April 8, 2017

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Slice of Blackberry Buckle on a plate.

Blackberry Buckle RecipeThe surface of this traditional dessert, typically made with blueberries, buckles as the fruit sinks down into the batter as it bakes. This page contains a blackberry buckle recipe.


Blackberry Pudding topped with berries.

Blackberry Pudding RecipeThis baked pudding dish topped with blackberries is easy to make and delicious. This page contains a blackberry pudding recipe.


Red ants eating borax.

Getting Rid of Red AntsGetting rid of red ants can be a chore. Depending on where they are, inside or in your yard or garden, will define the method or products you use to get rid of them. This is a page about getting rid of red ants.


A couple looking at a wallpaper sample book.

Free Wallpaper Sample Books?This is a page about free wallpaper sample books. Once the wallpapers are out of date you may be able to get the old book of samples from home improvement and paint stores for crafts.


Table top grill on a kitchen counter.

Finding a Drip Tray for a Foreman GrillThis small indoor grill is a popular kitchen appliance. Finding replacement parts can sometimes be a challenge. This is a page about finding a drip tray for a George Foreman grill.


Crochet Tablecloth with a cup of tea on it.

Removing a Stain from Vintage Crochet TableclothRemoving age stains or old untreated ones from a vintage crochet tablecloth is possible using certain cleaners and even the sun. This is a page about removing a stain from vintage crochet tablecloth.


Santa wearing a graduation cap.

Combining a Graduation Party with a Christmas Party?Adding a second reason for celebration to your annual Christmas party will just increase the fun. This is a page about combining a graduation party with a Christmas party.


Glass diamond shaped award.

50th Class Reunion Award Ideas?Depending on how many and your budget there are many ideas both inexpensive and more valuable that can be chosen as the award for your reunion. This is a page about 50th class reunion award ideas.


White Out pen on wooden desk with the word "Hi" written in white.

Removing White Out From Wood?White Out correction fluid can easily be spilled on furniture and other wood surfaces. With the right product it can also be successfully removed. This is a page about removing white out from wood.


Flying pig award trophey

Funny Award IdeasMany parties and gatherings have activities as part of the festivities that need awards of some sort. This is a page about funny award ideas.


Canberra Parliament House

Building a Model of Canberra Parliament House?Building a model or diorama of a famous building is a common school project. Depending on the age of the student it can be as simple or complex as you like. This is a page about building a model of Canberra Parliament House.


Photo of an old shed.

Removing Mold from a Shed's Roof?Depending on the material that your shed's roof is made from there are several ways to remove the mold growing there. This is a page about removing mold from a shed's roof.


Burnt Stainless Steel Pan

Cleaning a Burnt Stainless Steel PanRemoving burned on food or burn marks from your stainless steel cookware can be difficult. There are products and techniques that will help and not damage the finish in the process. This is a page about cleaning a burnt stainless steel pan.


Cup of Kool-Aid splashing out onto the table.

Removing Kool-aid Stains from ClothingThe food coloring used in Kool-aid can leave stains when spilled on clothing. Luckily it is a stain that can typically be removed. This is a page about removing Kool-aid stains from clothing.


Close up of Turn Lock on a Leather Purse

Replacing a Turn Lock on a Leather Purse?Finding a good leather or shoe shop might be the best solution to replacing this type of purse latch. This is a page about replacing a turn lock on a leather purse.


Hand wiping down a dining room table

Keeping Your Dining Room Table CleanWhether your dining table is photo ready with a runner and centerpiece or a convenient horizontal dumping spot, there are some useful tips on this page for keeping it clean. This is a page about keeping your dining room table clean.


Two old friends at a party, each holding a glass of wine.

40th High School Reunion Ideas?Planning a reunion can be a lot of work but fun and exciting too. Do your research and perhaps seek donations for prizes from businesses in your community. This is a page about 40th high school reunion ideas.


House shaped cake with the end slice off.

Decorating a Cake Shaped Like a Building?Creating a building shaped cake and adding the details can be a challenge. Your choice of frosting and techniques can help achieve an exciting result. This is a page about decorating a cake shaped like a building.


Pink popsicles on a wooded cutting board with slices of lemon.

Homemade Kool-Aid PopsiclesKool-aid and Jello mixes are the basis for making delicious, cool, frozen dessert pops. This is a page about homemade Kool-aid popsicles.


Bunnies in a basket with a young boy touching them.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Pet RabbitCute little bunnies are often an impulse pet purchase, especially around Easter. While rabbits can make wonderful pets they do require care just as any pet does. Make sure this is the pet for you by doing some research. This is a page about things to consider before getting a pet rabbit.



Use Nail Varnish to Mark Keys

Use Nail Varnish to Mark KeysIf some of the keys on your key ring look very similar, take just 10 to 15 minutes of your time to paint some of them with nail varnish. This will save you hassle and stress trying to find the right key, especially at the end of a hard day when all you want is to get in and put your feet up


A card in memory of Clara Walker with angel wings.

Clara Walker's Last DaysIf anyone ever lived a frugal and very simple life, Clara Walker did. We were neighbors from the time I was born til my family moved a couple blocks away when I was six. Most all my memories of Clara were formed during those six years.



Repairing Recliner Upholstery  - upholstery shredded by cat

Repairing Recliner Upholstery?How do I repair the upholstory on the arms of a recliner where my cat clawed them? Please see photo of chair arm below. Is it easier to repair/recover?


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Caring for a Puppy with Parvo?My puppy has parvo. I have been giving her Pedialyte and she is not dehydrated. She is still playing and moving around on her own. She finally ate a little today, but she still has bloody stool, kinda not a lot. She had it today. She also drinks on her own.


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Disabled Adult Child Social Security Benefits?My boyfriend just got approved for (DAC) on his deceased parents earnings record. So since he's going to be drawing off his parents record and not his own, can our 4 year old daughter draw auxillary benefits or is it that he has to be drawing off his own record rather than his parents for her to draw off of him?


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Value of Murphy Rocking Chair?I have a Murphy #687 rocking chair. What is it worth?


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Saving Left Over Hair Color?I thought I needed two bottles of Loreal casting creme. I have already mixed the developer and the creme though I have not used the other bottle. Since I already mixed it can it still be used in the future?


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Finding Someone to Cut Trees?We just bought 10 acres of land and need to know who can clear it off and keep all tress and wood they cut. Who can I call and about how much do they charge?


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