August 2, 2017

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fried Cheese Pops and Sticks with sauce on plate

Cheese Pops and SticksHere's a recipe for cheese lovers. My son loves cheese. I'm making this fun and simple finger food as my weekend treat for him. This is the first time he's going to try these cheese pops and sticks.


Herb Dip in processor

Delicious Herb DipThis is a delicious herb dip that I love to make. You can use this dip for chicken, bread, veggies, fish, meat, overall very versatile. It's good stuff!



A vegetable garden in summer.

Watching this Garden GrowA John Denver Song comes to mind when I see how my garden has grown.


Two different sized binder clips, to be used in the freezer.

Freezer Organization Using Binder ClipsWhen your bags of frozen foods start getting really tiny, they tend to get crumpled and lost in your freezer, leading to food waste and stale freezer odors. Use binder clips to hang your bags of frozen foods on the rack shelf. Just fold up the bags and clip on the rack from the top.


A food storage container with two slits on each side for cords.

Protect Your Electrical Cord from RainHere is a way to protect your electrical cord from the rain when you need it outside. Get a container with a lid. Slit each side of bowl. Slide both cords through each slit and secure the lid. Then it is protected from rain.


Plastic Bottle for Rehydrating Indoor Plants

Plastic Bottle for Rehydrating Indoor PlantsI am a working mom with school age children. So basically, I have no time to water my indoor plants! I have this solution, which in addition to keeping my plants hydrated is also a good way to recycle things!


Saran wrap on top of a reusable food container before the lid is placed.

Preventing SpillsFor containers that may be hard to open, I cover them with Saran Wrap before placing the lid. This will help prevent spills when you go to open the container. This works for soups also.


Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

Pickle Juice for Leg CrampsDrink pickle juice! My husband gets really bad leg cramps and he learned that as soon as he gets them he drinks a little bit of pickle juice and it takes them right away. My brother in law tried it too and it worked for him!


String beans growing in the garden.

Freezing String BeansIn the past, I only canned string beans until I found that they are also good frozen. The taste and texture is different but they are really good sauted in a little olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder.


Paper Flower Bouquet - vase of flowers

Paper Flower BouquetThese pretty daisy like paper flowers are much easier to make than they look. Make them up into a beautiful bouquet or use them as embellishments on other craft items.


A partially used roll of toilet paper inside a mug for shipping.

Shipping MugsI collect mugs all year and then send them to my people for Christmas. They use them for their intended purposes. But some like them for pen holders, votive candles, for their art brushes and crochet hooks, etc.


Using Old Cooking Containers As Planters - strainer painted white and planted with geraniums

Using Old Cooking Containers As PlantersOften we have old pots that no longer serve their purpose for cooking. This is due to many reasons such as rust, burned, Teflon damage, etc. Instead of throwing them away, just upcycle them into decorative planters.


Use Nature Photos as Lesson Plans - wolf spider with babies

Use Nature Photos as Lesson PlansI was out mowing the lawn, which has a ditch running through the whole backyard, when I saw this creature run out of a hole in the side of the ground. I immediately knew what it was, but it looked so strange! It could only be a wolf spider mommy with lots of babies on her back.


A pair of blue jeans that are too tight.

Rubber Band for Tight JeansDid you just recently purchased a pair of jeans that do not fit you but it's a final sale purchase, therefore you can't return it? Or do you have a favorite pair of jeans that no longer fits but you still love to wear? This will work for those expecting too, but not yet at the stage to wear maternity jeans.


Post-it Note Pen Holder

Post-it Note Pen HolderI had a mini tissue box from my free zone down in the club house. I also got a four pack of Post-its from the Dollar Tree.



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Name Ideas for a Unisex Clothing Line?My name is Shey B. Green. I'm Nigerian. I'm looking for a catchy business name for my unisex fashion clothing line. Any suggestions?


What Kind of Bug Is This? - small, long black bug on vinyl floor

What Kind of Bug Is This?I've found these little black bugs in my bathroom the past 2-3 summers. I've noticed a few in my bedroom lately too; the bathroom is connected to bedroom. I have no idea what they are, but they bother me so much! They are super tiny, black bugs. They don't fly or bite that I've noticed.


Name Ideas for Online Jewelry Business

Name Ideas for Online Jewelry Business?I am dealing in silver, steel, gem stones, and antique and fashion jewelry. I want to open an online store and start with a catchy name.


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Slogan Ideas for Child Care Business?I am trying to create a slogan for my child care business. The name of my business is Nardia's Babies Child Care Center. I want something catchy, fun, and a bit silly.


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Parvo Transmission Information?I have a 7 week old Lab pup. She's had her first shots. My older Lab is 2 years old. He had parvo when he was around 5 or 6 months old. He survived at the vet. Will this pup have a big chance of getting parvo? What is the life span of parvo in the sun, in your yard?


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Pug Has Lump?My 12 year old Pug has a bump on his side that is growing and hurts him. What could it be and what should I do?


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Freezing Cooked Figs?Can you freeze cooked filling for fig cookies?


Identifying Tiny Black Bugs

Identifying Tiny Black Bugs?Can someone please tell me what these are/ They are about the size of a pin head and run fast. They don't fly or jump. I have found a few on my window sill and the toilet paper roll. They also squish easily with light pressure.


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Vintage Wooden Roller Exercise Machine?I am looking to buy a vintage wooden roller exercise machine. I am in California. Where can I find one?


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No Power After Installing New Breaker?I changed all the outlets in my house from two to three prongs. Within a week my son's room lost power. I checked the breaker and reset all GFCIS, but nothing. I then I bought a multimeter; it revealed that the lower pole out of a two pole breaker was dead (this was the only breaker dead in the box).


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