June 6, 2016

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Couple shopping for a front loading clothes washer in a department store.

Front Loading Washer ReviewsThis is a page about front loading washer reviews. Choosing a clothes washer can involve some time and research to help ensure that the one you choose has a good track record.


Orange bowl filled with mothballs

Do Mothballs Work as a Snake Repellent?This is a page about, "Do mothballs work as a snake repellent?". Homeowners often try to use a variety of products to deter snakes from coming into their yard or garden.


Woman framed by hanging clothing looking concerned

Avoiding Shopping ImpulsivelyThis page is about avoiding shopping impulsively. Making sure you really need and can afford what you buy is important.


Large and small white toilets on a white background

Removing Scratches from a ToiletThis page is about removing scratches from a toilet bowl. A plumber's snake can leave behind marks in your porcelain toilet bowl that can be a challenge to remove.


bowl of paprika chicken with bread and veggies

Chicken Paprikash RecipeThis is a page about chicken paprikash recipe. This traditional Hungarian dish is very popular as well as absolutely delicious.


Two biscuits on a white background

Two Ingredient Biscuits RecipeWith only two ingredients these biscuits are inexpensive and easy to make. This is a page about two ingredient biscuits recipe.


Harvard Beets on a yellow plate

Harvard Beet RecipesThis is a page about Harvard beets. A New England tradition these beet recipes are sweet and tangy.


Close up of racks of woks for sale.  You can see the sticker reflected from the inside of the pan

Cleaning Glue Residue From Pots and PansThis is a page about cleaning glue residue from pots and pans. Label glue is often difficult to remove.


Hands opening a wrapped green gift with a red bow.

Gift Ideas for a Developmentally...This is a page about gift ideas for a developmentally delayed person. Choosing the most appropriate gift for a developmentally delayed person is not too difficult if you know their likes and dislikes.


Cookie Dough Topped Brownie Recipes

Cookie Dough Topped Brownie RecipeDress up your next batch of brownies. This is a page about cookie dough topped brownie recipe.



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Strain Crumbs from Last of CerealYou know how we hate to have all those little crumbs at the bottom of the cereal box to end up in our bowl all soggy? Take your colander, be sure it is dry and pour the last of the dry cereal in it ad give it a shake over the sink. No crumbs in the bowl!


Stretching Your Yarn Stash

Stretching Your Yarn StashWhen you want to make an afghan with a different color in each square, but your stash doesn't stretch to that goal, you might want to try this.


Uncle Sam Independence Day Placemat

Uncle Sam Independence Day...Invite Uncle Sam to your Independence Day festivities and celebrate in style with this placemat. Make one to use as a table centerpiece, or make more placemats so that each guest will have his or her own.


June Is Plant Rooting Month

June Is Plant Rooting MonthJune is the best month for rooting most plants. Now, as to the purpose of this post. It's not a tip nor a bragging post. It is to offer a word of encouragement. To those of you who would say 'I don't have a green thumb, I can't root anything', my reply is, 'Nonsense'!


purple and white iris

Bearded IrisIris in all its beauty!


screen shot of Unchecky in action

Unchecky for Managing Software DownloadsI have a lot of free software on my computers, and I do mean a lot. I have found that free software is usually just as good, and often better than paid for and original software as part of an operating system.


Pom in crate

John Ki (Pomeranian)I got him from a pet shop, within the last 5 days. He loves to run and to bite clothes.



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Leaning Cactus?I have a 12-14" cactus. I have no clue what kind it is, but it's long and skinny.


brindle and white dog

What Breed Is My Dog?I have just gotten this puppy from someone giving them a way. I was told he was a Pit Bull mix, but I'm not sure with what and was told he was only 6 weeks old, but he seems a lot older.


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Removing Fuel Oil Smell from a Suitcase?I have a suitcase that was down in the basement and now it smells like fuel oil inside and out. I have sprayed the suitcase with Glade Tough Odor Solutions about 15 times and it didnt work. I don't want to have to throw it out it's like 6 months old.


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Puppy With Watery Poop With a Little Blood?My 2 month old puppy, who got her parvovirus vaccine and canine distemper andenovirus Type 2 parainfluenza vaccine, had kind of watery poop with a little bit of blood in it. Is this normal? She's acting fine and active. I recently switched her food suddenly because she ran out so I had to run to the store.


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13th Birthday Ideas?My daughter is turning 13 this August and she has been looking forward to this birthday for a very long time so she wants it to be perfect. She is not girly at all - she's very into superheroes and highly dislikes any kind of beauty activities.


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Finding an Ash Blonde Eyebrow Pencil or Gel?I'm trying to find an eyebrow pencil, gel, or mascara and I can't seem to get one that matches my eyebrow colour. I have ash blonde hair, but it's not dark. It's light ash blonde.


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Value of Encyclopedia Britannica?How much is a 1959 red card bound set of Britannica encyclopaedias in 24 volumes worth?


Seymour Mann Doll wearing tiger stripe coat

Value of Seymour Mann Doll?I am trying to determine value of a Seymour Mann Connoisseur collection doll called "Tiger Martinne". It is in original boxed condition with certificate and tags.


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Removing a Grease Stain on Jacket?My wife managed to get caught up on the car towball which had grease on it. Her new jacket isn't looking too new now, it's a light tanny color and made up of 66% acrylic, 20% nylon & 14% wool. Any advice besides buy a new one would be greatly appreciated.


Tea Table

Value of Hankel Harris Tea Table?I have a Henkel Harris tea table I am trying to sell. I don't know what the value is. It is a mahogany table cherry wood. Also, where is a good place to list antique items? We are moving and have a number of items to sell.


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13th Birthday Party Ideas?My daughter is turning 13 and is having difficulties planning a party. We have about 7 people in mind. She's homeschooled, so all of her friends are from different activities and don't know each other. Even worse, they're all pretty shy. Does anyone have any ideas for a party that will minimize awkwardness?


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Removing Smoke Smell After House Fire?It has been over 4 months since our house fire. There was heavy smoke damage. How do I get the smoke stains/smell out of trophies, tiaras, sashes, etc.?


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Slogan for Childcare Center?I am opening a facility named Cre-8-Tive Kids Learning Center. Can anyone help me out with a slogan?


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Metal From Copper Pot Stuck on Glass Cooktop?I have metal stuck to my glass cooktop. The metal is copper off a pan. While cooking the pan got stuck and I was able to remove pan, but the metal is still stuck in the glass cooktop. I tried cleaning with ceramic cleaner and also scraping the residue off with a razor blade - carefully.


Singer Sewing Machine belt

Singer Sewing Machine Won't Sew?I have a Singer Sewing Machine Model #4220. I tired everything to fix it. What has happened is that the wheel on side of the sewing machine will turn when doing it by hand, but when I push the foot pedal down it will not turn at all. It just makes noise. Can you help me?


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Ice Maker Water Supply Line Leaking?I have a Fridgidaire model #frs22xgcb. It leaks water from the supply line at the back of the freezer when it cycles to fill the ice maker. Could it be frozen?


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?So my birthday is on the 29th of June, but I can't have it til after. I have no idea what type of party I want and I'm inviting around 7 people. What should I do?


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Cleaning Antique Crochet Bedspread?I have an antique crocheted bedspread that has been in storage. It has several rust colored stains on it. It is ecru in color, not white. Can I get rid of the stains without hurting the color?


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New Greeting Card Donations to Nursing Home?I am looking for all types of new greeting cards to share at the nursing homes where I work. I would like to help the residents send cards to their family members. Anyone know where I could get them?


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Value of a Webster's Dictionary?What is the value of a Webster's Twentieth Century Dictionary published by Publishers Guild, Inc. in New York, NY in 1939?


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Birthday ideas?I will be 17 in 28 days and I have no idea what I want to do. I need ideas.



Finding Yarn Donations for Charity Projects?I am knitting 100 scarves for the children in the Salvation Army Shelter in Brampton Ontario. Last year I knitted 50 scarves. I am the Founder of Giving Hope to the Homeless Ministry. I have 2 ladies helping, me and I need to find out where I can get yarn donated to me.


calico cat with hair loss

Cat Losing Hair?A couple of months after giving birth my cat began losing hair by her tail. And it seems as though it is spreading. This was the second time she had kittens, but this has never happened before.


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Yellow Marks Show on Vinyl Floor in Sunlight?I have a vinyl floor in my kitchen which I love. It is easy to clean and looks like tile. When the sun hits it yellow marks appear. At night when there is no sun, it is fine. Anyone ever hear of this?


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Help After Everything Lost in Storage Fire?We lost everything when our storage unit burned down. My family and I put our stuff in public storage while we looked for a new home. There was a fire and 150 units are gone. P.S wants to give us a check for $1800.00 to replace everything we own. What help is out there for us?


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