September 19, 2016

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Growing Green and Healthy Grass

Growing Green and Healthy GrassThis is a page about growing green and healthy grass. A beautiful green, healthy lawn is quite attractive. However, this is not achieved without some work on your part.


canning jar lids showing in canning pot

Water Bath Canning AdviceThis is a page about water bath canning advice. A popular and time tested canning method is the water bath. Following the process carefully helps to ensure the quality and safety of your canned foods.


Four old sweatshirts hanging on a wall

Making a Quilt From Old SweatshirtsThis is a page about making a quilt from old sweatshirts. A fun project that can be a reminder of many memories is a bed covering made of recycled sweatshirts.


Woman examining cleaning products

Cleaning Grease from Painted SurfacesThis is a page about cleaning grease from painted surfaces. Care always needs to be taken when cleaning a painted surface.


Giving Pets Vinegar for Fleas

Giving Pets Vinegar for FleasVinegar is know for its health benefits for humans, and may deter fleas from your pets. This is a page about giving pets vinegar for fleas.


Small night stand painted red

Cleaning Painted SurfacesThis is a page about cleaning painted surfaces. When cleaning painted surfaces you want to use products and methods that will not harm the finish.


Buff colored cat scratching furniture

Cat Scratching Everything But Scratching PostThis is a page about cat scratching everything but scratching post. Cats scratch as part of grooming their claws. It is a necessary activity, but not an appreciated one when they ignore the scratching post and attack everything else.


Swiss Tart Recipes

Swiss Tart Recipe?Yummy, buttery biscuits that make a great carriage for a favorite jam. This page contains Swiss tart recipe.


Wrapping Framed Pictures as Decoration

Wrapping Framed Pictures as DecorationThis is a page about wrapping framed pictures as decoration. A fun and easy to make holiday decoration can be done by wrapping the framed pictures on your wall in gift wrap and rehanging.


Woman with a box labeled Donation Clothes

Determining Fair Market Value of DonationsThis is a page about determining fair market value for donations. When making donations to charitable organizations of clothing, furniture, and more you need to determine their value for tax purposes.


Several lemon curd tarts on a antiqued painted table

Lemon Curd Tart RecipeThis is a page about lemon curd tart recipe. A traditional English dessert spread made with cooked egg yolks, sugar, lemon juice and the zest. Lemon curd makes a delicious filling for tarts.



butterfly on bush with purple blooms

Swallowtail Butterfly on Picotee Sky Flowers TreeEarly morning and the swallowtail had landed on the picotee sky flowers tree blossoms. It is as though the butterfly had posed for the photo, wings up stretched, body showing in the early light. The light coursing through its wings gave a wonderful view of the beauty of its wing markings.


folded paper fan

Making a Paper FanThis project is about how to make a paper fan. Most of us know how to quickly make a fan by folding a piece of paper back and forth. These instructions teach you how to take that one step further and add handles. The fan can be folded to put in your pocket or handbag and only takes seconds to unfold and use.


three rats cuddled up in a sling

Pepper, Melissa, Golden (Fancy Rat)Golden and Melissa were bought from the pet store and Pepper was a rescue rat! They like to chew everything, give kisses, and ride around on my shoulder!


Lego Pen Stand

Lego Pen StandThis project converts old jars into cute little Lego penstands! It's easy to make and looks cute around the house.


flower garden with ghost decoration

Frightened For Fall!Marigolds, zinnia, and mums welcome the fall season around here, even the ghosts welcome them!


hummingbird on olive tree branch

Hummingbird Takes a RestOur olive tree has become a "station" for Anna's hummingbirds in our garden to take a rest. It is a shady environment and the hummingbirds daily use it for a short break in their action. They "buzz" around the garden with great vigor and during their feeding times, they visit most blooming plants for a meal.


herbs in planter with cute birdhouse decorations

Repot Herbs to Bring InsideI always pot some of my herbs to bring in during the cold weather, then you have fresh herbs all year long!


BOO Pumpkin Sign

"BOO" Pumpkin SignGet ready for Halloween with this awesome 3-D sign! It was a great way to use all of those cool Halloween scrapbooking papers that I keep buying with no project in mind.


Dixie (Rat Terrier Chihuahua Mix)

Dixie (Rat Terrier Chihuahua Mix)She was fostered for 3 months, she was returned in 3 months, so I adopted her. She likes to fetch a tennis ball, constantly.


Installing a Breezecatcher Rotary Clothesline

Installing a Breezecatcher Rotary ClotheslineFor my birthday this year I asked the hubby for an outdoor clothesline. He chose a rotating line from After a bit of time spent permanently installing it, I was able to use it for the first time today.


orange butterfly on purple flowers

Fritillary Butterfly in the Sky FlowersHere is a Fritillary butterfly sitting on picotee sky flowers tree blossoms in our drought tolerant garden. Its lovely silver wing spots on lower side of wing are not visible in this view.


orange hibiscus flower

Large Hibiscus BloomOne of my Hibiscus (rosa-sinensis) has an unusually large bloom. It is so large, I wanted to share it with you.


pink lotus

Brilliant LotusThis photo was taken using my old Sony camera and I am absolutely in love with the colours and composition of this photo! It actually looks like a painting and is worthy of even being printed.


hot pink and white cactus bloom

Summer Christmas CactusIn our mild and rather warmish climate near the coastal plain of S. California, our Christmas cactus often bloom in the summer. Here is one from August, 2016. Others on my Schlumbergera (name of Christmas cactus family) plant area are budding out now in September, 2016. The colors are amazing and neon!


woman wearing the necklace

Magazine Swirl NecklaceI love this craft because I love to recycle and I adore colourful jewelry! This necklace makes great use of pages in a magazine and a piece of chain. I used a broken necklace. You can glue your magazine swirls in any way you desire; no two are alike!



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Finding a Vet That Takes Payments?I'm taking care of a Doberman with 10, four week old puppies. I think she has a urinary tract infection. She is beginning to pee in her sleep and drinks volumes of water. She needs to be seen asap, but I don't get paid until the 21st of this month. Can anyone offer up any advice? I can pay on the 21st.


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Cleaning a Discolored Aluminum Coffee Percolator?My mom tried to clean the inside of an aluminum coffee maker with baking soda and blackened it. Is there anything that will clean the aluminum to restore it to it's original shine?


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Identifying the Breaker for an Outlet Circuit?I am trying to cut the power to an outlet and tried turning off by elimination each 15/20 amp circuit and the power remains on. Any ideas?


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Source of Rotten Garbage Odor in Garage?I live in Florida and have had a bad rotten garbage type smell in my garage for years. I have cleaned out everything, I do not see any evidence of anything it could be. It only smells in the garage, not the in mudroom laundry area which is inside the garage door to house. Nor does it smell outside of my garage.


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Avocado Tree Leaves Curling and Turning Yellow?I started 2 avocado trees from the seed. They are about 10 inches high. I have them in pots right now, but on one of them the leaves have started curling down all along the edges and turning yellow and orange.


Name for a Creative Recycling Blog

Name for a Creative Recycling Blog?I am usually the one on the answering end of things here, but today I have need of my creative and helpful people!


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15th Birthday Party Ideas?I am turning 15 in five days. I know it's late, but I need ideas for my party.


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Lemon Curd Recipe?I'd like a recipe for lemon curd. It sounds very good.


Value of Caldwell Cub Mower

Value of Caldwell Cub Mower?I was trying to get some kind of idea on the value of my Caldwell Cub. What I have found out is that it is a not too common; it is a very early Coldwell Cub.


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Feed Dogs Will Not Go Back Up?I have a Singer Confidence Quilter machine. I lowered the feed dog to sew on a button and they will not go back up.


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Health Hazards of Rodent Urine?There may be rat or mouse urine under the stove top of the range not in the oven. When I just cooked a chicken my whole house smells like rat or mouse pee and it's horrible. Is it dangerous? I have 2 small doggies.


tiny brown bug

Identifying a Tiny Brown Bug?Does anyone know what this bug is? I found it on the towel and I noticed there's one in our bathroom sink dead. It's brown. Please help. I found it this week and I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This is a larger photo than the original in my first request, hopefully that helps.


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Home Repair Assistance for Low Income Families?I am a widow, disabled, and have low income. I need help with home repair. Can someone please tell me where I can get help with home repair for little or no cost?


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Removing Burnt Food Smell From House?We were trying to heat pancakes in the microwave and 10 minutes was keyed into the microwave instead of 1 minute. We didn't realize this until smoke was pouring out of microwave. What do I use to remove the smell from my house?


hanging planter

What Is This Houseplant?This plant was given to me as a gift and I'm unsure what it is. I'm having issues with the leaves falling off/turning brown so I would like to know the name of it so that I can know how to better care for it!


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