May 26, 2017

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Flowers and leaves with natural cosmetics

Personal Care Recipes from the GardenDid you know that you may have what you need to make shampoos, rinses, hair sprays, etc. in your garden? This is a page about personal care recipes from the garden.


Uses for a Felt Carrot Pocket

Uses for a Felt Carrot PocketThis cute felt carrot can be used in a variety of ways such as to hold a gift or as a utensil holder for an Easter dinner or garden party.


fishing for fish

Altoids Tin Mini Fishing GameThese little felt fish tuck away into an Altoids tin for a fun take with you game for the kids. This is a page about making an Altoids tin mini fishing game.


Cleaning Dog's Ear

Using Witch Hazel on Dogs?Witch hazel can be used to treat your dog's itchy skin or paws. This is a page about using witch hazel on dogs.


Baby Powder

Use Baby Powder for a Fresh CarpetMany people find that if used carefully, baby powder can help to freshen carpet. This is a page about use baby powder for a fresh carpet.


Red Brick Patio Cleaned on one side

Cleaning a Red Brick Patio?Moss and mold can discolor your patio, making it unattractive. This is a page about cleaning a red brick patio.


View of finished curtains hanging.

Recycled Curtains from TableclothsPretty tablecloths can be used to make curtains. If you can find them on sale or at a yard sale, they are even more affordable. This is a page about recycled curtains from tablecloths.


Dried Grout on Bricks

Removing Dried Grout from Bricks?Dried masonry grout can be tough to remove. A product such as muriatic acid is often used. This is a page about removing dried grout from bricks.


White shirt with red collar.

Red Collar Bleeding On White Shirt?It is incredibly frustrating to have a shirt with a contrasting collar that bleeds all over the rest of the shirt the first time you wash it. This is a page about red collar bleeding on white shirt.


Serving of rice.

Ham Stir Fried RiceA bit of chopped ham and lots of veggies makes for a delicious fried rice variation. This page contains a recipe for ham stir fried rice.


Things to Consider
When Building a Garden Shed

Things to Consider When Building a Garden ShedPrior to building your garden shed there are many things to consider, from size to building materials. This is a page about things to consider when building a garden shed.


Bats in the Attic

Getting Rid of Bats in the AtticAlthough bats are very beneficial in helping to keep the insect population in control, having them move into your attic is not a good thing. This is a page about getting rid of bats in the attic.


Tapped Maple Trees

Which Varieties of Maple Trees Produce Sap for Making Syrup?The sugar maple, red maple, and black maple trees are the source of the sap that is used to make delicious maple syrup. This is a page about which varieties of maple trees produce sap for making syrup?


Birthday Card Envelope with Masking Tape Bow - closeup of finished envelope

Birthday Card Envelope with Masking Tape BowUsing a blank envelop, some masking tape, and markers you can make a cute, unique envelope to use with a homemade or purchased birthday card. This is a page about making a birthday card envelope with masking tape bow.


Hand holding cured Cow Manure

Curing Cow Manure?If the cow manure is fresh it is considered hot, as it is still releasing nitrogen and ammonia that can damage plant roots. To cure, it needs to be hot composted for 6 months. This is a page about curing cow manure.


Veronica Flowers

Growing VeronicaThis versatile flowering plant is available in several varieties from low growing creepers to two foot tall plants suitable for beds and borders. This is a page about growing veronica.



Ginger Chicken Stir Fry in bowl

Ginger Chicken Stir FryA healthy do it yourself ginger chicken stir fry that pairs perfectly with rice.


cake covered with custard

Custard Filling and FrostingWhen I was a student, I used to cook this and form them into balls to sell in school. Now I'm glad that I am able to use the same recipe again as cake filling and frosting.


Vegan Pineapple Banana Cake on plate

Vegan Pineapple Banana CakeI love baking vegan treats because you don't really notice when you remove the eggs and dairy. This cake has a handful of ingredients and is super moist.



A deli meal consisting of a salmon patty and green beans.

Combine Salmon Patty with Green BeansI was at Food City and I decided to go to the deli and get a salmon patty. I felt I needed a side of vegetables, so I purchased green beans. I put them together, and surprisingly, they go really well together.


A ocean beach coastline with old weathered cypress stumps partly covered with sand.

Along Florida's Forgotten CoastThese photos were taken while visiting my parents one December. The beach was deserted and cool; the perfect day to walk and explore! My husband and I came across these wonderful old Cypress skeletons which reminded me of an ancient, other-worldly realm.


Making scoops in a plastic tub of ice cream.

Pre Scoop Ice Cream for PartiesHere is a way to make it much easier on your hands when scooping ice cream. It also helps when having a party to have the scoops ready. Simply thaw out the ice cream then easily scoop ice cream balls. Store in freezer until ready.


White glue being painted on a craft project.

White Glue to Add Shine to Your CraftWhite glue can be an alternate to clear varnish. A varnish is applied mostly on pieces of furniture to make them shiny. In crafting, it can also be used to make small crafts and artworks shine.


Paper Plate Fan - finished fan

Paper Plate FanChildren will have lots of fun making these colourful paper plate fans. Help younger ones along by doing the gluing for them. If you like, use a glue gun for speed as long as you keep it out of reach of little fingers.


Repurposing an Old Walker - walker with lath strip shelf and decorations

Repurposing an Old WalkerI have a free walker someone left in our donation station. If I ever need it, it will be easy to "disassemble" and use in about 3 minutes.


A garden rock pond with decorative frogs all around.

Frog Rock Garden PondMy Frog Rock Garden was an idea that came from renovating our front yard from a flower bed to a rock garden pond when we began collecting river rocks from my late sister's home in Arkansas. I collected ceramic and resin frogs to give the rock garden pond a whimsical look along with placing water pumps in two of the frogs to appear that the frogs were spitting into the pond.


Hair dye in the bottom of a bathtub

Oil for Dye-Free BathtubI dye my hair with bright, off-the-wall colours very often. I use (literally) a drop of super cheap oil that I get from the 99 cent store and rub it into the cracks and crevices in the bathtub as a preventative measure. I dye my hair, wash it, and none of the colours sink into the cracks.


A desk mat under a laptop computer on a wooden desk.

Desk Mat to Protect from Scratches and SpillsIf you want to keep your desk in new condition and scratch free, I would recommend purchasing a desk mat/pad. Not only will your desk mat help prevent scratches but also serve as a mouse pad if you have a mouse, or use a wireless mouse, and easy clean if you spill anything.


A garage door opener remote control.

Keep Your Garage Door Opener Remote SafeA garage door opener remote could be a key to your home. If left out visible in a vehicle, it could attract robbers, especially since your home address is on your car registration which is typically in your glovebox.


A Plea For The Animals - Chihuahua on a bed

A Plea For The AnimalsWho are you? Some ancient accounts would place us 'a little lower than the angels'. Those same sources tell us we are to have dominion over all animals. That position sounds rather impressive, but it can play havoc with an unrestrained ego. Remember, this same source condoned slavery.


A makeshift closure to a plastic bag, using a bottle top and cap.

Plastic Bottle Tops for Cellophane CapsSometimes I am all out of jars and containers to store my recipes or my ingredients. Since recycling is important to me, I used plastic bottles as a cap for my open ingredients in their cellophane pack.


A grassy field with a lake and mountains in the distance.

The Quiet Place (Sun Valley)This is a beautiful place that I saw while in a restaurant that had the sides of it opened up. I decided that this was the perfect picture.



What Type of Pit Bull Is My Dog? - light brown puppy

What Type of Pit Bull Is My Dog?I got my puppy 3 weeks ago and was told it's a Pit Bull bully. I've been asked if his full blood or a mix and if so what type of Pit Bull is he? What do you all think?


Is My Pit Bull Pure Bred? - gray and white dog

Is My Pit Bull Pure Bred?The breeder says his pure bred, but I wanna know if he's saying the truth.


Is My Malinois Purebred? brown and black puppy with large stand up ears

Is My Malinois Purebred?I bought a Malinois puppy and I just want to see if you think it's purebred. She is 11 weeks old.


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Donating Fabric to Charity?Is there a charity in Bradenton, Florida that could use various types of fabric and patterns? I would like to donate a lot of my fabric.


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Curtain Color Advice?I have a light brown couch with black patches on the arms and am having difficulty choosing the right curtain for my living room.


Is It Rude for My Dog to Pee on Neighbors' Lawns? - large brown lawn

Is It Rude for My Dog to Pee on Neighbors' Lawns?I really had no idea that people got so upset when dog walkers let their dogs pee on their grass. I have female dogs and a male who doesn't hike yet. I do pick up my dogs' poop. I walk my dogs for exercise, not so they can eliminate in other peoples' yards. It's embarrassing to me when they do.


Haworthia Bloom Failing - bent bloom stalk

Haworthia Bloom Failing?I've had my haworthia for I think two maybe three years now and this year it decided it would bloom for the first time.


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Cleaning Copper?I immersed a yellow copper bell in a solution of warm water and tartaric acid and the copper turned red. Why and what now?


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17th Birthday Ideas?My birthday is during winter so I can't do any outdoor activities. I don't have a lot friends, it would only be 8 or so people. I also can't do a dance party because that's what I've been doing since my 13th birthday. I don't want to do anything too fancy, but I kinda want a main event, y'know?


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Mallard Duck Laid Eggs?Momma duck was sitting on her eggs last night. This morning some of the eggs are missing, some are broken and some are still intact. What might of happened to them? There are only a few shells on the ground so I don't think the other hatched.What kind of predator attacks duck eggs?


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