with a name for my business.


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Feeding a Week Old Puppy?The puppy is a week old, but doesn't latch on to her mother like she should. What to feed the puppy if not ' milk? Pet milk diluted with water? Baby formula? What is safe for the puppy?


German Shepherd looking dog

What Breed Is My Dog?I don't think my dog is a purebred. I adopted him from a shelter and they didn't know too much about his breed. His fur is very short and he is skinny and tall.


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Homemade Bubbles?I know there is an exact formula for making homemade bubbles, but can't remember what it is, can you help?


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Feral Cat Had Kittens in Store Room?A female mother cat has just delivered 3 baby kittens and the mother cat is keeping the kittens in the store room of my house! I dare not touch the kittens; am afraid the mother will attack me.


pothos leaves of green and cream

Identifying a Houseplant?A few months back, I took a cutting of this plant, put it in water until it rooted and then proceeded to plant in soil. It seems to grow fairly quickly, the leaves are green and white, but the new ones seem to be more yellow, is that normal?


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Cleaning the Outside of Bluestone Cookware?I need help in cleaning the outside of my bluestone cookware. I cook with gas and it marks the outside and I can't seem to get it clean. They are wonderful items to cook with, but I cannot stand seeing the outside so marked.


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Keeping Dogs from Fighting?I have two dogs, I have a female that is a Chihuahua mix. She is 4 years old. I also have a male dog that is a Pit Bull blue nose mix with red nose. He is 7 months old. They get along really good they even sleep together, but today they just started fighting out of nowhere and I'm scared.


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Asian Beetle Prevention?My screened in porch is brand new (2014) and fully screened when the house was built so there shouldn't be any openings. I have a terrible problem with them entering, but I cannot figure out where. If I use a basic caulk to seal up the posts would that help keep them out?


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Asking Mom to Let Me Shave?I'm 13 and I was wondering if I should ask my mom if I could start shaving because I just feel embarrassed to show my legs in school or outside of school. I really need help on this because my mom doesn't shave and last time I asked her and she ended up saying no.


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Tag Line for Daycare/Preschool?Can someone kindly suggest a tagline for my preschool named Glory Haven Children Center?


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