August 22, 2016

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partial view of a bowl of the soup

Stovetop Potato Leek SoupThis easy to make potato leek soup is the perfect chilly weather meal!


serving of the casserole

Million Dollar SpaghettiThis creamy casserole is reminiscent of lasagna and super easy to make!


Storing Fresh Carrots

Storing Fresh CarrotsI bought a bunch of carrots at the farmers market and wasn't planning to use them all right away. Storing fresh carrots in cold water is a great way to keep them crisp for a long time.



red mandevilla bloom

Red MandevillaA bloom from my red mandevilla plant. Yes, it's a bit out of it's element. I took a few pictures and came back in to view them on the computer. I didn't like the background on any of them.


Penny the One-Eyed Hound (Beagle/Mini Bassett Hound)

Penny the One-Eyed Hound (Beagle/Mini...Penny found us about 6 months ago. We were visiting with our neighbor in their yard when Penny snuck up behind my mom and laid her little head on my mom's feet. We joke now that Penny must have seen us coming a mile away! (Suckers!)


My Garden Disaster

My Garden DisasterMy tomatoes, corn, zucchini squash, onions, cucumbers, watermelons, cantaloupes, bell peppers, lettuce, and spinach all came short of the glory, this year. I had not one vegetable worthy of a shutter click.


How to Ripen Peaches

How to Ripen PeachesThe eastern peaches are in the grocery store now, and they are juicy and delicious. When I get them, they are hard so I put them in a paper bag and close it with a clothes pin. In a couple of days, they are soft and ready to eat.


Daisy looking a camera

Daizy (Dachshund Pomeranian Mix)I found her online, I forget what website, but I got her in 2010. She has long wire hair, long body, short legs, and weighs about 20-25 pounds. Shedding is minimal.


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Soap for Charlie Horses in Your LegsI use to wake up at least 4 times a night with 1 to 5 charlie horses in my legs. They were so painful I would be screaming. Then a nurse told me what to do. Buy a brand new bar of soap, it must be white, like Ivory or Dove. Put it at the foot of the bed under your bottom sheet.


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Coloring Pages as Cheap Embroidery PatternsWhile looking for some nice embroidery patterns on the net I realized, that some very beautiful ones I had found and copied in my files, were coloring pages. You can set them and print them any size and directly put them under the foot of a sewing machine to embroider a tablecloth or anything else.


Evie (Boxer Mix)

Evie (Boxer Mix)Unleashed pet rescue, August 4, 2016. She likes to play, play, and play some more.


Viewing the 2017 Solar Eclipse

Viewing the 2017 Solar EclipseOn August, 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will be visible in the US, crossing the entire length of the country from coast to coast. Much of the country will have to travel to see totality and many are already making plans.


finished bow

Floral Bow Fridge MagnetThis pretty fridge magnet can be made totally out of scraps and reclaimed stuff. Use some cotton fabric taken from an old summer frock or nightdress, a magnet from the back of a broken fridge magnet, ribbon from gift wrap, and corrugated card from a packing box.



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Dog Having Accidents Inside Since Move?Why has my dog started going to the bathroom inside ever since we moved?


quilt in process

Getting Donations of Fabric?I was wondering where I can post to get donations of fabric sent to me? I make quilts for the local Police dept., Sheriff's dept., and church. I work and my paycheck goes to mostly materials needed to make them.


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House Training a Neglected Adult Dog?I have just been bought a Dachshund; she is 2 years old and has been in a cage for most of her life. She will not go to the toilet outside. I take her out every morning and evening for a walk, but she will not go to the toilet. As soon as we get home she runs upstairs and wees and poos on my bedroom carpet.


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Dog Has Yellowish Crusty Spots on Feet and Ankles?My Labrador has yellowish crusty spots that peel off leaving a hairless reddish region. They are mainly located on the her feet and ankles, the places where she rests her body. What could this be? What is the treatment?


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Relationship Commitments in a Blended Family?I've been in a long term relationship (almost 9 years) with someone I love very much, but I don't feel as if we are going anywhere although he talks about us getting engaged often. My concern is that I am unable to establish a relationship with two of his grown children.


blackened white puppy closeup

What Breed Is My Dog?I am trying to figure out what my Boxer might be mixed with. It almost looks like she could be mixed with Pit Bull? When I adopted her the animal rescue didn't say what her mix was and no info was on her paperwork. I will be taking her to the vet soon for a check up and to see if they could have an answer.


tricolored dog lying down in the dirt

What Breed Is My Dog?Does anyone know what breed this dog is?


plant with nearly round leaves on stalks

What Is This Houseplant?What's the name of this plant?


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