November 3, 2016

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A gate on a homestead, at sunrise.

Living on a HomesteadThis is a page about living on a homestead. Starting a home from scratch and living off the land can be a meaningful challenge. It is satisfying to grow a garden and raise livestock for most of your food.


A place setting for Thanksgiving, including a menu.

Setting the Table for ThanksgivingThis is a page about setting the table for Thanksgiving. Because of the traditional importance of the meal on this holiday, setting and decorating the table to mark the celebration is important.


A bowl of a hearty potato soup made with many vegetables.

Harvest Potato Soup RecipesEnd of season potato soup can be made even more tasty and hearty by the addition of additional veggies such as carrots or squash. This page contains harvest potato soup recipes.


A computer with a credit card and Christmas decorations.

Shopping for Christmas Presents OnlineThis is a page about shopping for Christmas presents online. One way to have access to many more gift choices is to shop online.


Stack of Pancakes for Breakfast

Planning a Pancake Breakfast FundraiserThis is a page about planning a pancake breakfast fundraiser. A popular fundraiser for churches and other organizations, is the pancake breakfast.


Some bulbs being stored for spring.

Digging Up and Storing Tender BulbsThis is a page about digging up and storing tender bulbs. While some plants that grow from bulbs, corms, or tubers do well in colder zones during the spring and summer, they may need to be overwintered to save them for next year.


A toddler brushing her teeth.

Establishing Routines for a ToddlerThis is a page about establishing routines for a toddler. You and your young toddler will both benefit from the setting of certain routines.


Green shoots from bulbs planted in green pots.

Planting Bulbs IndoorsThis is a page about planting bulbs indoors. Bulbs can be grown indoors so that they bloom early, often in time for the holiday season.


A German Shepherd and Husky mix.

Training a German Shepherd/Husky Mix DogThis is a page about training a German Shepherd/Husky mix. Differing training methods may work best with certain breeds and with larger dogs.


Red tulips in bloom.

Tulip PhotosThis page contains tulip photos. These lovely spring flowering bulbs are available in so many colors and varieties that it is easy to create a beautiful tulip planting in your garden.



Fixing Too Big Pants

Fixing Too Big PantsYou don't have to pay a seamstress to do this if pants are only a little loose. Here is how to do it yourself.


A empty tissue box being reused to store plastic bags.

Store Plastic Bags in Tissue BoxI simply store my used plastic bags in an empty tissue box. Pretty and easy to retrieve! I use a smaller square tissue box under my bathroom sink to store spare bags to line my bathroom garage can.


Add Pumpkin Spice to Pancakes and Syrup

Add Pumpkin Spice to Pancakes and SyrupAutumn is surely here! Pumpkin spice and cinnamon can be added to your pancake batter and to maple syrup to make a different yummy breakfast.


tote bag with handles remade into a trash can

Converting a Tote Bag into a Trash CanI found a damaged tote bag that was dumped in the stock room. Some parts were damaged where the handles are attached. The inner parts were also torn, so I just thought of turning it into a trash bag.


Tic Tac Toe game board and mini pumpkins for the Xs and Os

Pumpkin Tic Tac ToeHere is a quick and easy game for kids to play around Halloween or in the fall.


tree hanging on at edge of creek with roots exposed

Sentinel of the Passage of TimeThis old tree sits on a creek near my house. It seems almost frozen in time, but everytime I see it, I always wonder what tales it would tell me if it could. How much has it seen in its life? How many sunrises, how many storms?


Look for SNAP or WIC Recipes

Look for SNAP or WIC RecipesIf you Google "SNAP recipes" or "WIC recipes" you will get many sources of delicious recipes with high nutritional value, and all of them are inexpensive. Both are government programs that have guidelines on what foods are acceptable to be eligible. Some items are whole grain breads, peanut butter, milk, eggs and chicken. You will not see soda pop or chips on the list of allowed foods!


Candybar and Cereal Cookies

Candybar and Cereal CookiesI decided to come up with this recipe for cookies when I really wanted some sweets and didn't want plain candy. These cookies are so crispy and satisfying. You could also use crushed cornflakes or bran flakes. My family and I prefer these over regular chocolate chip cookies by far. This is a great way to use up leftover Halloween chocolates, too!


Spices for cooking.

Carousel for Organizing SpicesI purchased these carousels that are actually sold in the infant department to be used for baby food jars. I just removed the second shelf and my jars of spices fit just perfect. Each one holds 10 jars.


foam pumpkin with child's name and handprints lit with tea light

Keepsake Handprint PumpkinHere is a great way to make a jack-o-lantern with your little one that you can enjoy for many years. This carved foam pumpkin is a great way to preserve their little handprints along with their name.


3 leaf puppets

Leaf PuppetsThis craft is great to use after reading the book, "Louie the Leaf", by Jeff VanGetson. The story is about love, family, and friendship and how change is nothing to be afraid of. Children will enjoy making their own "Louie", as well as other characters from the book.


white knit hat with circle pin on folded up bottom

Decorate Hats with Earrings or PinsHere is a use for single earrings or rarely worn pins. Put them on the brim of a winter hat! You can give these pieces a second life.



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Understanding Crochet Instructions?What does it mean when a crochet pattern round ends with "mark decreases"?


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Furnace Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowners?My husband is a disabled vet and I work as a cashier part time. We recently moved into a house that we are buying from my brother and his girlfriend. We discovered that our furnace doesn't work. Is there anywhere that can help low income families with this type of problem?


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Removing Mud Stains from Dried Clothing?I went mudding and my hoodie obviously got covered. We were in a hurry when we did the laundry and forgot to treat it. So we washed it and then dried it. Then I saw the mud stains. I am using rubbing alcohol along with shampoo mixed with water and it is slowly getting it out as I scrub, but it is taking forever!


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Are Black Snakes Harmful to Dogs?I have had black snakes in my shed, as evidenced by many skins found in the spring, as well as seeing one. I have moved my dog beds, food and water to the shed for the winter season (4 dogs). I am afraid the snakes may bite my dogs if they come around for the food and water. I live in WV.


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Paper Trained Dog Peeing and Pooping on Floor?I have a 10 month old Yorkie/Maltese. His natural routine was to go into the bathroom and pee/poo on paper that is always available. But for the last 2 days his suddenly behaving strangely. Yesterday he peed on my bed whilst playing on it and then this morning he stepped out of my room and just peed on the tile.


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Package Shipped USPS to India Lost?I made an online purchase from the US using USPS first class mail. The package was shipped from Chicago on September 23rd, 2016 and has not been delivered. The tracking number only works till it leaves the US. I inquired and found that the package cannot be tracked in India. What can I do to find the package?


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