April 7, 2017

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Cinnamon Apple Chips - Two apple slices that have been dried and seasoned.

Cinnamon Apple Chips RecipeMake some of these delicious fruit chips to snack on instead of corn or potato ones. This page contains a cinnamon apple chips recipe.


heart shaped Fruity Valentine Gelatin

Fruity Valentine Gelatin RecipeThis heart shaped gelatin mold is packed with fresh papaya and then topped with sprinkles making it the perfect dessert for a romantic meal or for the whole family. This page contains a fruity Valentine gelatin recipe.


chicken Paprikas on plate with macaroni and mixed vegetables

Slow Cooker Chicken Paprikash RecipeUse any cut of chicken to prepare this delicious paprika spiced dish in your slow cooker. Be careful, demand for a redo may occur. This page contains a slow cooker chicken paprikash recipe.


plate with cut tamagoyaki and asparagus

Japanese Tamagoyaki RecipeThese slightly sweet rolled omelette-like eggs are a different dish to serve the family tonight. Add a side of rice or veggies and the meal is complete. This page contains a Japanese tamagoyaki recipe.


cooked soup mix taters on baking pan

Soup Mix Tater RecipePotato wedges coated with oil and then dry soup mix are baked up for a delicious side dish. This page contains a soup mix tater recipe.


Using Vaseline for Chicks with Pasty Butt - applying Vaseline to chick's bottom

Using Vaseline for Chicks with Pasty ButtBaby chicks can develop an accumulation of poop around their vent that can eventually prevent them from pooping if not carefully removed. This is a page about using Vaseline for chicks with pasty butt.


Vertical Roast Chicken - roast chicken

Roasting a Chicken Using a Vertical Roasting RackA vertical roasting rack is a nice alternative to the traditional type when making roast chicken. This way the entire outside is nice and brown and crispy. This is a page about roasting a chicken using a vertical roasting rack.


A hot spring at Breitenbush.

Visiting Breitenbush Hot Springs (Oregon)Breitenbush is a year-round intentional community of like minded individuals. According to their website, their mission is "to provide a safe and potent environment where people can renew and evolve in ways they never imagined". Whole families live and work on the property, leaving a light footprint with sustainable living choices. This is a page about visiting Breitenbush Hot Springs (oregon).



Homemade Chicken and Vegetable Soup in bowl

Homemade Chicken and Vegetable SoupThis is an easy chicken soup recipe. It can be made stove top or in the crockpot for those busy days. Our soup varies each time I make it based on ingredients on hand and which kids are home to eat it; as some don't eat corn, some don't eat peas.


Vietnamese Shrimp, Pork and Egg Noodle Soup (Bun Rieu) in bowls

Vietnamese Shrimp, Pork and Egg Noodle Soup (Bun Rieu)Typically authentic bun rieu contains crab but it is optional. This is a delicious and healthy meal.



Cutting Duplicate Paper Shapes - hand holding multiple white paper circles

Cutting Duplicate Paper ShapesI do a lot of crafts at home. One of my problems is cutting out traced shapes and getting a messy table after working on it. Also it takes a lot of time when I trace and cut each, one at a time. This is especially true when you need hundreds of duplicates.


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Product Review: Sweet Leaf SteviaThis is the world's best-tasting stevia. My son even likes it. This all you need to sweeten your food. I use SweetLeaf in everything; baking cakes, cereal, coffee, tea, everything! I put it in a peach cake and was so good. It took 24 packets to add up to 1 cup of sugar. I always keep it on hand.


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Slowing Down Morning Glory InfestationThis is for morning glory (MG) vines that you can actually tell where they are coming from (ours come up from where the soil meets the foundation). I read about using white vinegar/Dawn dishwashing detergent to kill weeds, and decided to give it a try with this year's scourge of MG.


Netting The Cabbage Moth - butterfly net leaning up against a wooden fence

Netting The Cabbage MothA 73 year old zipping around with butterfly net in hand may be a bit disconcerting to some. Maybe the men in white jackets will come after me yet. What the heck, you live only once. Live it with the mindset of a child as much as you can.


Reusing Spray Bottles

Reusing Spray BottlesI always had empty spray bottles, like colognes and perfumes. I don't throw them away that easily, I will reuse them instead. I put alcohol in those spray bottles and put them in every part of the house. In case of emergency, I can just grab my alcohol anytime, anywhere.


A foot bath made from mouthwash and vinegar.

Mouthwash and Vinegar Foot BathI have a bad habit of walking around the house barefoot, which cause my feet to have thick and rough skin. I've found that soaking them in a mixture of 1 cup of mouthwash (I used a 79 cent version), 1 cup of white vinegar, and warm/hot water in a basin for 20 minutes, then scrubbing them makes them super soft.


Soda Bottles To Deter Cabbage Moth - upside down soda bottle over young cabbage plant

Soda Bottles To Deter Cabbage MothI was given a packet of cabbage seed. I planted them without reading the packet information. Later, I read that this Brunswick variety is best planted in the fall. My ag agent said they should do fine with some mulching. To protect the seedlings I used recycled plastic soda bottles.



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Painting a Ceiling Fan?Can you paint a ceiling fan?


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Name for a New Home Decor and Clothing Boutique Business?Five of us are starting a new store. Four of us have new and repurposed home decor and furniture. 1 have boutique clothing, shoes, and jewelry. We want a really cool name that is inclusive of all that we will be selling.


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Cleaning a Coffee Pot Burner?I wanted to know how I can clean the burner on my coffee pot. It is dirty. but more so, it's rusty. Any ideas?


Information and Value of Mersman 7642 Cocktail Table - coffee table

Information and Value of Mersman 7642 Cocktail Table?I am trying to research anything on my Mersman 7642 cocktail table. I'm not coming up with much online. Anyone have sites to share? I don't know the year or group and would like to learn more, including average value.


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Pruning a Lilac?How and when should I prune my old fashioned lilac? It is maybe 10 years old or more. I don't think it has ever been pruned. It blooms on the south side of the bush. This year the blooms are very small.


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Information on Selling a Doll Collection?I am trying to sell a doll collection in Dale City, Virginia. I am not sure how to even start to find information on selling dolls. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Paying Child Support?My husband and I pay child support for our 2 kids who family has. He just got on SSI and I still work. Do I still have to pay child support since he receives SSI and family has guardianship of them?


A Samsung ice maker that is not working.

Samsung Ice Maker Will Not Dispense Ice?I have a Samsung RF4287HA fridge. It will not dispense ice cubed or crushed, but does make it. Also if you select the cubed instead of the crushed it does not light up. Does anyone have an idea on what is causing this problem?


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Homemade Pool Stabilizer?Is it possible to make homemade pool stabilizer?


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Self Stick Tiles Falling Off?I just installed a peel and stick backsplash in my kitchen and a few days later it's all falling off. How do I glue it to stay on? Help please.


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Pee Pad Training Two Puppies?I have two small breed dogs that are a little over two months old. I'm trying to potty train them, but I'm having a hard time. They use the potty pad most the time, but lately they have been going wherever and I don't know who is doing it.


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Re-perming Hair?I went on 03/27/2017 to have a small spiral perm put in my hair and my hair is as straight as it was when I went in. I'm very upset about it. My question is how soon can I go to my auntie who is a professional and have it redone? I want it done as soon as possible.


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Restoring a Worn Leather Bag?How do I restore a worn leather bag?


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